After being refused three or four times to eat walrus fat by the polar bear cub, Oddis finally seemed to be sure that the other really didn’t want to eat it, although he was probably puzzled as to how any bear could dislike eating walrus fat.

  In his opinion it was the best food, but the cub seemed to prefer other parts, and he respected the other’s idea and ate the fat himself.

  Qiao Qixi has indeed lost some weight during his return to the wilderness, but he had the foresight to eat as much as a ball while he was still in the rescue station.

  Some fat is consumed these days, but the total is still substantial.

  He would not force himself to lean towards Oddis’s tastes unless he had to.

  In general, the taste of walrus meat is not as good as seal, Qiao Qixi thought carefully, scratching his face and cheeks, wondering how to express to Oddis, “Why don’t we catch a seal next time?”

  As for compassion…

  I’m very sorry. Right now I’m just a dry eating machine with no feelings.  

  Happily eating his meal, a sea bird with a huge body swept over Qiao Qixi’s head and almost grabbed the food from his paws.

  Qiao Qixi was startled, “What is that?”

  A flock of seabirds hovered in the sky and they were obviously attracted by the smell of blood on the shore. 

  Most of the seabirds at this time of year have finished laying their eggs and, like all animals, they are desperate for food.

  Even if the food is taken from the mouth of the polar bear, it will still try.

  Oddis himself when feeding will also encounter these annoying seabirds, but at least the seabirds do not dare to take food from his mouth since he could stand up to two or three meters high. A direct attack from him can bite the seabirds to death, adding to his meal.

  “Roar…” Oddis made a shocking and frightening sound to chase away the sea birds so they wouldn’t disturb the polar bear cub’s meal.

  The hungry seabirds want to get closer but are wary of the power of the adult polar bear’s attack. So they had to wait around for an opportunity, and when the two well-fed polar bears took off, they would quickly fly down and grab the remains.  

  Oddis chased away the seabirds while slowly tearing the food and only when Qiao Qixi burped, sitting aside to gasp and lick its paws, did he fire up and basically finish the rest of the walrus meat.

  Walruses are a little heavier than seals, and this one was about 250 catties (331 lbs). Oddis and the cub ate about 80% of it, and after the two of them left, the gawking seabirds swarmed down and scrambled for the remains of the walrus.

  The polar bear cub walked with a gasp after eating his fill, and the intense sounds behind him attracted his attention, causing him to turn around while walking.

  The scene was particularly spectacular and intense as untold numbers of seabirds were snatching up the remains of the walrus.

  Qiao Qixi’s polar bear cub fur has gone numb for a while. Survival, in the natural world is indeed so cruel, both direct and bloody.

  With a little lack of effort, or a little bad luck, there is a chance that one will die if it can’t eat a meal.

  Compared to other wild animals who struggle to find food every day, Qiao Qixi feels more and more like a ‘porcelain blessed child’, for at least he has Oddis.

  However, you have to grow up as soon as possible!

  So go get your oysters now!  

  What is the secret of growing tall, strong and fierce?


  But Oddis obviously didn’t want to take him over to the rocky shoreline to skulk around. Having just eaten his fill now, Oddis took the polar bear cub with him and headed all the way downstream along the shoreline.

  The languid and leisurely pace of the two kings of the Arctic after a meal shows no vigilance or urgenc y in moving along the road in search of food, there is only laziness visible to the naked eye.

  Especially Qiao Qixi, his two round eyes have squinted into an oval shape, and there’s a tendency to squint into a line soon.

  It wasn’t because he was so sleepy, it was just because the sun was so comfortable and since he didn’t have to look at the road and just leave a gap to see Oddis’ big butt, there was no chance of him getting lost.

  There are more or less traps on the beach in May, such as what appears to be thick ice, but may be fragile to step on.  

  Naturally, Polar bears can swim and do not care about falling into the water, jumping down and then climbing up is all that is needed.

  But Qiao Qixi is not the same, when he stepped through the ice and fell into the water, his first reaction was to try to shout for help.

  Oddis heard the sound of ice breaking, turned around and looked around, “where is the polar bear cub?”

  The other side is gone, leaving only a hole in the ice as well as a splash of water.

  The clever polar bear then immediately ran back anxiously, without any hesitation, smashed into the water, dived below, and pushed Qiao Qixi up to the shore from below.

  Humans cannot overcome the fear of stepping through the ice and falling into the sea water. But after Qiao Qixi came back to his senses, he finally felt that this brother bear body is genuine! He was not afraid of the cold and his fur is rich enough to not get stuck in the water. He can swim and he can also dive and most importantly, he has Oddis!

  While this shitty ice hole is acting like a younger brother!

  But then again, why did the ice that Oddis stepped on break only when it was his turn to go over it?

  Did Oddis want to harm him? No…the animal world didn’t have that much deception, and it seems that it was purely his bad luck…

  Up on the shore, a small breeze blew and Qiao Qixi glanced at the water to see his wet self and recognized the fact that this fat brother bear was himself. 

  Oddis then climbed up and sniffed down at the polar bear cub that was still sitting on the ground and seemed a little frightened. 

  He gently arched Qiao Qixi, which counted as a gentle movement with a soothing meaning.  

  Qiao Qixi felt the other party’s apology and worry. He instantly felt that he seemed a bit gloomier than he should have been, so he immediately stood up, shook off the seawater on his body, and then helped Oddis lick the seawater off his eyebrows.

  Alas, if only he could speak, he would have told Oddis that it wasn’t your fault and that anyone with a child can be negligent at times.

  Although, it is true that you stepped on the ice first…but it is true that I didn’t keep my eyes open when I walked, so I’m also responsible, Qiao Qixi thought to himself. 

Translator’s Note:

Qiao Qixi refusing the fat XD

Polar Bear Cub Debut at Munich Zoo for International Polar Bear Day |

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