It is estimated that Oddis also realized that it is not very safe to walk on the ice on the shore, so he took Qiao Qixi forward to a relatively solid ice to bask in the sun.

  As usual, Oddis’s preferred location has some icebergs that act as a shield.  

  Qiao Qixi didn’t like his body to get wet. For him, it was more comfortable when his fur was dry and fluffy.

  So while Oddis lay sleeping quietly next to him, he was busy turning over all afternoon, trying to get the sun to dry the fur on his body in 360°.

  Turning over is too tiring, and when it comes to the belly tanning session, Qiao Qixi finally didn’t hold up and whistled for sleep.

  Oddis woke up early, and when he did, the polar bear cub was on all fours beside him, one of his legs still resting on his neck.

  It is dangerous to expose the belly, and animals in the wild rarely sleep like this.

  The calm and vigilant Oddis, perhaps feeling that this is too dangerous, just used force to help the polar bear cub change his sleeping position and thought that the other side would wake up, however, he did not and surprisingly, the cub was still sleeping soundly.

  Oddis came close to Qiao Qixi’s face, sniffed carefully, and from the breathing could tell that the other party was still in deep sleep and would not wake up for a while.

  There are no other polar bears within 30 km of the area, and neither are there foxes or wolves or other carnivorous land animals, so Oddis left Qiao Qixi for the time being and headed elsewhere for food.

  This process may take an hour, or two hours, or even longer.

  The ability to bring back food early depends on the hunter’s skill and luck.

  Oddis is good at it, and with enough luck, he can bring the food back and share it with the polar bear cub as soon as possible. 

  But there are always accidents in life.

  Oddis left about an hour later, the piece of ice where Qiao Qixi slept, disconnected from the land and drifted out to sea.

  Well, they both have to add up to about 2,000 catties and the ice is not too strong to withstand the weight, it makes sense to disconnect.

  Poor Qiao Qixi woke up with a big and small question mark written all over his furry face.

  Who am I?

  Where am I?

  Why do I feel like I’m moving?

  Where is Oddis the polar bear?

  The soul asks four consecutive questions with horror while shuddering.

  Looking back at the land, “OK, it’s not too far.”

  Sacrificing the freshly dried fur to swim back is not a problem, the question is where is Oddis?

  Every time this happens, Qiao Qixi feels that sooner or later he will develop PTSD and live every day in the depths of suspicion that Oddis is planning to leave himself unattended.

  And when Qiao Qixi was about to jump into the sea, he saw from afar the opposite shore that Oddis hurried back with food in his mouth.

  Oh no, it turned out he went to get food.

  Luckily, the ice floe was big enough not to withstand the excitement of the polar bear cub who jumped twice on the ice floe.

  The one who couldn’t stand it was Oddis, who dropped his food and chased him all the way downstream along the shore.

  Qiao Qixi also looked at a prominent ice floe downstream. He found a good position and jumped into the sea, hoping to swim the shortest distance to shore.

  It is simply impossible to calculate the distance with the naked eye on the surface of the sea, and perhaps the distance that seems short to the naked eye will be farther than imagined when one really swims.

  If a human being sees this scene, he will definitely pinch a cold sweat for this cub struggling in the deep sea.

  Humans living on land have an innate fear of the deep sea, due to the inability of people to conquer the deep sea, as well as ice, snow, hurricanes and other natural forces.

  Oddis dives straight into the sea and swims towards the polar bear cub. Being an authentic wild polar bear, his swimming speed is three times faster than Qiao Qixi.

  Honestly speaking, struggling on your own in the sea is really scary, but seeing Oddis come around and swim back with you, Qiao Qixi was not afraid anymore.

  It is not that Oddis has helped him, in fact, Oddis did not swim on top of him this time and just accompanied him on the side, with a feeling of watching him not to drown.

  To put it bluntly, parents look at their children’s attitudes and expect them to work on their own when they encounter difficulties.  

  Unbeknownst to you, the child doesn’t even want to try at all!

  If Qiao Qixi is fat, he will be tired from swimming, he will be grumpy when he is tired, and will likely be angry when he is grumpy.

  The last time he fell into an ice hole, well, it can be said that he walked without his eyes open and it’s definitely his own fault, which can’t be ignored.

  But this time, it was clearly Oddis who was too careless.

  Knowing that the ice is very dangerous, he still took him to some strange places.

  This year’s guardian is really not very responsible. 

  Qiao Qixi struggled to paddle his limbs, huffing and puffing to swim towards the shore, opening his eyes from time to time to see how much further they have to go.

  When it comes to the most vulnerable part of a polar bear’s entire body it is probably the eyes, which are prone to injury in the wind and snow, as well as in the sea.

  Qiao Qixi fell into the water twice in one day. He was inexperienced and let the seawater soak into his eyes for a long time, which of course made him slightly uncomfortable.

  Vision is blocked, so the speed of swimming forward gradually slows down.

  Oddis has picked up the signal that the polar bear cub is exhausted, no doubt about it. He simply changed his position, diving to the bottom of Qiao Qixi’s belly as he floated up to carry Qiao Qixi, swimming forward quickly.   

  Qiao Qixi who was just insulting his guardian a while ago, immediately fell on Oddis’s broad back. He was touched by Oddis again, saying that Oddis is really nice.

  And at the same time worried that he was too fat and Oddis will have a hard time carrying him on his back.

  Fortunately, with his current weight, Oddis can still carry him in a way that does not show so much strain.

  As a strong swimmer, Oddis swims well enough that it is natural for him to get to where he wants to be.

  Qiao Qixi landed on the shore on all fours, like a tortured ragdoll cat lying on the shore to catch his breath. He more or less felt a shiver after soaking in the water for so long just now.

  It would be nice to have a fire at this time.

  This strange idea was born in the mind of the top student who was wearing the skin of a polar bear.

  Oddis, who was dripping with water, seemed as if he wanted to shake off water after coming ashore.

  Qiao Qixi, who was lying at the other side’s feet, felt that something bad was about to happen.

  He cried out in his heart, “Stop! Brother Bear no!”

  Things had come to a head, and he had wanted to get up and escape the disaster, but the nightmare came too soon.

  Oddis flung the water as if there were no bear beside him.

  This amount of rainfall is no less than a downpour for Qiao Qixi.

  Damn it! My head is covered with a bunch of fur! 

  As a result, the combination of old and new grudges fully stirred up the hatred within the heart of the innocent cub.  

  Qiao Qixi raised his head and bit Oddis’s arm!

Translator’s Note:

Is it just me or QQ is acting more and more childish with Oddis? Well anyway, he’s still cute acting like this lol

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