PP Chapter 25.3

    Yang Xuan did not mention that the person he saved was his brother Tang Junhe throughout, and the driver breathed a sigh of relief and said, “So you’re a hero then.”

    Yang Chengchuan’s driver has little real power and after hearing this, he called Yang Chengchuan’s secretary and asked him if he wanted to report back to the vice mayor, after all, although the father and son are not quite close to each other on the surface, but Yang Chengchuan is still very attached to his oldest son.

    When the secretary knocked on the door to talk about this matter, Yang Chengchuan was preparing a report to be made at the meeting in the evening. As the vice mayor of Runcheng, he had to make a report at the meeting almost every day this week, and was so busy.

    As soon as he heard the secretary say something about Yang Xuan fights and brawls, Yang Chengchuan immediately sprang up with a wave of anger, and reprimanded in a negative manner: “You do not care about him, let him stay inside for a few days.”

    The night before he left from Runcheng, he deliberately approached Yang Xuan about entering the provincial team with the idea that although Dad does not support you in sports, if you really like to play basketball, then go ahead, the provincial team is a good choice.

    “You think I finally have the opportunity to go to college and won’t embarrass you anymore, right?” Yang Xuan did not raise his eyelids.

    With this sentence, Yang Chengchuan blew his top, his anger rose up but he forced it down and advised kindly: “No matter what, going to college is good for your life.”

    “It’s also good for your reputation.” Yang Xuan continued to sneer coldly.

    “Yang Xuan, you are my son, you do not need to have so much hostility towards your old man,” Yang Chengchuan raised his voice and lectured him with a solemn face, ” The things I do for you, isn’t it for your own good?”

    “Angering my mother to death is also for my own good?” Yang Xuan ironically said the words that do not give him comfort.

    “Then do as you like and ruin your future just to antagonize me, in another twenty years you’ll see for yourself who will regret it.” Yang Chengchuan was so angry with him that his face turned blue as he stood up on his feet.

    “I’ll think about it,” Yang Xuan said, half leaning on the bed, eyes closed, “after all, it’s much better to get further away from here.”

    “If you have the ability, you can leave now,” Yang Chengchuan dropped a sentence before slamming the door, “I will not beg you to come back!”

    Thinking about this conversation a few days ago, Yang Chengchuan was angry. Hearing something about his son’s fights and brawls, he could not wait for the police station to put Yang Xuan in for a few days to smooth out his life from the inside to the outside. Maybe then he would revert back to Yang Xuan, whose character and academic performance was so good three years ago, which would be even better.

    Although Yang Chengchuan said so, the secretary could not follow his literal meaning. Thinking about it, the secretary gave the driver a call back, so that he could pick up Yang Xuan first and wait for the follow-up until Yang Chengchuan returned to Runcheng.

    This wait took until the following Monday.

    Yang Chengchuan was still on his way back to Runcheng that day and had forgotten about it. He was resting his eyes when he received the bad news that Yang Xuan had been disqualified from the provincial team.

    Yang Chengchuan felt dizzy as if he had been hit by a blow to the head, plus the meeting in the past few days, his blood pressure shot up at that moment. As he was sober, he hurriedly asked the driver to turn around and send himself to the hospital.

    The good thing is that the hospital is not far, Yang Chengchuan was sent in time and returned to normal in less than half an hour. The secretary also hurried to take advantage of this time to inquire about the matter clearly, and sincerely stood aside to tell Yang Chengchuan what happened—

    It turns out that the matter was not as simple as Yang Xuan said at the time. The boy he “bravely” helped was his brother, Tang Junhe while the man who died was the perverted teacher Zhou Lin, who was accused by Tang Xiaonian before.

    Zhou Lin’s body showed signs of being beaten before he died, so his mother decided that her son did not die in an ordinary car accident, but in a deliberate murder, and went to the police station to report the case. According to the police, there were hundreds of photos of Tang Junhe in Zhou Lin’s place. They also checked the surveillance of the main road and found that Zhou Lin was following Tang Junhe at that time and went into the secluded path leading to the demolition area. Monitoring shows that within 10 minutes, Yang Xuan rushed to catch up with his bike. After about another 10 minutes, a panicked Zhou Lin ran out of the road. Just in time for the last few seconds of the red light, he did not bother to look up and ran towards the opposite side of the road in a hurry. As a result, a car rushed over quickly because of an emergency, causing him to collide with the car. Zhou Lin was knocked nearly 10 meters away and lost his breath on the spot.

    However, although Zhou Lin died in a car accident, and the brothers and the driver who killed Zhou Lin did not know each other, the incident because of too many doubts were listed in the scope of the police investigation. One of the biggest doubts is why Tang Junhe, who has been followed for 6 years, got off the bus two stops earlier and turned into the deserted demolition area where there were no people, knowing full well that he knew that Zhou Lin had evil intentions towards himself.

    So, although Yang Xuan and Tang Junhe were sent home that day by the driver, the suspicions on them were not eliminated, and in the next few days, the police went to various places to learn more about the situation.

    But the case is slow to progress—although Tang Junhe carries a strong motive for the crime, it was not him who did it to Zhou Lin. Although Yang Xuan beat up Zhou Lin, there was no clear motive on his part—he seemed to know very little about him. The first time he took a statement, he frowned and said, “Fuck.” When the police pushed one of Zhou Lin’s photos of Tang Junhe in front of him, he frowned again and repeated, “Fuck.”

    The photo is indeed a bit too much, the 10-year-old Tang Junhe sitting on a stool with his two legs hanging from the ground is not a short distance, his clothes and pants reveal a small piece of white skin between the waist —Zhou Lin’s camera was taken precisely to this area of the waist and it is not difficult to speculate what nasty thoughts he was carrying at the time.

    “What do you think?” The police officer looked at Yang Xuan and asked.

    “The beating was light,” Yang Xuan said in a deep voice, “I shouldn’t have let him roll so quickly at that time.”

    The policeman looked at him in a slightly speechless manner.

    Coincidentally, during the investigation of the case, the provincial team also sent someone down to conduct a background investigation of the pre-selected members of the team, and as a result, it was learned that Yang Xuan was not only involved in an off-campus fight a few days ago, but also a suspect in a murder case, which was reported to the provincial team and attracted considerable attention. On the day that Yang Chengchuan returned, the notice came down —canceling Yang Xuan’s eligibility to enter the provincial team.

Translator’s Note:

At this point, I really hated how the father acted, sure, your son always gets in a fight but you as a father need to hear why he does it first. Everyone has reasons and so is your son. You shouldn’t base your assumptions from his past actions and learn how to communicate properly or else it would backfire on you and may also ruin your child’s life. Thank God my parents are not like this or I’ll cry on the spot. 

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Thanks for translating! Totally agree with you, his dad is putting his reputation above everything else.


I agree to his dad that Yang Xuan shouldn’t ruin his future just to antagonize his father, but he also shouldn’t also have let Yang Xuan stay in that station longer…at this rate what he just did backlashed on him. That’s a lot more damage for the reputation he so cared about.


Thanks for this chapter! I wonder what yang xuan is going to do now that his basketball career is basically over :/

Nini Mandu

Ugh the dad is so fcking frustrating. Damn. I can relate. Lol. Judging you before you even have the chance to explain your side. Heh

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