PP Chapter 29.2

    Tang Junhe did not know anything about this matter, he was on summer vacation and began to think about earning money—he used to want to earn money to buy a bicycle, but now his goal has changed, he wants to earn money to buy Yang Xuan’s birthday present. Yang Xuan’s birthday is at the end of October, he can take advantage of the summer to work to earn money.

    After thinking about it, he felt that he only knows how to study— then teach others to study. Tang Junhe thought so and went to the computer in the study room to write a small advertisement, put his tutoring subjects, time and contact information on it, and used the printer to type out a dozen pages.

    That afternoon, while Tang Xiaonian was at work, Tang Junhe took the dozen pages and ran to a residential neighborhood a kilometer away to post the small ads all afternoon. 

    After posting small ads, he went home to do his homework while waiting for business to come to him. Waiting until the third day, Tang Xiaonian took the weekend off, and Tang Junhe failed to wait for his first business. Instead, Tang Xiaonian enrolled him in a class at the “New Oriental” that required him to attend a two-hour English tutoring class every morning.

    Tang Junhe didn’t say anything, he was never averse to going to school anyway. The next morning, Tang Junhe went to the tutoring class on his own, carrying his school bag.

    At the end of the school day, there were people at the door handing out leaflets for tutoring classes, and he took them one by one and held them in his hands as he walked around, wondering why he hadn’t gotten any business from those small ads.

    After reading it, he shoved a stack of pages into the trash and went home to his study to give his copy of the small ad a makeover—he listed his midterm math scores and all the Olympiad awards he had won on it, and then printed out dozens more.

    When he went to the tutoring class the next day, Tang Junhe took the opportunity to stand in front of the tutoring class building at noon after class, and together with the man who handed out the leaflets to parents of students passing by, he also stuffed the small ads into their hands, causing the man to look over in his direction frequently.

    He had a small number of small ads in his hand and soon finished handing them out, and was about to clap his hands and go home when a parent with a child approached him with the small ad he had just handed out.

    “You’re the one teaching?” The parent scowled at him.

    Tang Junhe nodded his head.

    “Is it true that you got a perfect score on the midterm math exam…?” The parent continued to ask, “It’s not false advertising, right?”

    “I have the usual monthly exam papers to testify.” Tang Junhe said seriously, and fished out his student card from his school bag and showed it to that parent, “This is my student card.”

    The parent, a woman in her early thirties with a shrewd face, looked at him with some distrust, “The grades are pretty good, but do you have experience?” She looked down towards her child and nudged her chin, “Just teach her, my daughter, she’s entering her 2nd year in Middle School at the beginning of the school year.”

    Before Tang Junhe could say anything, the little girl with the ponytail shook her mother’s arm and whispered, “Mom, I want him to teach me…”

    “…You want him to teach you as soon as you see that he’s a good-looking brother,” the parent lowered her head to scold her, “it won’t be easy for you to learn then!”

    “I promise I’ll learn it well.” The little girl finished with conviction and glanced at Tang Junhe carefully.

    “Let’s go back and compare,” the parent said to Tang Junhe before pulling the little girl away, “I’ll call you later if I’m sure.”

    Tang Junhe nodded, “Mm-Hmm.”

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Glad you’re feeling better! Thanks for translating!


Good to hear you’re feeling better! Junhe is so sweet wanting to work to buy his Gege a birthday pressie. Thanks for your hard work and please look after your health ♥️


Ahh Yang Xuan is so handsome 😳 And TJH is exactly how I imagine him to be!

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