PP Chapter 26.2

    It was the last study session in the afternoon, and the students in the sophomore science class heard about Yang Xuan’s disqualification from the provincial team, so they sat in their seats and whispered about what had happened.

    “I heard it was an off-campus fight? It seems that the school has given the punishment and the punishment will be publicly executed when the flag is raised next Monday……”

    “Huh? Isn’t his dad the Vice Mayor, I guess it’s just for show… “

    “But how come you’re disqualified for fighting and brawling? There are quite a few fights and brawls on basketball teams, right?”

    “About that… I heard yesterday that it has something to do with…… You know how his mother is married to Yang Xuan’s father, no? I-I heard that he is an accomplice or something, no wonder Feng Bo and the others targeted him before… “

    The two whisperers were discussing while they couldn’t help but turn their heads to look at Tang Junhe in the back row. Unexpectedly, Tang Junhe, who has always only buried his head doing problems, is now looking up at them, obviously expressionless, but being stared at by those dark eyes without blinking, inexplicably makes people feel cold and eerie.

    Two people turned their heads at the same time, one of them whispered and complained, “Shit! WTF is he doing! We just turned our heads and he immediately caught us by surprise! Phew, that scared the shit out of me!”

    “Gave me a scare too… we’re so far apart, did he hear you?”

    “Who knows, I always think he is not normal—Ouch ouch ouch, hey stop that!” The speaker was hit by the elbow of the person beside him. In a split second he raised his head and blurted out, “Yang Xuan!”

    As soon as Yang Xuan appeared at the door, the whispers in the classroom instantly quieted down, and many people looked up at him.

    Tang Junhe also looked up at him, his eyes fell on his face. Yang Xuan did not have much expression. He lowered his head slightly and walked to his seat as usual.

    Feng Bo followed Yang Xuan’s footsteps, turned his head and waited for him to sit down and looked around before sneaking over to squat next to Yang Xuan’s desk and asked in a lowered voice: “Brother Xuan… is that really true?”

    “True.” Yang Xuan said.

    Feng Bo clenched his fist and cursed, “Fuck!” After a few seconds, he turned his head toward the front and back door, looked back at Yang Xuan and asked, “Want to go out and smoke one?”

    Yang Xuan was silent for a few seconds and said, “Go.”

    As soon as they reached the corridor, Feng Bo began to ask: “What is the situation ah? …It’s so sudden! Brother Xuan, can your father find someone to redeem this with the provincial team?”

    Yang Xuan walked in front: “How can this thing be redeemed?”

    Feng Bo keeps going, “I—Argh! Fuck! ……Why don’t I go back to my dad and ask if he knew someone in the provincial team?”

    Yang Xuan snorted, “Admit then cancel, then admit again and cancel? Think carefully, where will the provincial team’s reputation go?”

    “What the hell is going on?! ……it was just a little fight so how come you got involved with some sort of murder?! I-I…Fuck! Do you know that some people say that you killed someone directly?”

    Walking to the back of the school, Yang Xuan fished out a cigarette case and lighter from his pocket. He lit a cigarette and exhaled smoke, and said faintly, “Let them talk.”

    Feng Bo also lit one for himself and smoked it, squatting with Yang Xuan at the corner of the back wall of the school building: “……so how the hell did that person die?”

    Yang Xuan took a few puffs of smoke, flicked the ashes, before speaking unhurriedly: “The bastard was beaten up by me and ran scared to the intersection without looking at the traffic lights, and was hit to death by a car.”

    Feng Bo jaw dropped, forgetting to smoke a cigarette and stammered, “H-Hit…hit to death?”

    Yang Xuan said, “Hmm.”

    Feng Bo took a while to come back to his senses and sighed, “What bad luck…”

    “Who? Me,” Yang Xuan glanced at him, “or that bastard?”

    “You both have bad luck…”

    Yang Xuan said, “I’m okay.”

    “You being disqualified from the provincial team is still ‘okay’? Didn’t the school team also temporarily suspend your training? …… Brother Xuan, the school team will expel you too, right?”

    Yang Xuan ignored his outburst and said in a calm tone, “That man deserves to die.”

    “Oh right, I still don’t understand why you beat him up…so what does exactly this have to do with Thirdy’s son?”

    “It doesn’t matter,” Yang Xuan said casually, “I just helped him out in passing.”

    “Holy shit! So you’re trying to help him in order to smooth out his own future?” Feng Bo looked at Yang Xuan with an expression that seemed to think that Yang Xuan ate the wrong medicine, “Brother Xuan, what happened to you! You wake up, OK!”

    “I didn’t say I had to go to the provincial team.” Yang Xuan finished smoking a cigarette, twisted the sparks on the butt on the ground and stood up.

    “Huh?” Feng Bo looked up at him in confusion, “Going to the provincial team would be much better, you can also be guaranteed a place in college and don’t even have to take the college entrance exam. You’ve been playing basketball for so long on the varsity team for—”

    Yang Xuan interrupted him, “Playing basketball wasn’t about going to the provincial team.”

    Feng Bo looked at him with a confused look.

Translator’s Note:

I really don’t like this Feng Bo guy… even his “concern” for YX just feels fake to me.

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I really enjoyed this chapter! Thanks again for your hard work! Poor baby junhe. He must be feeling so guilty towards his Gege ;(


…playing basketball to escape reality?

Doytch Magient

I understand why FB is kinda dislike but i don’t disagree with his action this time. While many people were whispering and speculating, only he sought the truth from YX and tried to help by planning to ask his father.
He didn’t hide his own thought that YX was unlucky and his objective was always to be by YX’s side which was making MC enemy.
Pardon him, he’s a bad student and entered the school with money. How do you expect him to act smart towards his enemy(MC)? =’D

Well it’s just my opinion bcs this time FB seemed likeable, i don’t read raws😅

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