PP Chapter 25.1

    “You are saying that Zhou Lin was beaten by you.” The police officer asked, looking at Tang Junhe in front of him.

    “Well, he tried to physically harm me,” Tang Junhe’s ten fingers were folded together, his knuckles slightly white from tension, “so, I was just defending myself.”

    The female police officer who took the statement shook her head, hummed out of her nose and laughed, and the other police officer who asked the question also laughed: “That’s not what your brother just said…both of you brothers said the person was beaten by himself and your feelings are good enough. Then, tell us how the beating went.”

    “I first choked him hard and then kicked him a few times in the stomach,” Tang Junhe spoke very slowly, thinking as he spoke, afraid of revealing any breakdowns, but he could not remember the scene at dusk that day, his whole body was confused at that time, “He was kicked to the ground by me…”

    “He didn’t fight back?” Hearing that he was lying, the policewoman taking notes with the pen stopped her hand, “Wouldn’t a person who tried to physically harm you fight back when you put up a fight? Kid, lying while making a statement can be a legal responsibility.”

    “Your brother has just confessed very clearly that you want to take the blame to yourself. This is not an easy matter where someone says they hit someone, they will be the one who takes the responsibility, it all depends on the evidence.” Another police officer looked at him and said, “The marks on his neck are obviously not strangulation marks.”

    “But it was he who was run over and killed while running away,” said Tang Junhe, looking up at the police officer, “does it have anything to do with who beat him?” After saying this, his eyes became a little gloomy, and slowly continued, “The evil man has his own heaven, no?”

    There was a kind of vengeful pleasure in his innocent face, and the policewoman who took the statement looked up and happened to meet his gaze, and was a bit stunned for a while.

    It was clearly the elder brother who fought, but instead the younger brother’s reaction was more unsettling. This thought appeared in her mind.

    But that look flickered in Tang Junhe’s eyes and he soon regained his composure.

    “After the fight, did you threaten or intimidate him?” The other cop continued to ask.


    “And was there a chase?”


    “You mean he’s running away in fear?”

    “Well, someone like him will quickly run away whenever he sees someone he can’t beat,” said Tang Junhe, “that’s why he only goes after elementary school students.”

    “What do you mean by going for elementary school students?”

    “He is a pedophile and has used his position to try to violate many elementary school students, has this not been found out by you all?” A hint of mockery swept through Tang Junhe’s tone.

    “You’re not an elementary school student, so how do you explain him stalking you?”

    “I was …… six years ago,” said Tang Junhe.

    The two policemen who made the statement exchanged a look and heard him say so before they understood why Zhou Lin had so many photos of Tang Junhe hidden in his rented place, from tender childhood to youthful adolescence, all of them were blurred stolen shots.

    “Then why did you go to that construction site at that time? The surveillance on the main road shows that Zhou Lin was following you when you turned into that side road, that road is not used for traffic nowadays, what was the purpose of you taking him there?”

    “Not for traffic, but you can also take that road home, it’s quiet there… I like quiet places and I didn’t expect him to follow me there.” Tang Junhe said calmly, “I wasn’t the one who took him there.”

    “Why would you go to such a dangerous place when you know he might hurt you?”

    “Knowing that he might hurt me, must I hide at home and not go anywhere?” Tang Junhe retorted without moving a muscle.

Mei has something to say:

At this point, it’s clear that MC has some mental issues.

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older brother should be nervous o.o tang junhe is a bit unhinged

thank you for all of the updates!!


It’s good, hope don’t stop translate this


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Yeah, he has mental issues, inflicted by Zhou Lin.

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