PP Chapter 23.1

    The rain outside the window is getting weaker. In the silent summer night with abundant rain, frogs croaking in the distance, along with the rustling of leaves swaying in the wind, Tang Junhe slept like never before.

    He slept until dawn, without dreaming of Zhou Lin or Yang Xuan.

    When he woke up the next morning, Tang Junhe pulled back the curtains and sat in the bright room for a while, smiling brightly like the rising sun. He thought he could finally get rid of Zhou Lin, which was probably only temporary, but as long as Yang Xuan stayed here for a day, he could spend the day without having any shadow following him, just like all the other people of his age in Runcheng First High School. Yes. Just like Ying Hui.

    He can also get rid of the abnormal desire for Yang Xuan that Zhou Lin brought…the dark, dirty, unseen desire. If he could always stay in the sun, then Zhou Lin would have nowhere to hide and all his fears will evaporate under the sun.

    Tang Junhe thought with relief and pleasure that he would resume his former relationship with Yang Xuan, just as he did when he was a child, then he would get the bright colors back as they never faded, after all.

    After breakfast, Tang Junhe went back to his room to get his school bag and was checking to see if he had forgotten his homework when he heard the sound of the door closing outside — Yang Xuan went out.

    He hurriedly zipped up his school bag, picked it up and ran out, and was fumbling to change his shoes when Tang Xiaonian came out from the bathroom: “What are you panicking about? It’s not late, you didn’t leave anything behind, no?”

    “No,” Tang Junhe grabbed his school bag and ran out the door, “Mom, I’m leaving.”

    “You slow down!” Tang Xiaonian followed him to the door and looked out at him, urging, “Be careful on the road, watch out for the cars!”

    “Got it.” Tang Junhe answered and turned to the elevator without looking back.

    —The elevator doors closed a second ago and are now descending the floor in no hurry.

    Tang Junhe, carrying his school bag over one shoulder, drew his legs and ran downstairs, not daring to delay for a second, fearing that Yang Xuan would not wait for himself to go first. The stairwell was suddenly filled with a busy sound of footsteps.

    When he ran downstairs panting, Yang Xuan had opened the bike lock and was straightening up, holding the handlebars with one hand toward the entrance of the building.

    There is an unwritten rule in Runcheng First High School that sports students have the privilege of not wearing their uniforms from Tuesday to Friday because of the need to train every day. With the extraordinary amount of exercise, it is indeed a bit of an imposition to change and wash the uniforms every day.

    But today is Monday, the campus flag-raising day, and it is a mandatory rule for all students to wear their school uniform and school badge without exception.

    The summer uniform of Runcheng First High School is not ugly, but it is not that great either. The pure white short-sleeved cotton shirt and navy blue straight pants are worn to look better on the good-looking people and more mediocre on the mediocre people.

    As the team’s forward and face of the basketball team, Yang Xuan undoubtedly belongs to the group of good-looking people, and at the moment he is dressed in the school uniform of Runcheng First High School, and his long and upright body holds the loose school uniform extraordinarily well, so even if he gets stuck in a pile of people, he will still be the first person that gets the attention.

    That’s my brother. Once again, this thought popped into Tang Junhe’s head. He found himself no longer afraid to get close to Yang Xuan. He found that Yang Xuan was as good as he thought he was, and even a little better than he imagined.

    He wanted to be close to him.

    Tang Junhe followed quickly, with a light tone and a soft teenage voice not often found in the past, and said, “Let’s go.”

    Yang Xuan straddled the bike, propped one foot on the ground, and glanced back at him, “You’ll also be followed in the morning?”

    Tang Junhe was momentarily speechless, averted his eyes and nodded, “Mm.”

    “Come on up.” Yang Xuan turned his head away and said with an indifferent expression.

    Tang Junhe sat in the back seat of the bike, hesitated and raised his hand to grab the white shirt around Yang Xuan’s waist.

    Yang Xuan did not say anything, and pedaled out of the neighborhood.

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Awwwww. This is so cute.
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