PP Chapter 29.3

    “Let’s go back and compare,” the parent said to Tang Junhe before pulling the little girl away, “I’ll call you later if I’m sure.”

    Tang Junhe nodded, “Mm-Hmm.”

    Who knows that when the mother was about to turn around with the little girl, the little girl cried out and yelled that she wanted Tang Junhe to teach her, otherwise she would stay where she was and refuse to go home.

    Tang Junhe also did not make a sound, standing aside to watch them.

    The mother, who had no choice but to turn her face to Tang Junhe said, “Then come and teach her, can you try a lesson first this afternoon?”

    Tang Junhe nodded, “Yes.”

    The little girl then closed her mouth and quieted down, sucked her nose and looked at Tang Junhe with triumph.

    That afternoon, Tang Junhe went to give the little girl a one-hour trial lecture. Facing outsiders, he always hides his emotions very well, so when he gave the little girl the questions, although some of the questions were indeed idiotic, but he did not show any emotions on his face.

    The result is naturally not suspenseful—the little girl in order to let Tang Junhe stay as her tutor, put in all the effort to learn a lesson, and froze when she learned a topic that she did not understand before. 

    Tang Junhe got 80 yuan. He finished his shift well and was in a good mood. He bought an ice cream on the road and ate it while walking slowly towards the bus stop.

    In the late summer afternoon, the path leading to the bus stop was neat and clean, and he walked under the thick shade of the trees, his eyes inadvertently sweeping over the street signs. The bar that the class visited on Ying Hui’s birthday last time seemed to be on this road.

    He couldn’t help but guess where Yang Xuan had gone recently – once summer vacation came, Yang Xuan’s movements became more elusive, often going out in the afternoon and coming back at night, and sometimes Tang Junhe had already laid down before he heard the sound of the door being pushed outside.

    One day last week, Tang Junhe waited for Yang Xuan to return before going to bed, so he hid in the bathroom and wanted to wait until Yang Xuan pushed the door in and then pushed the door out, creating the illusion that they happened to run into each other.

    If he does not see Yang Xuan before going to bed, he can’t help but toss and turn and think about Yang Xuan over and over again, so much that even in his dreams is filled with Yang Xuan—he always hope that he would no longer have an erotic dream about Yang Xuan every time he fell asleep. He feels that his feelings for Yang Xuan should not be mixed with that dirty ugly lust, even though that lust does give him unprecedented pleasure.

    At 11:00 p.m., Yang Xuan finally came back, and through the frosted glass window, Tang Junhe saw Yang Xuan push the door and walk in. He wanted to count to ten in his heart and then go out, but counting to “6” he could not resist pulling open the bathroom door.

    Yang Xuan is standing at the door entrance, one hand propped up on the wall to change slippers, hearing the sound he then glanced in Tang Junhe’s direction.

    Tang Junhe pretended to have just woken up, raised his hand to rub his eyes, and said in a low voice, “You’re back so late?”

    Yang Xuan seemed to say “En” or maybe not, and Tang Junhe felt that he was a little far away and could not hear too clearly, so he took a few steps towards Yang Xuan and looked at him to ask: “Where did you go?”

    Yang Xuan first ignored him, changed his shoes and started walking toward his room. While bowing his head and opening the lock, he asked, “Are you waiting for me on purpose?”

    This time, it was Tang Junhe’s turn to freeze; he did not expect his “chance meeting-plan” would be so easily seen through.

    Yang Xuan gave a low laugh, then pushed the door into the room, leaving a stunned Tang Junhe standing in place.

    Thinking about last week’s scene, Tang Junhe walked up to the entrance of the bar called “Còuhe”. From the outside, the bar didn’t look very big, and the eerie blue atmosphere of the night was gone in the daylight. The bar was only half open, and it didn’t seem to be the time of day for business yet.

    “So early?” The waiter standing at the door that day asked as he saw the figure outside from the store and came out. He had a good memory, and Tang Junhe was topped with a face impressive enough that the man remembered him and casually asked, “Come to see Yang Xuan?”

    A strong feeling welled up inside Tang Junhe – Yang Xuan should be here – and he looked at the man and said, “Mm-hmm.”

    The man put up his finger and pointed upward, “Upstairs.”

    “What’s he doing?” Tang Junhe asked.

    “Upstairs. In the billiard room watching the game.”

    Tang Junhe thought for a moment and asked, “Then can I go up and take a look?”

    “Go for it.” The man said.

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I can’t wait till next chapter! So I’m guessing Yang Xuan works at the bar


YX can always see through TJH’S little schemes 🤣🤣


oh god this novel is so good.

I hope he gets the psychological help he needs. (He went through 6 years of harassment, several physical harassment, and also an attempted rape). His obsessive mother, his austere and egotistical father. The only “good” person next to him is his brother. (and I put quotation marks because even though the brother helped him, AND from time to time he treats him decently, most of the time he treats him super bad)

His feelings of love also fall into compulsive, although he is unable to identify anything. I feel really bad for him, I don’t know how this can all work out.

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