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  The feeding Oddis smelled a hint of smell brought by the wind. Puzzled, he raised his head and searched the air with his nose, sniffing around, but unfortunately after more than a hundred km, the smell is getting fainter.

  Although polar bears have an amazing sense of smell, they can’t get any effective information through this faint scent.

  Oddis glowered for a while, though of course, it could have been in serious thought too, but let’s just say that his expressions were just too easy to misunderstand.

  Some netizen on the human network once raised a question like this: Does the dominant polar bear know that he is so cute?

  That has to be unknown.

  The polar bear is a fierce beast with a cute appearance. They will even actively attack humans, drones, mobile cameras and so on. Overall, their indiscriminate destructive power is very impressive.

  That said, Oddis, who caught a whiff of a certain ‘cub’ in the wind, then went on with his meal as if nothing had happened.

  ”Eh?! Odysseus left the territory where he had been ensconced for half a month.”

  ”Look, it’s headed for Alexander’s habitat.”

  The staff was surprised to see the trajectory of Oddis’ movement through the GPS locator.

  Is this a coincidence or is it intentional?

  Because it’s so unbelievable, one has to speculate.

  Alexander had never migrated far, and at this rate, Oddis would be able to find him in less than a week.

  How to say it? 

  Such a rendezvous makes one look forward to it a bit. 

  But can two wild male polar bears really go together?

  While anticipating, one has to be filled with worry.

  While on the road, Oddis, except for stopping to hunt, spent the rest of the time moving on the ice.

  According to his speed, he can go about 25 km a day, and floating will not exceed 5 km.

  He often stops to sniff and confirm his direction, but is also often confused because not every gust of wind has the scent of the ‘cub’.

  As long as the position is a little off, he will eventually still lose contact with the polar bear cub.  

  Polar bears with life experience are always very sensitive to the direction of the wind, and they combine all the data around them to confirm their direction of progress.

  Oddis is less than five years old, living alone for only two years, his life experience may not be rich, but he is very smart, but also very cautious.

  It is logical that when the hard summer comes, he should seize the time to store sufficient amounts of fat for himself, instead of wasting his time on searching for a polar bear cub.

  Is he really looking for Alexander?

  Two days later, as Oddis got closer and closer to the area where Alexander was active; people finally determined that Oddis was indeed looking for Alexander.

  When the distance between them both is reduced to less than 60 km, everything will become easier.

  And that’s when a new situation emerged, an adult male polar bear, intruded near Qiao Qixi’s field of activity!

  Within 60 km is a non-safe distance, and male polar bears that smell a polar bear cub may deliberately track and hunt it.

  This is all possible.

  Qiao Qixi, who is making a living in his own territory, does not know that he is facing an existential crisis that is not optimistic and is now planning when to pluck up the courage to make a move on that cute little seal.

  And since, Qiao Qixi has the sensory system of a polar bear; naturally, he finally sensed an approaching danger when the unfamiliar polar bear scent appeared within 10 km radius.

  Great, the food crisis has not yet been solved but a new challenge has come…

  Qiao Qixi will certainly not use their own small bear body to challenge the adult polar bear that smells very ferocious.

  It was not right to stay in this place any longer, so he did not hesitate to leave behind the kingdom he had built and run away.

  A polar bear at full speed can run 60 kilometers in an hour, but of course this only refers to adult polar bears. While a vegetable bear like Qiao Qixi is already exhausted after running a continuous five kilometers, not to mention that he is still hungry.  

  In gaming terms, his situation right now is literally in death mode.

  Oddis kept moving on the ice for five days. Surrounded by the increasing scent of the polar bear cub, it showed that he was not looking in the wrong direction.

  However, within the range of the other party’s activities, another adult polar bear’s scent appeared which caused him to hesitate.

  Polar bears have no natural predators except other polar bears. It’s in their instinct to avoid harm rather than to benefit, and Oddis’s instinct is telling him to get out of here, which has nothing to do with whether the opponent is strong or not but just doesn’t want to meet up with another adult polar bear.

  Seeing it hesitated for a moment on the ice, it seemed a little difficult to choose, but the temptation of seeing the ‘cub’ prevailed, as the smell of the other side had grown stronger.

  A gust of wind brought Oddis the good news that was at his fingertips.

  Oddis ran, in one direction.

  Running at full speed is very physically demanding, and only when hunting will Oddis put his best foot forward.

  It has been a long time since he tried to go on a long journey like this.

  The only memory he has is when he was young and followed his mother when she migrated over the mountains.

  Qiao Qixi only focused on the scent of the strange male polar bear brought by the wind since the other party was standing above the wind and he was below. The wind told him that the polar bear was indeed tracking his movements.

  Spicy chicken bear!!! 

  Qiao Qixi, who had been lying down and resting for a short time, got up with a crying face and continued running.

  After another 5 kilometers of meticulous running, a cluster of icebergs appeared in front of him, which seemed to create visual dead ends.

  As a highly talented student from a prestigious school with a human mind, being chased up and down by a bear, and being helpless, would be outrageous.

  Qiao Qixi decided to show his intelligence, however, when he went around behind the iceberg, he was dumbfounded… Aah! The polar bear was also in front of him!!! 

  It’s over —  

  A moment ago, Qiao Qixi who was full of hope, instantly tasted the taste of despair. It is not that he gave up his intention to escape, but his limbs were swinging, and he really could not run.

  To be or not to be, back and forth, he admitted defeat.

  Seems like his short life being a polar ends here, and if there is a next episode, please see him next episode!

  Oddis saw the familiar polar bear cub and slowed his running pace. He exhaled clouds of white air from his mouth, yet his aura still looked extraordinarily fierce.

  Qiao Qixi:  HaaHeaven is jealous of heroic genius

  But to death he will not run away! The ten kilometers just now was really his limit!

  The polar bear cub sat down on the ice and was filled with the atmosphere of fearlessness and love.

  As always, there is no need to cling to life and death, but there must be grace!

  ”Roar—” Oddis gave a low growl with a strong warning as he walked over.

  But this was not directed at the cub, but at the strange adult male polar bear instead.

  Qiao Qixi’s ‘polar bear sensory system’ felt that the sound frequency was so familiar that he seemed to have heard it somewhere, but the human mind interfered with his analysis of the results.

  Because in the end, he felt that Oddis could not be mean to him…

  Huh, Oddis?

The author has something to say:

Qiao Qixi: Heaven helps me too!

Mei has something to say:

Qiao Qixi: saved by the bell!

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