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  Oddis, who was chanted by Qiao Qixi, did not feel uncomfortable with his surroundings, and compared to Qiao Qixi’s wimpy hunting style, he would only target seals or even walruses with a pair of tusks.

  Only because they have a lot of meat.

  In just one successful hunt, you will be able to eat a full meal.

  Polar bears are not used to hiding their leftover prey and will usually leave after they have eaten their fill.

  The smell of blood draws other polar bears too easily, and if you’re targeted, a nasty fight will follow. 

  Fighting is not cost-effective, so polar bears that have had their fill choose to leave their prey behind.

  They love cleanliness and will clean up the food crumbs on their bodies so as not to leave a strong smell that can easily reveal their whereabouts.

  If a polar bear has a good life, you can usually tell from its appearance. If the appearance is very neat and its contours are smooth and round, it means that it is doing very well. If the body is dirty and looks unkempt, then it is not living too well.

  Although Oddis is not as good as Qiao Qixi with 90% fresh as new fur, he’s fur still looks 80% white.  

  Oddis, who has a calm and collected nature, succeeded in his first hunt after his comeback, it was a ringed seal of about 100 pounds, which he could not finish in one meal.

  Guarding the small portion of food still left, Oddis licked his mouth and looked up with an expression that seemed to be unique to polar bears, while his eyes searched the ice.

  Perhaps he was being alert to his surroundings in case a strange polar bear approached the area.

  Or maybe he was looking for something.

  Having spent almost two months in the rescue station, this polar bear has still left some impressions.

  But as time passes, he will forget those two short months.

  In terms of intelligence level alone, polar bears are not low; otherwise they wouldn’t be the king of the ice. 

  However, the intelligence of polar bears is only reflected in survival skills, and they are not sensitive to information other than that related to survival.

  They have stopped evolving and only have limited intelligence without the manifestation of IQ.

  Scientists believe that apart from their instinctive reactions, polar bears rarely show any more innovative moves.


  Qiao Qixi didn’t know much about polar bears, nor did he know that the rescue station was closely watching his trajectory back to nature.

  Compared to other polar bears’ trajectories, Qiao Qixi’s data is somewhat bizarre. After all, there won’t be polar bears living so regularly, going back and forth in several breathing holes every day, and preferring to sleep in the same place.

  The reason for this is that Qiao Qixi needs to feel safe, and staying in a place he knows is one of the ways he can gain security.

  He treats this area as his own.

  But staying here for a long time will leave a strong smell, and in time there will be no more marine animals to visit Qiao Qixi’s guarded breathing hole.

  So the plan to muddle through was declared a failure, and Qiao Qixi still had to develop his hunting field outward.

  The food in the wild is not as concentrated as the supply in the rescue station, and since returning to nature, Qiao Qixi has not eaten a full meal.

  He was always in a state of half-starvation, and the slightest lack of effort will make him experience what it is like to be hungry.

  It’s quite a crisis.  

  It would be nice if there was a fishing net — Qiao Qixi would occasionally think so, and will eventually recall that he had no hands to net the fish, “Haaa…”  

  Therefore, it’s just a pie-in-the-sky idea.

  Polar bear days are long. Occasionally, he forgets that he was once a human being. In short, everything is so magical that one cannot tell whether it was once reality or the present?

  Who knows?

  Once in a while Qiao Qixi would actually meet a seal sunbathing on the ice, like now for example, and his first reaction was that the seal was so cute.

  Only immediately afterwards, he wonders what it tastes like when eaten.  

  Qiao Qixi was surprised, and then his heart rejoiced. Very good, this transformation is very good! He felt that in just a short while he could become the seal killer with moderate feelings.

  The seal nearby also found Qiao Qixi’s presence, the seal however then rolled over and continued sunbathing on a different side.

  This is its greatest tribute to the polar bear cub.

  Oh hell no! That seal is arrogant, alright.

  The despised Qiao Qixi showed his teeth thinking, “Sooner or later, I will eat you!”

  And soon another week has passed since he took this poisonous oath.

  The daily half-starvation state consumes a lot of fat from Qiao Qixi.

  But he still looks white and clean, not as much as a polar bear with a bleak future should look.

  Perhaps because of the soul of an adult, he always feels that he doesn’t have to be obsessed with life and death, but must be graceful instead.


  As the month of May entered, the wind became gentle on the ice along the Arctic Ocean coast, just like turning the tide.

  After the spring northerly winds passed, the easterly winds blew in the polar circle, and later on, easterly winds prevailed throughout the summer.

  When Oddis was about to forget that there had been a polar bear cub called Alexander in his life, an easterly breeze that turned the wind brought him a hint of déjà vu.

  At this time Oddis was eating, and if there was a time when Oddis’s memory of Qiao Qixi would be most obvious, it would be when he was eating.

  It’s been half a month since he returned to the wild and he remembers less and less of his life at the rescue station, all that remains in his memory is one polar bear cub.

  And even that certain polar bear is the same. Basically, that’s what polar bears are; they don’t store their memories for irrelevant things.

  Perhaps after many years of chance encounters, smelling that familiar smell, they will immediately remember each other, but during the long years of separation, one will soon forget.  

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