PP Chapter 27.1

    The wind in the summer evening with a little cool, wispy wisps scraped over the sides of the two people, Yang Xuan’s white shirt blew slightly bulging. Tang Junhe sat in the back and brought his face forward to the thin layer of fabric.

    He smelled the faint smell of cigarette smoke coming from Yang Xuan, mixed in with the smell of refreshing laundry detergent. It was a good smell that he was familiar with. “Did Yang Xuan smoke again today?” Tang Junhe thought to himself as he watched the traffic speeding past on the road.

     Was it because of the disqualification from the provincial team? Will he regret his impulsiveness that evening?

    When they stepped into the house, Yang Chengchuan was sitting on a single sofa with a sullen face. When he saw them coming back, he reached out and pointed to the long sofa on one side: “Change your shoes and come over here first to make things clear.”

    Tang Xiaonian came up to help Tang Junhe take down his school bag and put it on the shoe rack next to him, looked at him and whispered, “This is such a big deal and you didn’t even talk to me.”

    Tang Junhe remained silent and followed Yang Xuan to the sofa, and sat down next to him.

    Yang Chengchuan pointed to Yang Xuan and frowned, “Yang Xuan first, what happened that day.”

    Yang Xuan thought about it for a few seconds, and before he could speak, Tang Junhe, who was next to him, spoke up first: “I’ll say it.”

    Yang Chengchuan did not say anything, and acquiesced to represent consent.

    “I…… Yang Xuan came to my aid and beat that man up,” Tang Junhe’s two hands were uneasily clasped together, his nails pinching the skin on the back of his hands one after another, “But that man then ran away to the traffic light…”

    “Speak clearly, what led up to it,” Yang Chengchuan interrupted him, “That Zhou Lin, why did he come back to you after so many years?”

    “He’s been stalking me.” Tang Junhe said with downcast eyes, “Stalking for the past 6 years since I was 10 years old.”

    When Tang Xiaonian heard him say that, her eyes widened in shock as she looked at him, “How come you never told me about this?”

    “Don’t interrupt yet,” Yang Chengchuan swept a glance at Tang Xiaonian with an extremely bad face, then continued to ask Tang Junhe with a frown, “Since you know he always follows you, why do you still go to that demolition area.”

    Tang Junhe pinched the skin on the back of his hand until it was red, and after a long silence, he looked up and said to Yang Chengchuan, “I can’t stand it anymore, I want to kill him.”

    Yang Xuan sniffed and inclined his head toward him.

    Yang Chengchuan’s heart jumped at the look in Tang Junhe’s eyes, and hearing him say that, he was stunned for a moment, then frowned and asked, “What did you just say?”

    “I said,” Tang Junhe repeated truthfully, “that evening, I was trying to kill Zhou Lin.”

    Only then did Tang Xiaonian react from her daze and walk up to slap him on the shoulder: “What are you talking nonsense about!”

    Yang Chengchuan lost his words for a moment. Having seen countless big scenes before, he was now faced with his amazing young son who spoke out of turn, and he was somewhat speechless. Yang Chengchuan has never found the right way to communicate with his youngest son, he always felt that Tang Junhe was not the same as other children and although his grades have always been outstanding, his personality is very problematic—aloof, socially awkward, saying things that sometimes surprise people along with the kind of eyes that always seem to be somber, like a fern growing in a humid zone.

    “No wonder there are so many doubts regarding that case”, Yang Chengchuan suddenly understood. He fixed his mind and looked at Tang Junhe, “Speak more clearly.”

    Tang Junhe lowered his eyes and told the story of what happened that evening from beginning to end, one by one, and at the end said, “Therefore, it has nothing to do with Yang Xuan. It was me who caused him to lose his admission to the provincial team.”

    “Why didn’t you tell me about these things in advance?” Yang Chengchuan’s frown deepened, “When your mother talked about you being followed previously, why did you deny it?”

    “Do you know how absurd it is for you to do this?” Yang Chengchuan stood up anxiously and kept walking back and forth in the living room. “Faking a self-defense scene is something you can’t even think of! Let’s not talk about whether you can stab an adult, do you know the angle of the knife someone sticks into your body, and what angle is the knife you stick into others? Have you tried this fruit knife to see if it can stab someone to death? What if he snatches it and stabs you?”

    Tang Xiaonian tears have welled up, looking at Tang Junhe on the side, constantly wiping tears.

    “If your elder brother had not gone to stop you, you would have become a murderer now, you know!” Yang Chengchuan was furious—his shoulders were trembling with anger, raising his voice to rebuke him angrily, “Now it’s good! Since your elder brother has gone to stop you and has lost all his future prospects in the process! Tell me, have you ever thought about these consequences?”

    Tang Junhe listened to his reprimand in silence, without a word of defense. Yang Chengchuan finished venting his emotions and asked again in a loud voice: “Why didn’t you tell me and let me solve this matter!?”

    Tang Junhe remains silent.

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Thanks for translating! I wonder what his dad thinks he could’ve done…


I’m really curious on what will happen next. Yang Xuan is just a victim in all this and was just being a good Gege


…it’s not that easy for a sexual assault victims to seek help out in the open. especially when they have history of trying but was never given a solution

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