PP Chapter 20.2

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    Yang Xuan pushed open the door of the house and the first to hear the sound was Tang Xiaonian, who immediately turned around and looked over, and made a pose to get up. When she saw Yang Xuan, she sat back awkwardly: “Xiao Xuan is back so early today?”

    Yang Chengchuan looked back at Yang Xuan and said in a nonchalant manner, “Back?”

    Yang Xuan gave a “hmm” without changing his shoes, and went back to his room. He fished out his ID card from the drawer, put it in his pants pocket, pulled open the door and walked out.

    “You just came back and you’re going out again?” Yang Chengchuan’s face sank as he looked at him and reprimanded, “Not eating?”

    “There are activities in the class.” Yang Xuan flung out these words, ignoring Yang Chengchuan’s expression of disapproval, and walked to the door without much explanation. He held the door handle and unlocked it, and after some thought added, “We’ll both be back later.” He didn’t turn around when he said this, and only after he left the door did Tang Xiaonian realize that the phrase “both of us” also included his own son, Tang Junhe.

    Yang Xuan came down from the stairwell and saw Tang Junhe standing in the entrance of the building, holding a used tissue in his hand. The sky is still overcast; perhaps there will be no rain at all this evening.

    He saw Tang Junhe with his back to the darkness and his face toward the bright lights of the building and his eyes fixed on him, a look so inexplicable that he couldn’t help but try to avoid it.

    “Let’s go.” Yang Xuan finished these two words and walked in front without looking back.

    As expected, Tang Junhe soon followed, walking half a step behind him and turning his head to look at him, “Where are we going?”

    Yang Xuan did not speak and just grabbed his pockets, his steps were very large and fast with no intention of slowing down and waiting for Tang Junhe.

    Tang Junhe also followed closely behind, no matter how fast Yang Xuan walked, he was only half a step behind him. After walking for a while, he asked another question “Is it far?”

    Yang Xuan still did not say anything, as if he had not heard it and walked forward. Tang Junhe stopped asking questions and followed him in silence.

    After walking for more than ten minutes and reaching the entrance of the place, Tang Junhe finally knew where Yang Xuan was going to take him to — the Jia NiSi Hotel.

    Yang Xuan wanted to take him to a ‘room’.

    Tang Junhe had never stayed in a hotel before, so he followed Yang Xuan to the front desk and watched with some curiosity as Yang Xuan pulled out his ID card and bank card and handed them to the front desk staff, “An hourly room.”

    The staff’s eyes swept over Yang Xuan’s face and then over Tang Junhe’s – it was striking to see two attractive-looking teenagers standing together. One of them had a cold and sharp face with a slight annoyance between the slightly knitted brows, and one looked wretched but surprisingly beautiful. At a glance, they really look a bit alike but on closer inspection, it is impossible to say where the resemblance lies.

    Yang Xuan took the room card from the staff’s hand without looking at Tang Junhe, and walked toward the elevator on the left. After entering the elevator, he still did not look at him and just kept his one hand in his pocket while holding his room card in the other, leaning against the side wall of the elevator and looking down at the words on the room card, reading the front and then the back.

    Tang Junhe wanted to ask him if he often books a ”room” because he looked familiar with it, but he felt that Yang Xuan would not care about this boring question, so he did not ask it.

    He sniffled, followed Yang Xuan out of the elevator and watched him take his room card and open the door.

    “Go wash up.” Yang Xuan inserted the room card into the hotel card reader, walked in and sat on the bed. He then took out his phone and fiddled with it, without the intention of taking care of Tang Junhe.

    “I’d like to borrow your phone for a while.” Tang Junhe said as he walked up to him.

    “She knows you’ll be back later.” Yang Xuan did not raise his head and said faintly.

    Tang Junhe is keenly aware that the “she” he refers to is his mother, Tang Xiaonian, and there is no need to be too explicit about much of what they say to each other.

    He didn’t say anything else and turned around and walked to the bathroom. He closed the door, took off his clothes and rinsed his body under the clattering nozzle. He squeezed a lot of shower gel and repeatedly rubbed the place Zhou Lin had touched, with such force that it seemed like he wanted to pluck out the flesh completely.

    Tang Junhe washed for half an hour before walking out of the bathroom.

    When he walked out, he saw Yang Xuan was sitting on the sofa by the window, measuring the knife without any expression and the sharp blade shone with a bitter cold light under the incandescent light.

    When he saw the knife again, Tang Junhe felt a faint fear. He remembered the scene in the evening and his arms couldn’t help but tense up again. He thought he might no longer be able to pick up that knife to kill Zhou Lin, his courage and determination in that moment had been exhausted, but what else could he do?

    He looked at Yang Xuan, who obviously knew that he had walked out, but did not react. He walked over and sat down on the bed opposite Yang Xuan, looked at him for a moment, and then asked in a low voice, “What are you thinking about?”

    He was ready for Yang Xuan to ignore him, but after a few seconds, Yang Xuan spoke up, and he looked at the knife, “I’m wondering if this knife can kill people or not.”

    Tang Junhe heart palpitated; he did not know the meaning of Yang Xuan’s words. The tenderness of an hour ago seemed to disappear at this moment, and Yang Xuan became the Yang Xuan he did not know again. Will he regret stopping him? Tang Junhe pursed his lips and looked at him uneasily.

    Yang Xuan moved his gaze from the blade of that knife to Tang Junhe’s body.

    Tang Junhe eyes are still red, and the traces of crying are more obvious after the hot steam. Those wet eyes that have been soaked with tears are like the two black agates from childhood.

    The left side of his face was redder than the right – as if it had been deliberately rubbed red — and his white neck was flushed with a large patch of the same red, with a bruise on his wrist that was particularly striking in the light.

    He put the knife on the table to the side, leaned forward toward Tang Junhe and propped his elbows on his thighs. He looked him straight in the eye and asked, “Why do you want to kill him?”

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