PP Chapter 27.2

    Tang Junhe remains silent.

    Yang Chengchuan clenched his fist and pounded heavily on the coffee table, “Talk!”

    “Yang Chengchuan, that’s enough!” Tang Xiaonian stood up sharply, with a crying voice to yell at him, “How can he say it to you? Don’t you already know the answer to that!? 6 years ago, didn’t I talk to you about this! You’re so good, you know that!? You got someone to help me say a few words to the police department, and never did you care anything about the matter after—“

    Yang Chengchuan’s mood is also terrible, pulling a face and saying, “Don’t you stir first, at that time you didn’t make it clear to me either.”

    “Don’t put shit on my head!” Tang Xiaonian broke into a tirade without regard to her image, “Didn’t I say at the time that the perverted teacher had a sinister mind to your son! Didn’t I tell you that the school was harboring Zhou Lin! Heh—what did you do? You said at the time that little kids are too young for it to understand! As soon as I finished, you hung up! Yang Chengchuan, you really are something!”

    Yang Chengchuan was scolded, suppressing his anger, he said: “I only had little power in my hands at that time. I couldn’t stretch my hands that far. Enough of this… not in front of the kids…”

    “Fine, you’re not a big official at that time but in the previous year I also said it when Junhe was transferred to Middle School.” The more Tang Xiaonian said, the angrier she became, the anger in her heart kept bubbling up to the surface, and the old and new accounts poured out, “It’s just a matter of your words, Yang Chengchuan. You went back and forgot about it again and again. Even when I wanted to consult you, you said that the first and third middle schools are the same, so how come you didn’t transfer your eldest son to the third middle school?” Tang Xiaonian raised her hands and wiped her tears. “Now that this has happened, you start to blame us for delaying your eldest son’s future? Go fuck yourself!!! My SON is almost forced by YOU to become a murderer, do you know that!?”

    Yang Chengchuan was upset and at this moment regretted how he had married Tang Xiaonian, a shrew, to his home, and reprimanded with a stern face, “Don’t go over those old scores now! Let’s talk about the matter at hand!”

    “The matter at hand is done! This matter boils down to your own responsibility! You don’t have to blame anyone, blame yourself for not taking care of this matter in the first place!”

    Tang Xiaonian finished speaking and pulled Tang Junhe towards his room, the door closed before the house regained the dreary atmosphere of half an hour ago. Yang Chengchuan walked to the single sofa, sat down and propped his forehead, closed his eyes, and pressed his temples with his thumbs.

    Yang Xuan sat for a few more seconds before getting up and walking toward his room.

    “Do you want to eat?” Yang Chengchuan suddenly spoke out as he walked up to him, “Your aunt has made dinner in the kitchen, let’s eat first.”

    Yang Xuan paused the hand holding the door handle, but still turned it down with pressure: “I’m not hungry yet, I’ll eat later.”

    When they entered Tang Junhe’s room, Tang Xiaonian dropped her tears silently, her eyes glaring at Tang Junhe.

    Tang Junhe also did not say anything, took the tissue box from the bedside table and stuffed it into his mother’s arms.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” Tang Xiaonian pursued relentlessly.

    “It’s useless to tell you,” Tang Junhe cooed with his head down, “Weren’t you also holding a fruit knife at that time? Anyway, either you go to jail or I go to jail, it’s the same.”

    “What is the same?” Tang Xiaonian’s tone is agitated, “I can go to jail but not you. Look at how old you are!”

    “A minor can still get a light sentence.” Tang Junhe turned his head and whispered.

    “What are you talking about again?” Tang Xiaonian reached out and slapped him on the head, “If there’s anything, you must tell me right away. If Yang Chengchuan does not care, I will chant in his ears every day, I do not believe he will still not care. You and I have a different world now, do you know that? Don’t act silly from now on. ”

    Tang Junhe did not respond to her sentence and after a few seconds said, “I just think that I did delay Yang Xuan’s future, if he did not go to stop me…he—”

    “People have their own lives…” Tang Xiaonian pulled out a tissue to wipe the tears clean, and blew her nose and said. “…not going to the provincial team may be better as compared to going to it. Can he play like Yao Ming? Can he grow more than 2 meters?”

    Tang Junhe did not speak a word. When it comes to Yang Xuan, Tang Xiaonian always becomes a different person, talking with her is like “Chicken talking with a duck”.


    Lying in bed at night, Tang Junhe was having trouble sleeping again. Since the day he was called by the police to make a statement, he always had a vague feeling of dread before going to bed. He realized that his idea of forging a self-defense scene would not have worked and even if he had really killed Zhou Lin that day and then stabbed himself again, it was likely that the police would find out the truth. Yang Chengchuan is right. If he stabbed someone with a knife and was stabbed by someone else with a knife, the knife will have two different angles and strengths. If forensic identification is done, the forged traces can easily be identified……

    He couldn’t help but remember the scene that evening, if Yang Xuan came two minutes late, no, maybe two seconds later—he might have pulled out the knife.

    Once he pulled out the knife, he would face two different fates— either he would kill Zhou Lin and become a real murderer, or he would anger Zhou Lin and the knife would be taken away by him and his fate would probably be even more terrible than becoming a murderer…

    But Yang Xuan’s appearance at that moment hardened his fate.

    In contrast, he also changed the fate of Yang Xuan, although the direction of change is not as desired… Tang Xiaonian’s words did not relieve him of his guilt over Yang Xuan. If Yang Xuan really went to the provincial team, what would it be like? Will he slowly make it to the national team and then to the NBA and become one of the best basketball players of the bunch?

    Yang Xuan, who was disqualified by the provincial team, what kind of a road will he take in the future? Will he have a bad time because of it? ……Tang Junhe secretly clenched his fist, “No, I will not let Yang Xuan live a bad life.”

    Tang Junhe thought about this and gradually fell asleep, and in that groggy dream, he heard the sharp brakes that pierced his eardrums.

    He ran through the demolition area full of rubble, rushed to the intersection, and then saw the bloody Zhou Lin, crushed by the wheels, staring at his eyes, unwilling to rest in peace. Finally, Zhou Lin cast a last look at him like maggots attached to a bone.

    The blood seeping from his forehead made that honest and harmless face look fierce and unsettling and despite the fact that those two eyes were devoid of living breath, they continued to look straight in the direction of Tang Junhe…

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