PP Chapter 29.1

    The final exams for sophomore year were held on a sunny day in early July, with the ceiling fan hanging from the ceiling of the classroom blowing constantly and the sound of the wind whistling overhead as the students scribbled away on their papers and sketchpads.

    Within a few days after the exam, the school held a parent-teacher conference. Yang Chengchuan has now become a dignified figure in Runcheng and would naturally not show his face on such occasions, not to mention the fact that Yang Xuan’s several blank papers made him extremely ashamed.

    Tang Xiaonian, however, was very active and took a taxi to Runcheng First High School right after class and sat in the classroom ten minutes early. From the time Tang Junhe started school, Tang Xiaonian had never missed his parent-teacher conference, and this time was no different.

    Tang Junhe’s achievement this time also made her proud, but this time the object of her bragging changed from those neighbors in the neighborhood, to Yang Chengchuan, who always defended his eldest son.

    The province has been promoting quality education from top to bottom for the past two years, and Runcheng First High School as the city’s main focus is the key target. The report card was sent to the parents and quickly put away, but Tang Xiaonian took out her cell phone and took a picture of the report card in its entirety.

    After the parent-teacher conference, Tang Xiaonian showed the report card on her phone to Yang Chengchuan and said in a bragging tone, “Not bad, right? 2nd in the grade and a few points off in Chinese and English, all other subjects are higher than the 1st in the grade.”

    Yang Chengchuan looked at the score bar on the screen and boasted with a flourish, “Junhe’s grades have always been free of adult worries, and he’s a smart kid, just like you.”

    “That’s not true,” Tang Xiaonian is not modest at all, “I was poor in the past and could not afford to go to school, otherwise how could I still be an undergrad?”

    Yang Chengchuan wanted to suppress his laughter first but still couldn’t stop himself from laughing, “I believe you. Er, listen. There’s something I want to tell you.” His words went around his tongue twice, then he said the thoughts he had these days, “I think there is something wrong with this child’s psychology and I let Xiao Sun find a Psychiatrist, in a few days let them give Junhe guidance to enlightenment…… “

    Tang Xiaonian looked at him warily, “What psychiatrist? What psychological problem?”

    “That last time…when I think about it, I feel a little scared,” Yang Chengchuan explained, “mainly because I’m afraid that his cleverness can’t be used in the right way… This matter has been on his mind for some time.” Thinking of Tang Junhe’s expression when he said he wanted to kill Zhou Lin, Yang Chengchuan could not help but break out in a cold sweat—if this matter was not stopped by Yang Xuan, not only his young son’s future is ruined, his own career will also be ruined, and then the matter will be exposed by the media in turn and their family’s old account will would have been picked up by journalists and the public to no end.

    Because of this matter, Yang Chengchuan regretted for a while, why did he have to marry Tang Xiaonian at that time? It is true that Tang Xiaonian from the outside can be said to be good-looking, but the inside is an uneducated shrew, and once she is angry, dirty words are poured out of her head—Tang Xiaonian raised a son who is exactly the same as her, look good and beautiful outside but a real little devil inside.

    Yang Chengchuan asked himself these years if he had been good to Tang Junhe. He had stuffed money and gifts into his youngest son’s hand during the New Year’s holidays, but the boy never accepted it, and he never opened his mouth to call him “Dad” since he was young. Till now he treats him like an unfamiliar person, simply a white-eyed wolf. He does not expect Tang Junhe to give himself peace of mind either, but in the future if he really has a small illness or disaster, I’m afraid that Tang Junhe will not present himself with a little filial piety.

    “You’re the one with psychological problems,” Tang Xiaonian grabbed her phone from Yang Chengchuan’s hand and scolded, “Rabbits will bite when they are anxious. If he had told me, I would have stabbed Zhou Lin to death long ago while you would have let him live till now! You are saying that I also have psychological problems, right? Yang Chengchuan, stop making a smart ass out of yourself! By virtue of your good looks and hard background as a vice mayor, you really think of yourself as a figurehead, huh? To say that cleverness can’t be used in the right way, does that mean when you recognize Runcheng as the second no one dares to recognize it as the first…”

    As soon as Tang Xiaonian talked about Tang Junhe, the protective mind of a mother began to swell up in a steady stream, until Yang Chengchuan was counted from inside to outside to spill her anger. Yang Chengchuan was scolded to the point of humiliation. He was angry, but he could not pull his face to scold her, and secretly said that he could not be bothered with a shrew, so he slipped on his slippers and went to the study by himself.

    The matter was left open, and from then on, Yang Chengchuan never mentioned the matter of finding a psychiatrist for Tang Junhe again.

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Sorry for the delay on this one, I’ve got a fever these few days and am unable to use the computer.

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Thanks for translating! I hope you feel better soon and don’t have anything too serious. Please take care of your health first!


Please put your health first. We all rather you was well and Thankyou for another great translation ♥️♥️♥️


TXN’s reaction very much reflect how other people irl reacts when mental illness is mentioned. They think visiting a psychiatrist means admitting you’re crazy, which is a paradox, because if you don’t want to become crazy, the more you should visit a psychiatrist.

Nini Mandu

Oh man. I get the mom for overreacting after she heard there might be something wrong with her child. Any parent would’ve also felt offended. She’s just too blinded by her love for her kid to realize that there is a possibility. What 6 years being tormented by that creepy stalker. Fck. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. Damn. Just learning someone has your pictures and keeps following you while you’re not aware of it. How scary. I wouldn’t be able to even sleep. Thinking that person would suddenly pounce on me while I’m asleep! Waaa


Thank you for your hard work 🌹🌹🌹 stay safe and keep healthy

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