Vee glanced at Gu Xuan and said, “Don’t you, a professor of medicine, know that males can’t get pregnant? And even for sub males, it’s not possible to suddenly have such a big belly.”

    Gu Xuan exclaimed, “Raymond, your admiral helped his pet bully me!”

    “But Admiral…the fact that you actually know that you can’t get pregnant and your belly suddenly gets bigger is quite a miracle. Thinking about what I was asked last night, I can’t help but……”

    “Can’t help about what exactly?”

    “Er, can’t help but laugh.”

    Vee knew for sure that this would be the case, Gu Xuan this guy…

    He raised his eyebrows and moved his eyes from Gu Xuan to Raymond then moved back and smiled…

    When Gu Xuan and Raymond received that sorrowful smile, they shuddered and looked at each other. This time Gu Xuan truly believes that he can no longer say another word.

    Feeling that he was being ignored again, Li patted the backpack in front of him, and the lunchbox inside the backpack rattled loudly.

    Immediately, the three people’s eyes were drawn over.

    Gu Xuan remarked, “Don’t stand tall there, it’s not good for the baby.”

    “It’s not a baby, I’m a male.”

    Li said that in order to justify his own lunchboxes, and when he was about to fight with Gu Xuan, Vee gave him a look and said, “…why are you so fierce? Sit down.”

    The not-so-fierce Li stood obediently, but didn’t dare to really sit down.

    Gu Xuan patted the sofa: “Come here and have a seat.”

    Just as Vee was getting in a bad mood over Li listening too much to others, Li walked around the coffee table in the center of the control room, went to his side, brushed up against the couch, and sat down next to him.

    His hand moved under the cape, and after moving for some time, a lunchbox was taken out from the backpack. He opened it, sniffed hard at the delicious meat of the Fang Beast, and looked at Vee.

    Li said, “Want some?”

    Vee suddenly began to think how to answer Li. He is not hungry now and ate a little too much earlier and although, answering that you don’t want to eat it, this guy will not show a bit of a pitiful expression, Vee thought it was cool to see Li’s pitiful look.

    But this is definitely the first time Li took the initiative to ask him if he wanted to eat something.

    I want to eat it, but I feel like I can’t afford to lose this face.

    Li watched Vee not speak for half a day, just staring at the lunchbox in his hands.

    He put the food in front of his nose again and smelled it, the Fang beast’s meat is really too fragrant, no matter how it is made, no matter what kind of dish it is, the smell makes Li unable to stop drooling. There are several more in his arms, and the thought of it makes Li even happier.

    “Do you want to eat?” Li’s expression is like saying ‘come on, take a bite, it’s delicious’.

    “Want!” After thinking for a long time, Vee finally uttered such a word.

    This is what Li waited for half a day, and the look in his expectant eyes suddenly brightened up hearing that word.

    Li took a deep breath: “No, I’m not giving you any.”


    Vee actually felt a fork in the air for a while, his eyes wide as he looked at Gu Xuan and Raymond, and finally his eyes naturally went to Li, who was holding a lunch box.

    He thought he had heard wrong, he thought, this guy although now does not know a thing about anything, he wasn’t supposed to be like this… It was just a short time ago that he broke away from the idea that he was a beast, but he was also the Prince of Maurice, Prince Will, a prince who is said to be very elegant and although this guy’s memory is messed up now and can’t remember what kind of prince he is, but all those habits in the subconscious mind should still remain, right? But he…

    This Prince……

    He seems to be aware of the fact that he acts like a cheap person, which is the kind of ‘cheap’ who has nothing to do but look for trouble, and he is itching to fight every few minutes.

    From the day he left home to go to the military headquarters to return home after spending two days in the simulated battlefield, this guy just keeps messing with himself and keeps asking for a fight……

    But he has never really done it, and perhaps it is because he did not do it that this guy is more energetic……

    It won’t work if you don’t do it huh…

    When the thought came to this level, Vee’s body had already made a rather impressive gesture, which was to turn around and punch directly.

    Li seems to have sensed what was going to happen when he decided to say those words, and he dodged the punch very skillfully by stepping on the coffee table with his lunchbox in his arms, and then slowly put the lunchbox on the coffee table.

    On the other side, Raymond and Gu Xuan, who looked so close to losing their reactions, stood up in a hurry, and Raymond, who received Gu Xuan’s sight, went forward to hug his own admiral to stop him from punching someone.

    Li saw that the situation was not right and carefully pushed the lunchbox from the coffee table to Vee’s face, “Here you go, here you go.”

    “……If it wasn’t Raymond stopping Laozi, I’d beat you up together! Laozi climbed from being a soldier to a colonel, after so many star wars to today’s position, but I really have never seen such a guy like you who always looks for a fight, Prince Will of Morris, right? You really have the characteristics of the Maurice people. A bunch of rogue, shameless, belligerent, as well as retaliating, cheap people!”

    Gu Xuan laughed so hard that his stomach hurt a little, the whole person was lying on the coffee table, but also did not forget to reach out and grab the hem of Vee’s shirt: “Admiral, calm down, calm down, you are discriminating against the people of Maurice ah. Don’t be angry, don’t be angry! How can we hunt Fang beasts if our body is damaged?”

    “Hunt? What HUNT! There’s NO hunt! It’s for him that I went to Planet Ceres! Yet, this brat just wants to piss me off! Since he can’t say anything nice I’m going to beat him to death right now.”

    “Calm down! Admiral, this is a sign of love from Li!”


Translator’s Notes:

Hey guys, sorry to say this but I’m dropping this novel for good. In the past months I’m working on this novel I received several hate messages and the likes. To be honest, I really like this novel but I think I’m just going to read it by myself and not invest time to translate it anymore. I know some of you may say that I’m being sensitive, and I’m pretty sure it’s true but I can’t help but be bothered by it, you know? Anyway, for those who wanted to continue translating this novel, you can go ahead and do it directly, no need to ask for my permission and lastly, thank you to those people who read until now. I really appreciate you guys.

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I am sorry you received hate messages. Enjoy the novel. Your translations were well done and thank you for sharing them.


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I’m sad you dropped this novel. But cheer up dont let those hate comment bring you down.

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