PP Chapter 30.2

    “You said it.” Mohican-guy bent down once again and gave it a try. Not sure if it was because of the pressure, this time his luck was not as good as just now, he went around the table several times, tried several times, and did not hit another ball in.

    “Don’t try anymore. I am sure you’re just lucky to do it the first time, so just keep your mouth shut.” The woman snickered, “I can find a random person who can play better than you.”

    “Tsk tsk. You find one then, I’ll buy you dinner if you find someone who can clear the table of this pool.” Mohican-guy said unconvincingly.

    “You said it.” The woman looked at a few friends surrounding herself, unable to get an idea, and suddenly her eyes lit up and waved in the direction of the windowsill, “Hey handsome, please do me a favor?”

    The guest asked for help, and Yang Xuan had no reason to refuse, he witnessed the scene just now, and did not wait for the woman to say explicitly, he knew what she wanted from him.

    “Oy! Talk about inviting an outsider to help.” Mohican protested, “Why don’t you just pick someone from our circle?”

    Yang Xuan did not rush into action, standing in place and waiting for them to resolve their internal conflicts.

    “You just said that I could “find one” yourself, okay?” The woman emphasized the word “find one” and gave him a blank look.

    “That’s right,” another woman said helpfully, “Why are you not keeping your words now? You’re afraid to lose?”

    “Fuck, who is scared!” Mohican-guy held the stick in one hand and stepped back, and shook the other one towards the pool table and said to Yang Xuan, “Come on buddy, let’s go.”

    Yang Xuan waited for them to finish before he walked over holding the pool cue and looked at the woman and asked, “So should I start playing?”

    “Start, please start,” the woman cheered, “You can have your share of dinner if you win, and let Chen Cheng treat us to Japanese food!”

    Yang Xuan did not speak, walked around the pool table half a circle, bowed down with a sunken gaze, compared the angle of the two balls a few times, and then gently push the stick, the white ball rotated forward and touched the blue ball, the two balls collide and made a light “da” sound, and then slid away in different directions.

    The ball didn’t go in. Mohican-guy immediately snorted and looked at the woman, “Sister Yao, next time you find someone without just looking at their face, okay?”

    The woman was a little nervous, and with her two hands clasped together, she said to Yang Xuan against her chin, “Please… please win this, handsome.”

    Yang Xuan did not change his expression and changed the angle, went to the position where the white ball stopped, bowed once again, compared angles, and then decisively pushed the stick, the force was heavier than last time and the white ball rolled forward and hit the yellow ball in front of it – the yellow ball then rolled straight into the pocket.

    Yang Xuan didn’t hesitate, taking two more steps to the left, with people backing up to make room for him, he bowed down and bent over again to hit another ball, pocketing the one he just hit. On the next four or five shots, Yang Xuan made crisp shots, sometimes not even needing to use the cue cube, and was able to hit the white ball straight at the target ball and then get a hole-in-one.

    Seeing that the fancy balls on the pool table were getting smaller and smaller, the women looked more nervous and excited than Yang Xuan, almost like they were cheering Yang Xuan on by jumping.

    Yang Xuan looked very calm, the expression on his face did not fluctuate even once.

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