Li Wei paid the money. The old man pushed the old glasses that fell to the tip of his nose, picked up the money and looked at the light for a while, then took out a key from the drawer and slowly gave them a list: “The third room on the right, there are hot water, air conditioning and a hair dryer there.”

    He looked at the two of them again and said naturally, “There’s also a bedside table, but there’s an extra charge. One box costs 30.”

    Zhang Man: “……”

    She took the list and the key, pulling Li Wei to flee into the room. She closed the door and only then she felt less embarrassed.

    However, the next second, something felt even more wrong to her.

    This hotel is very simple, the entire room is cramped, the passage is very narrow, and in addition to the bathroom at the door there is only a bed.

    A……white queen-size bed for two.

    Next to the bed, there is a wooden nightstand that is slightly discolored, with a glass cabinet on top, which—contains various brands and models of…… *ahem.

    Zhang Man tilted her head, not even daring to look at the bedside table again.

    The youth on the other hand is very comfortable. He simply took off his jacket and hung it on the coat rack by the door.

    He wore a thin beige V-neck knit shirt, revealing a sexy and beautiful collarbone that is so simple and basic that it will not be out of fashion even after nineteen years.

    A teenager of the age of 16 or 17 already has a straight body that many adults can’t match, with wide shoulders and narrow waist; he will definitely look good in everything.

    Zhang Man swallowed secretly, not daring to look at him. The air conditioner was not turned on in the room, but she felt a little hot.

    Li Wei took the remote control from the nightstand, turned on the AC, reached out and tried it, and it was indeed hot air.

    The long legs walked to her side again and looked down at her, ” Man Man, are you shy?”

    The tight-lipped-duck-Zhang Man refuses to admit it: “No. What am I shy about?”

    The youth’s voice was tinged with laughter, “So…can you not stand straight at the door like a door god?”

    Zhang Man’s body tensed up: “I’m not, I’m just tired and I’m leaning against the door to rest for a while.”

    The youth gently stroked her soft head and didn’t give her a hard time: “Man Man, you rest for a while, I’ll try the hot water first.”

    He said walking into the bathroom, turning on the side with the red hot water to wait quietly until a slight tingling sensation of hot water came to his fingers before turning off the tap with satisfaction.

    Zhang Man has been standing outside the door to look at him, and when he turned around to come out, just when his eyes collided with hers, she couldn’t help but feel a bit hot in the face. The youth gently stroked her head again: “Man Man, I’ m going downstairs to buy something, wait for me in the room, okay? Don’t open the door when you hear a knock, I’ll bring the key.”

    Zhang Man saw him treat her like a child, dissatisfied by his palm rubbing her head, she muttered: “I know…”

    When he put his coat back on and went out, Zhang Man leaned back in the doorway and let out a sigh of relief.

    In fact, the two have been alone together in a room at Li Wei’s house when they were tutoring, but his house is so big, and all the floor-to-ceiling windows, never gave her this cramped and suffocating feeling.

    She touched her hot cheek and silently despised herself or her own impure thoughts in her heart. When she saw him, her pulse quickened and she involuntarily wanted to be close to him…

    She pondered for a while, feeling a little uncomfortable as to why he was so comfortable with all of these?

    Having just waited in a blizzard for so long at the station, and then tossing and turning for a hotel for the past few minutes, she was indeed tired, so she took off her coat and walked to the bed, throwing herself on the quilt.

    Luckily, the quilt is still considered clean.

    Opposite the bed, there is an LCD TV hanging on the wall. Zhang Man was bored of waiting, took the remote control from the bedside table and turned on the TV.

    Not sure if it is poor contact or signal, each station’s screen comes with a few snow spots; the sound is also messy, with a slight static sound.

    Better than nothing, Zhang Man leaned back on the mattress and watched a variety show that was very popular in this era. Four hosts, two men and two women with vibrant energy were on the scene, all still very young looking. Zhang Man watched with some nostalgia, this generation is a bit old-fashioned in her opinion, but everyone’s smile on the screen is very sincere and natural, and the program is not mixed with so much advertising and publicity.

    But unfortunately, the show was cancelled after ten years, and several hosts lived their own lives.

    One of Zhang Man’s favorite hosts retired, married a man outside the circle, and had two children. The other one turned into an actress, and later acted on the big screen, and even took several international film festivals after the film—her career skyrocketed.

    The two male hosts are still doing their usual job, and their fame is great, often hosting the annual Spring Festival Gala of major TV stations.

    Zhang Man was just in time for the joke-telling exercise…

    One guest thought for a while: “……There is a male deer. It walks faster and faster… until it becomes a highway!

    Zhang Man watched and did not hold back from laughing out loud.

