PP Chapter 25.2

    After making a statement, Tang Junhe based on the requirements of the police were taken to do handprints, fingerprints and then photos before being led out.

    His palms were covered with cold sweat, and he felt the aftermath only after he walked out.

    He followed the policewoman and worded it in his head before he asked out loud, “Miss, will we be held responsible for this matter?”

    A beautiful boy softened his tone to speak, anyone who hears it will unconsciously have a soft heart, but the moment the female police officer opened her mouth, her mind swept through his eyes when making a statement, so she put a cold tone and said: “Things have not been investigated clearly, for the time being, only your brother bears the responsibility for the fight and brawl.”

    “But he deserves to be beaten.” After walking two steps, Tang Junhe added.

    The policewoman looked back at him: “Child, there’s a law and order in our society, if there’s something you need, you should look for the police.”

    Tang Junhe was silent, and after a while asked, “What will happen to my brother?”

    “Considering that you are minors and the recognizable injuries on the deceased are not enough for misdemeanor injuries, he will be detained for three days.”

    Tang Junhe was a little flustered, and he remembered the day Tang Xiaonian was nearly detained. He did not know what the environment in the detention center was, but he figured it would not be much better— Yang Xuan beat someone for him… Isn’t it only right for him to go to prison instead of Yang Xuan?

    “Can I go for him?” Tang Junhe asked.

    “Can you substitute for someone in prison?” The policewoman looked back at him, “No. Substitute for detention is therefore also not possible.”

    Maybe Yang Chengchuan can solve this matter…Tang Junhe remembered that Tang Xiaonian was released at that time when Yang Chengchuan was called. For his own son, Yang Chengchuan will not sit idly by and do nothing. Thinking of this, Tang Junhe put his heart down a little and was silent.

    This is not the first time that Yang Xuan has entered the police station because of fights and brawls. The female police officer who made the statement has a clear understanding of his details, and then went over to him and said in a half-joking and half-decent tone: “Young Master Yang, this is not the first time you come in, so how about a 3-day detention experience?”

    Yang Xuan said with disinterest, “Yeah.”

    “I’m sorry,” Tang Junhe sat next to Yang Xuan and whispered, “You should call your dad.”

    Yang Xuan turned his head and looked at him, with a hint of teasing hidden in his eyes.

    “Or say that it’s me who fought,” said Tang Junhe with downcast eyes, “and I’ll make it clear for you.” Yang Xuan was fighting for him and he would clear Yang Xuan’s name in front of Yang Chengchuan.

    “No.” Yang Xuan was still saying the same thing, and then touched his phone to call Yang Chengchuan’s driver—this kind of thing—Yang Chengchuan will usually send a driver directly over, he will never personally come to pick up Yang Xuan, because it is too embarrassing.

    “Uncle Chen, do you have time now?” Yang Xuan said to the phone, head down, “I’m in the police station and encountered a little thing. En…can you come over and pick me up?”

    “Again?” The driver was used to this kind of thing, “What’s the matter this time? Have you told your dad yet?”

    Yang Xuan then gave a few general descriptions of the situation, he spoke without a ripple and the other side was shocked to hear it.

    “Dead? You don’t have to take responsibility for anything, do you?”

    “Only liable for fighting and brawling.” Yang Xuan said.

    “For now.” The policewoman standing off to the side added for him.

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….err where else would you get evidence leading to the two, unless somebody planted them :3

Thanks for giving us the chance to read this story, I’m quite attached to it now c: I also love your translation! Thank you for the hard work ❤️


Thanks so much for another great chapter!

Eun Seo

I hope they will not focus on the beating, I mean they already have evidence of Zhou Lin as a pedo, how can they still accuse YX of murder?

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