PP Chapter 30.1

    The bar looks completely different in the daytime than it does at night. The windows are half open, the air conditioning has just been turned on, and the room is still a little hot. The direct sunlight came in, and the old wooden tables and chairs had a slightly shiny light on them.

    Tang Junhe crossed the first floor and went around to the stairs leading to the second floor, looked upwards and heard the sound of stray footsteps above. He lifted his foot up the stairs and the wooden stair board was stepped on with a dull thumping sound.

    As soon as he got to the second floor, he saw Yang Xuan. In the afternoon, there were not many people in the billiard room, only a table by the window surrounded by six or seven people, one of them held a pool cue with a bowed back, eyes aimed at the billiard balls on the table, and several other people were laughing and talking on the sidelines watching the fun. 

    Yang Xuan leaned against the windowsill, one hand holding a pool cue propped on the ground, silently looking at the pool table. Noticing someone coming up around the corner of the stairs, he thought it was a guest and looked up subconsciously, but unexpectedly saw Tang Junhe.

    The teenager who appeared at the corner of the stairs looked out of place in the entire billiard room, like an adult party suddenly mixed with an unworldly minor. Yang Xuan’s eyebrows moved slightly, and his gaze sank slightly as he looked at Tang Junhe.

    Tang Junhe did not feel he should not come here, he just felt curious. This was his first time inside a billiard hall and had only passed the neon sign that said “billiard hall” many times before, but never thought to walk in and take a look.

    The second floor is fully air-conditioned, but people staying up there do not feel much more comfortable than the first floor. Several young men around the pool table had dyed exaggerated hair colors, with deliberately bare tattooed parts of their bodies, and almost everyone had a cigarette in their hands, fumigating the air on the second floor.

    Yang Xuan’s black hair and black T-shirt, usually looks unruly and untamed in a group of good students but in this filthy environment, is set off like a quiet and well-behaved teenager.

    Tang Junhe did not like the dirty air here, but he held back his discomfort and walked in against Yang Xuan’s warning gaze, ignoring it, and found a seat on a row of plastic benches against the wall.

    Surrounding the pool table is a group of unskilled vocational high school students, one of the girls holding a pool cue, walked around the pool table several times, tried five or six times, froze and didn’t get a single ball in the pocket.

    “Sister Yao, just give up,” another guy with a Mohican haircut couldn’t stand it anymore and scoffed aside, “You didn’t bring your contact lenses today, did you?”

    “You shut up,” the woman looked up and glared at him, “as if you could get a shot in.”

    “Hey! Move aside!” Holding the pool cue, Mohican-guy approached the table, “Let’s see if your brother can show you a hole-in-one.”

    “You do it, you do it,” the woman straightened up and took a step back, “you’ll just blow it.”

    Mohican-guy held the stick in his hand, bowed his back, looked at one of the balls on the table, gauged the angle, and then gave a gentle push with the stick. The two balls collided and one of them went straight into the pocket.

    “Well?” Mohican-guy straightened up and looked at the woman just now with eyes filled with bravado.

    The woman said resentfully, “It’s just luck, if you have the ability, you can hit the rest of the balls in.”

    “If I did do it, you’re buying dinner tonight, right?”

    “If you can get it all in, I’ll invite all of you.” The woman said disdainfully.

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