PP Chapter 26.3

    Yang Xuan interrupted him, “Playing basketball wasn’t about going to the provincial team.”

    Feng Bo looked at him with a confused look.

    But Yang Xuan did not look like he was going to go on, he was just staring flatly ahead, and there was no trace of frustration on him.

    Feng Bo only felt that Yang Xuan’s brain was bad, not quite the same as the Xuan he used to know.

    As a “poor only money” dude, Feng Bo only served Yang Xuan in high school. Every word Yang Xuan said is much more effective than his father,and more intimidating than the homeroom teacher. If Yang Xuan said he would go east, he definitely would not go west.

    Although Yang Xuan did not seem to care much about him, scratch that! Although Yang Xuan did not care about anyone in particular that even the school flower, Ying Hui is no exception, he always seemed to prefer to stay alone.

    When Feng Bo first went to high school, many boys, out of jealousy, talked about Yang Xuan pretending to be cool secretly behind his back. There were also some who intended to imitate him, but Feng Bo didn’t think that was the case because it seemed like Yang Xuan really didn’t care about some things…and as for what Yang Xuan cared about, in addition to his mom who left two years ago, Feng Bo really had no idea.

    The wind blew the smell of smoke off his body, Yang Xuan lifted his feet and walked back: “Let’s go.”

    “Oh.” Feng Bo hastily responded, throwing the cigarette butt in his hand to the trash can aside and followed, only then remembering that he had just not finished his sentence: “Brother Xuan, I still do not understand. Did that person beat up Tang Junhe or something? Why did you help him?”

    “It’s nothing.” When Yang Xuan said this and Feng Bo saw his reaction, he understood that he did not want to say anything, so he let it go.

    When he does not want to say it, no one can force him to say anything. Yang Xuan is the type of person who is unmoved by force or persuasion.

    “Oh……” after a while, Feng Bo came back to life, came up and said, “Brother Xuan, I think you should stay away from Thirdy’s son. He looks like a man with a heavy Yin, staying with him for a long time will make your luck get worse and worse. Just look at what happened to you this time—”

    Before the words were finished, Yang Xuan turned his head and gave him a cold and indifferent look, and Feng Bo saw the displeasure in his eyes and silenced his voice in discontent.

    In the evening after school, Yang Xuan picked up his school bag and walked toward the school gate.

    According to the usual practice, after school, Tang Junhe would stay in the classroom for an hour, but after seeing Yang Xuan striding out of the classroom, he hurriedly put his homework in his bag and ran after him.

    The field was full of students after the last class ended and they were all in white shirts and sweatpants with big bags, Tang Junhe raised his chin slightly, trying to find Yang Xuan’s back.

    But Yang Xuan’s two long legs flew, and in the blink of an eye he was out of sight. Tang Junhe was a little down, he thought Yang Xuan would no longer accompany himself home—Zhou Lin died, the threat of stalking is no longer there, he has no reason to pester Yang Xuan to pick him up and drop him off. What’s more, he was the culprit who caused Yang Xuan to lose his admission to the provincial team, and Yang Xuan must have hated himself.

    Tang Junhe walked over to the parking lot with only a tiny bit of hope left.

    Then he saw Yang Xuan—he hadn’t left and was talking to someone next to him who seemed to be a member of the school’s basketball team, and Tang Junhe felt some familiarity. Although he often stared at the training scene on the court in the classroom upstairs, his eyes had always been glued to Yang Xuan, and he couldn’t remember much about the others.

    “It’s okay, I don’t think the Old Suntuo would let you leave the team,” the man said to Yang Xuan, “If you leave, he’ll be worse off than when he was young and lost his love.”

    Yang Xuan gave a laugh: “I don’t think so.”

    The man seriously continued to make an effort to sell his coach short, “Haha, why not? Such a good seedling hanging around the school every day where he can see and touch has been lost, isn’t it more difficult than losing love?”

    After the man finished, he noticed Tang Junhe looking at them from behind. If he remembered correctly, it was the fair boy who was called to the police station with Yang Xuan, and he thought there was something going on between them, so he said, “Eh? Hehe… it seems that someone’s been looking for you. Ahem, I’ll go first.”

    When the man passed by, Tang Junhe simply wanted to pull him and say “thank you”, thanking him for holding Yang Xuan back. But he didn’t show it on his face and just seemed to calmly walk to Yang Xuan’s bike and watch him drive it out.

    Tang Junhe followed him and walked towards the school entrance, still half a step behind, and took a few steps before saying, “Sorry.”

    “Don’t mention the provincial team,” Yang Xuan said with a frown, “it’s annoying.”

    Tang Junhe gave a “Mmm”. Yang Xuan did not ask him to mention it, so he obediently did not mention it. Although what he really wanted to ask Yang Xuan is whether he would hate himself more because of this matter.

    Walking out of the school entrance, Yang Xuan rode his bike with one foot on the ground.

    Tang Junhe was not sure if Yang Xuan still wanted to take himself, and if Yang Xuan just rode away, he would not feel strange. He hesitated on whether to sit directly on it, or ask Yang Xuan first, if he would not mind himself sitting on it. But he did not expect Yang Xuan to half turn his head and impatiently said, “Are you getting on or not?”

Translator’s Note:

Feng Bo: Why did you help him?”

Me: [Screaming Internally] Because he’s a good person deep down, unlike you prick!

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Oooo looks like yang Xuan is slowing warming up to our little cinnamon roll 😊 thanks for your translation!


Want to screamm those words to feng bo to! This guy really makes my head hurts (ᗒᗩᗕ)


Please, I need more of their interactions like this ┻━┻ミ\(≧ロ≦\)

h h

To be fair to Feng Bo, it’s not everyday that someone would be willing to put their future on the line to help the son of their father’s mistress who caused their mother’s death and then caused them to not be able to go back to their own home. Feng Bo is also spoilt and simple-minded and does not understand complex relationships.

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