    So when Li Wei returned from his shopping, he saw the young girl sitting on the big bed, staring at the TV and with a big smile. The room’s yellowish light hit her face in a warm hue. Her long black hair fell and lay on the bed, contrasting with the clean white quilt.

    A small room with old furniture and dim lights…

    Obviously simple and old, but because she was in the scene, it made him feel that this small hotel with a hundred yuan a night was even warmer than his home.

    The youth stood in the doorway, shaking off the rain and snow on his body for a long time without walking in.

    –Such a scene, surprisingly, made him feel unreal, and he was afraid that if he walked in, he would find out that it was all just a dream.

    “Li Wei, you’re back?”

    Zhang Man laughed so hard that her stomach hurt, and when she looked back, she saw him standing in the doorway carrying something, so she agilely got off the bed and walked over to him.

    She took the youth by the hand, pulled him in and closed the door.

    Seeing him dazed, Zhang Man reached out and shook her hand in front of his eyes, “You’re so silly, why are you standing at the door and not coming in?”

    The youth shook his head with a smile and opened the bag, inside were two new towels and two blankets, “It’s nothing. I was worried that the towels in the bathroom weren’t clean.”

    With that, he pinched her face again and his voice was a bit apologetic: “Man Man, we’ll have to make do here today.”

    Zhang Man was slightly stunned.

    In fact, she doesn’t care that much about these. In her previous life, she was assigned to a rural school when she had just graduated from university as an intern. At that time she lived in a teacher’s dormitory, the conditions are many times more rudimentary than here and there was even a time when she slept in a daze at night, reached out and caught a long centipede.

    She is, after all, not really a young girl raised to live in an ivory tower.

    But then she got a little sore nose.

    ‘Ah…he is really a very careful and mature person.’

    It takes a long time for people to mature, and some lucky people may not need to learn to take care of themselves even in their twenties. Chen Feier, for example, had never cooked or washed clothes even when she gave birth to her second child in her previous life.

    Li Wei is different, he is at the age where he is able to not only take good care of himself, but also learn to take care of her.

    On such a snowy night, in a simple room, with limited conditions, he wanted to give her the best of everything.

    No detail is too small.

    She stepped forward and gently wrapped her arms around the youth’s waist and buried her head in his arms.

    His jacket was cold, and so was the hard slider pressing against her face. She sniffled and hugged him a little tighter.

    “Happy birthday, boyfriend.”

    Her voice was soft with some nasal sounds, and just as she finished, she heard his heartbeat.

    The youth let go of the bag in his hand and it fell to the ground, releasing a soft “thud “.

    With his hands free, he wrapped them around her.


    This hug lasted for a long, long time, and when Zhang Man finally let go of him, she found that she had just surprisingly put him against the back of the door, with her whole body pressed against him in a rather ambiguous position.

    Because the room is small, the warm air blown by the air conditioner has long covered every corner, and in winter, the rare dry heat spreads throughout the body.

    The room was supposed to be roomy for two people to stay alone, but the atmosphere got…tense. Her hug directly heated up the atmosphere to a boiling point.

    The youth gently loosened his arm around her, took off his jacket and hung it up, his voice was a little hoarse and he dared not look directly at her, “Man Man, you can watch TV again, I…will take a shower.”

    He quickly went into the bathroom and closed the door, both of their heartbeats were getting faster and faster across the door.


    Zhang Man touched her chest and sat back on the bed. At this point the variety show came to an end, and the hosts skillfully spoke of closing statements, sponsors, and titleholders.

    She turned off the TV and lay on her back.

    After lying down for a while, the phone rang and she picked it up with a slight headache.

    It’s Zhang Huifang.

    If she doesn’t answer, her mother will definitely worry, so Zhang Man listened to the “clattering” sound from the bathroom, and answered the phone with a stiff upper lip.

    “Hey, Mom……”

    “Zhang Man, are you back yet? It’s snowing in N City and I just saw the weather forecast, it’s also snowing in Z City, right?”

    “Well…” Zhang Man walked to the window, as far away from the bathroom as possible, and said with difficulty, “Mom, I can’t come back today, the snow has closed the road.”

    “Huh? So where are you now?”



    After a terrible silence, Zhang Huifang asked lightly, “That boy is with you?”

    Zhang Man coughed lightly and lied: “…no.”

    “I heard the sound of water in the bathroom… He’s taking a shower?”

    “……” she, the mother, is really invincible.

    Zhang Man weakly muttered, “Mom, there is a big snowstorm today and hotels are full, there is only this one room available, besides, aren’t you happy for me to come out and spend time with him?”

    “hehe. My daughter, I didn’t say I was happy for you to get a room with him. When he comes out, let him give me a call.” Zhang Huifang said and hung up the phone with a “snap”.

    Zhang Man opened her mouth, listening to the “beep” sound after the other party hung up, and got a headache.

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