The polar bear cub cast his head away and didn’t seem to like the taste of the seaweed. Oddis, who was extraordinarily patient with the cub he had picked up, fed it to him three or four times.

  After the third time, Qiao Qixi was compelled to think about what was the motive of Oddis forcing himself to eat seaweed.

  It can’t be a polar bear quirk.

  Then after a serious thought, it suddenly dawned on him that in order to maintain a balanced nutrition, even polar bears know that algae plants should be ingested regularly.

  And it’s a shame that he can’t remember it for a while.

  After figuring it out, Qiao Qixi opened his mouth to accept the seaweed sent by Oddis, the texture is slippery and still crisp, if it was dipped in vinegar with some chopped pepper and garlic, it would be very tasty.

  The emerald green he just ate should be wakame, and then there are the purple ones, this should be an ingredient for making nori. The taste is more delicate, but it is not easy to collect, yet Oddis, who is rough around the edges, likes to give him large pieces. 

  He even yanked a large bundle of seaweed directly over for the last time, which scared Qiao Qixi for a second: No, Oddis, you can’t raise a child like this ah! 

  Qiao Qixi quickly shook his head and refused. He was still thinking about the oysters that were thrown away by Oddis earlier.

  Oddis saw Qiao Qixi pick up the oysters again, but this time he didn’t stop it and just searched the water for a suitable oyster-opening tool.

  However, the polar bear cub does not need his help, his claws are a very good tool to find the gap and break it open with force, and oysters like this cannot stop the strength of the polar bear. 

  When Oddis found a stone that was the right size for him and was getting up to smash it, he saw that Qiao Qixi had already opened it.

  May is the month when oysters are plump and is the last month suitable for eating oysters.

  The Arctic weather is very cold. In order to adapt to the climate here, oysters grow particularly large, and in general, creatures that grow in the Arctic seem to be larger in size.

  The oyster Qiao Qixi opened is two levels in size from those grown in temperate climates, almost as big as his bear’s paw.

  Qiao Qixi drooled over this pile of white and fat oyster meat, and already imagined the taste of it in his mouth, which must be fresh and tender, yet he held back his saliva and brought this delicacy to Oddis’s mouth.

  Just like the polar bear cub who doesn’t like to eat seaweed, Oddis also doesn’t like to eat oysters. This is something that he only eats occasionally in the summer when there is no food available.

  Oddis turned his head away and tried to refuse the cub’s feeding.

  But then again, there is some hesitation on Qiao Qixi’s side.

  Don’t you like to eat it?

  Or do you want to let me eat first? 

  Qiao Qixi thought about it, there is a ground of oysters here, so he doesn’t care who eats first.

  Yosh! Then I won’t be polite. 

  Qiao Qixi stood on his two hind feet in the water, a skill unique to polar bears, which can walk upright and even fight.

  With two bear paws holding the oyster, he brought it to his mouth and tilted his head to eat the fatty pile of oyster meat.

  The taste was as fresh and sweet and delicious as Qiao Qixi had imagined, and the farmed oysters he used to eat were obviously not on the same level as this.

  The oysters in the Arctic are so good!

  The polar bear cub barks and uses its sharp claws to pick off and eat the column that remains on the oyster shell with great force.

  Oddis himself ate some seaweed and then headed upstream, stopping every now and then to look out over the walruses, seemingly planning the steps to catch one.

  Naturally, he will also look back at Qiao Qixi who is concentrating on the oysters in the reef group and will not follow up to disturb.

  A polar bear capturing a walrus needs the right time, the right place and the right bear. If a cub is around to mess up, it will definitely go hungry.

  Needless to say Oddis was smart enough to find something fun for the polar bear cub and buy himself time to hunt in peace.

  At first, Qiao Qixi picks oysters when he sees them, then he carefully compares them and specifically looks for larger ones.

  These are delicious little treats that he can mess around with all day.

  Huh? Where’s Oddis?

  When he was engaged, Qiao Qixi found that his partner was missing, so he immediately dropped the oyster shells and ran towards the shore with all four feet on the ground.

  From a distance, he looks like a white ball of fur running, the flesh on his body is going up and down without enough fat storage, and he really can’t get out of this kind of visual impact. 

  The reason for running like this is simply because Qiao Qixi is too chagrined that he only focused on getting food and didn’t even know when his little friend ran away.

  Um… Did Oddis really leave me behind?

  Qiao Qixi’s heart is burning, and at the same time there is a hint of pain in his eyes. Why was Oddis so ruthless? After taking himself away for just one day, he just ran away?

  My appetite was not too big.

  I’m also pretty cute, aren’t I?

  The angry polar bear cub froze in place when he suddenly saw the huge figure of Oddis with a walrus in his mouth in front of him, appearing in view.

  All the bad emotions were quickly swept away as he leaped for joy. Good! It turned out that Oddis didn’t run away, the other side just went hunting.

  Think about it, if Oddis went to hunt with him, a vegetable bear, it would be twice the effort, so Oddis placed him nearby and gave him something fun to distract him.

  Tsk, tsk. Previously Qiao Qixi also felt that male polar bears would not bring up children but now it doesn’t seem to be the case.

  The two sides moved toward each other and soon met on the shore. Oddis loosened his mouth and licked the blood off his mouth as he held the walrus’ body down with his paws. He lowered his head and ripped open its belly, tearing off the richest part of the belly’s fat.

  These operations didn’t take any effort at all, as if tearing open the walrus’ tough skin was just a small matter of shaking his head.

  That fat belly meat was placed in front of Qiao Qixi, and Oddis eyes gazed at him. Even though there was no verbal communication, the pressure of urging the cub to eat was invisibly pervasive.

  As a cub filled with pressure, Qiao Qixi bowed his head and obediently ate meat, but after biting and swallowing, his face changed. Eh, Where is the meat, it is obviously fat!

  It’s very greasy QAQ

  Qiao Qixi ate a bite and didn’t want to eat anymore, his eyes were fixed on the backbone of the walrus. He didn’t want to eat the belly meat, he wanted to eat the loin meat.

  Oddis saw that he was not eating, and his face was a little bewildered and a little worried.

  But in the next second, the polar bear cub went behind the walrus and lay there trying hard to bite the walrus’ back…

  Oddis: “…”

  It is true that polar bears also pick the texture of their prey, but they have a preference for fatty parts, as do all polar bears, without exception.

  Oddis picked up the piece of belly meat and again pitched it to the polar bear cub. In his instinctive consciousness, he needed to consume enough fat to survive.

  Qiao Qixi of course refused, he felt the tenderloin was more delicious.

The author has something to say:

This child is still picky.

Mei has something to say:

Qiao Qixi: I feel like I’m eating solid fat

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