PP Chapter 26.1

    “Come here,” Qiu Li, the homeroom teacher, heard the sound of pushing on the door, looked up from the piles of student work, and said to Yang Xuan, who walked into the office, “Come over here and tell me what’s going on in that case with you and Tang Junhe.”

    “Didn’t I explain it to you the other day already?” Yang Xuan stood in front of Qiu Li, with an expression that clearly did not want to repeat it again.

    “You always have a reason, right?” The last time it was the basketball team of the 16th high school that took the initiative to provoke you to fight back and beat each other up, the last time it was someone from the vocational high school who deliberately sought trouble and you had no choice but to take action, and the last time it was Ying Hui who was blocked by punks at the entrance of the school so you acted righteously, and this time it was Tang Junhe who clashed with someone and you helped out… 

    “……Tell me, what is the reason behind the last one, have you thought of it now?”

    “Not yet,” Yang Xuan said, “still thinking about it.”

    Qiu Li couldn’t help but laugh and cry: “Can you save me and your father a lot of heartache? The opportunity to enter the provincial team, say how rare is that? As long as you go in and train properly and compete well, you can pick any university in the province, or at least the Beijing Sports University, right? You are a good……” Qiu Li finished, shaking her head in anger.

    “Does it make sense?” Yang Xuan looked unrepentant, but calmly asked Qiu Li rhetorically, “the provincial team members attending college yet they’re all just titular, and will not go to class. I think—“

    “Oh? Then tell me your meaning?” Qiu Li almost laughed at his rhetoric, “Fine. Then tell me, what’s the point of you fighting every day? What’s the point of you sleeping in class? What’s the point of turning in a blank paper every time? What’s the point of wasting your precious days?”

    “There is no point.” Yang Xuan looked at Qiu Li with a frank face.

    “You do not look at me with such a justified look or I’ll get a headache from anger,” Qiu Li rubbed her temples and saw that no one else in the office, her voice lowered, knocking on the table to admonish him, “I as a teacher shouldn’t say such things like this but how about picking a time to fight the next time? Hear me out, okay? A few days after the investigation was conducted, your father had a meeting outside the city. The investigation these days, just so happened when your father was away… if this were placed in the usual way, as long as you do not go out of Runcheng, do not do such things as murder and arson, there would be no case record left on your name…”

    Yang Xuan waited for her to finish her lecture before saying, “This can only mean one thing.”

    Qiu Li looked up at him with a sullen face, expecting Yang Xuan to say a single remark that would restore her confidence.

    But Yang Xuan obviously will not do what she wants: “I have no destiny with the provincial team.”

    Qiu Li: “……”

    Yang Xuan looked at her innocently: “Also, when to fight, it’s not up to me……”

    “All right, I’m done talking to you. I’ve talked about it many times and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it now. But, Yang Xuan,” Qiu Li sighed and looked up at the tall teenager in front of her, “You have to make plans for your future, not for me, not for your father, but simply for yourself, okay?”

    “Yeah, I know,” Yang Xuan finally gave in and said, “Thank you.”

    Qiu Li breathed a sigh of relief and waved, “Okay, go back and write a review and read it at the flag-raising next Monday,” and suddenly remembered something, pointing her finger at him, “Write it from the bottom of your heart, reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Don’t just read the script, memorize it for me. Furthermore, don’t let anyone else write it for you.”

    Yang Xuan said, “En, but… “

    “Someone else had already written it for you, didn’t they?” Qiu Li glared at him, “Then you better refuse it for me too!”

    Yang Xuan said, “Oh.”

Translator’s Note:

To me, it looks like Ms. Qiu Li is more like YX’s parent than YC.

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Eun Seo

None of these adults is even taking time to listen. Aaaaarrrggghhh… so frustrating.

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