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  Oddis used his keen sense of smell, trying to find food. In between, he passed by the breathing hole that made Qiao Qixi excited, but he did not stop.


  Qiao Qixi looked at the breathing hole with some regret, and for a while did not know whether to follow the other side to continue walking, he was really hungry…

  Walking out a long way, Oddis realized that Qiao Qixi had lost him. He stopped and turned his head to look and wait.

  Qiao Qixi saw this and was in a mixed mood. Finally making up his mind, he no longer cared about the hole, and hurriedly trotted to follow him.

  Maybe the other party has a plan in mind?

  Looking at the small polar bear following him, Oddis continued to move forward at a pace that was sometimes fast and sometimes slow with occasional changes in direction.

  Soon Qiao Qixi found out what the other was doing. He was encircling a seal, judging very precisely in which hole the other would appear and rushed down to hunt.

  Arctic bears, which look silly, are actually not worse than lions and tigers in terms of explosive power; they are very flexible and fat.

  The most important thing is that they have a lot of strength, and a bear slap can knock the opponent out.

  This is the first time Qiao Qixi has witnessed a polar bear hunt. But he only saw Oddis chase the seal headlong into the water, and could not see what was happening underwater.

  After only about 10 seconds or so, the water surged up with a splash and Oddis forcefully dragged the seal to the shore with him in his mouth.

  The huge-sized guy shook off the seawater off his body on the shore and then tore open the seal’s belly with his paws and mouth, an action he did with great panache and ease.

  One can’t even achieve this proficiency without eating a hundred or so seals a year.

  At this point, the translucent fur around Oddis’s mouth has been stained with bright red blood and his entire face looks very hideous.

  After tearing apart the seal, he turned his head to greet Qiao Qixi and quietly summoned him.

  Qiao Qixi met those eyes and once again sighed at how beautiful the other party’s eyes were.

  It is black and shiny, which is both pure and innocent yet full of vigor and wildness.

  Innocent because animals do not have too many complicated thoughts. Their world is simple, and wildness is innate, and only by being strong can they survive in nature.

  The combination of all of those makes a pretty impressive sight. 

  Qiao Qixi’s stomach rumbled with hunger, he slowly went up while Oddis tore off a piece of meat to him with his sharp teeth. Seeing him staring at the meat on the snow, he wondered what the other was thinking.

  Polar bears, which scientists consider to be of limited intelligence, tore the piece of meat in two again, making the scene bloody, but Qiao Qixi was surprisingly not afraid.

  “Thank you, Oddis”. He can’t speak and his polar bear voice is very singular, so it’s kinda awkward to express good feelings using words that can only be done by a polar bear cub pampering its mother.

  Oddis too had been a cub and was no stranger to such sounds, but he was not a mother polar bear, so perhaps he did not understand why Qiao Qixi was making such noises to himself.

  This is Qiao Qixi’s first time eating seal meat, he plopped down with his paws and pinned it down to take a bite. How can I put it? Mmm… seal meat has a very good taste and is rich in fat and is 100 times better than sea fish!

  This is why polar bears will only choose mammals like seals as their prey when conditions are right.

  Sea fish is only a fruitful food of choice as a last resort.

  Oddis saw Qiao Qixi begin to eat, and proceeded to tear several pieces of meat for Qiao Qixi. After seeming to confirm that the food was enough to fill the polar bear cub’s stomach, he then began to eat.

  Like his ferocious hunting style, he eats very fast.

  Eating cleanly and starting with the richest part of the fat, the seal’s fat will be converted into his own and will be stored up to a certain amount that will last through the crisp summer months.

  Sometimes polar bears can even go the entire summer without eating.

  Qiao Qixi’s first exposure to such a rich fat content of meat, to be honest, is a little greasy, but he tried to eat as much as possible, with no hesitation.

  Nevertheless, there are still some left.

  Oddis, who was already cleaning his paws, lowered his head and picked up the rest of the food from the polar bear cub and ate it without pressure.

  Having just run around with fatigue and now with a full meal, the comfort and safety as well as the feeling of satiety makes Qiao Qixi drowsy.

  But he hadn’t cleaned his mouth and paws yet, so he hit the ground to clean and wash his face.

  The huge polar bear, which had already packed itself up, got up and looked back at the fur ball that was about to fall asleep in the snow, and after a moment of hesitation, let out a low bark.  

  Sleeping here is not a wise choice, and the smell of seal blood may attract other polar bears.  

  Qiao Qixi finally came to his senses; he rubbed his eyes with his bear paw and followed Oddis in front of him in a drowsy state.

  On the rescue station staff’s computer, the two targets being monitored were staying together and moving slowly. At last, they had finally reunited and would, without incident, stay together for a long time to come.

  Nevertheless, it is speculated that the two polar bears will be separated in the spring of next year, when Oddis reaches adulthood and comes into heat for the first time.

  By instinct and habit, he will leave the cub behind and go alone to find a single female polar bear for mating.

  But by that time, the polar bear cub had also grown up.

  One sincerely hopes that during the year, Alexander will learn enough survival skills from his elder brother.

  They are also very grateful to the kindhearted and steady Oddis, who was willing to take on the responsibility of a mother bear and unexpectedly take care of a polar bear cub that had lost the shelter of its mother.

The author has something to say.

Oddis: Hey, what does kindhearted and steady mean?

Qiao Qixi: It means you’re taking good care of me without expecting anything in return

Oddis: Hmm… then I am not kind and steady

Mei has something to say.

Qiao Qixi: Does it mean that I’m your child now?

Oddis: I’m almost certain you are not, but to be fair, I wasn’t listening

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