PP Chapter 22.2

    He walked to the living room and sat down on the sofa. He heard Yang Chengchuan’s voice coming from Yang Xuan’s room, and he quietly picked up the remote control and turned down the sound of the TV, straining his ears to hear what they were talking about, but he was so far away that he could only hear the vague sound of talking and couldn’t hear exactly what was being said.

    Yang Xuan is going to the provincial basketball team? Tang Junhe held the remote control and thought, “When? Will he leave soon? After that, can’t we continue to be in the same class with him? Where is the provincial basketball team, it would be very far away, right? We just said we’d go home together…” and with a sigh added, “it’s all for nothing.”

    He squeezed the remote control in his hand, a little frustrated, and then heard Yang Chengchuan’s voice suddenly rise through the door, furious: “If you have the guts, get out now! I won’t beg you to come back!”

    After Yang Chengchuan finished this sentence, he pulled open the door and walked out, and went into the study with an angry face.

    They clashed again, and from what he heard, Tang Junhe inferred that Yang Xuan should leave here soon; after all, he did not like this home as much as he did, and stayed here only because he had no choice.

    Tang Xiaonian opened the kitchen door, peeked out and took a look. There is a trace of gloating on her face that does not match her age, and asked in a lowered voice, “Did they get into a fight again?”

    Seeing that Tang Junhe didn’t answer, she raised her voice to a normal volume, ” The noodles are ready, come and serve them.”

    Tang Junhe walked into the kitchen and was just about to pick up the two bowls of noodles when he was stopped again by Tang Xiaonian: “I’ll serve it, you go get him.”

    “Oh.” Tang Junhe withdrew his hand and apprehensively walked to the door of Yang Xuan’s room. He thought that since Yang Xuan had just clashed with Yang Chengchuan, he would probably not look too good now, and would probably ignore himself outright.

    Knock knock knock.

    He prepared his heart and knocked on Yang Xuan’s door.

    There is no response.

    Knock, knock, knock. He knocked once more.

    Still no response…

    He put his hand on the doorknob and hesitated to push the door open like Yang Chengchuan did. But before he could make up his mind, Yang Xuan pulled the door open and looked at him expressionlessly, “What?”

    Tang Junhe held back his curiosity regarding his plan to leave and said, pretending to be natural, “Dinner.”

    “I’m not hungry.” Yang Xuan finished taking a step backward and casually closed the door.

    Tang Junhe was bent on stopping his movement, and before that door closed completely, he reached out his arm to block it in his haste.

    The moment the door was about to close, Tang Junhe let out a muffled grunt and jerked his arm back — it crushed over not too lightly, but there was another red mark on a bruise that was hot and painful.

    Tang Junhe sucked back a breath of cold air in pain.

    Yang Xuan did not expect this accident, but the good news is that he pulled the door handle in time, so as not to cause a fracture.

    “I’m sorry,” Yang Xuan frowned slightly and looked down at Tang Junhe’s wrist, “I didn’t pay attention.”

    “It hurts…” Tang Junhe covered his ill-fated wrist, looked down pitifully at the red marks, and then looked up at Yang Xuan.

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Thanks for translating!


Lol, someone’s learning how to scheme and act spoiled…

Eun Seo

TJH is such a schemer… I like it.

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