Alexander’s gentle temperament is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and no one will be willing to give it away.

  Except that it had to be done due to practical factors.

  The free world is where polar bears belong, even if they end up in danger and difficulty, people cannot keep them in captivity under the banner of love and protection.

  This is not really the core of animal protection.

  Qiao Qixi counted the time, about three meals later, that is, a day; he also finally embarked on a return to nature.

  The release site chosen for him by the rescue station is more than 100 km away from Oddis, which is a safe distance between polar bears.

  But at such a distance, they could no longer smell each other’s scent.

  After Qiao Qixi woke up, the whole bear was quite bewildered and quite confused, because… as a halfway decent polar bear, he had no experience of surviving in the wild for a day.  

  And uh, everything around him was so unfamiliar that he had no clue.

  So, can someone tell me?! What should I do on the first day after returning to nature?!

  The Arctic Circle, which is surrounded by white, icebergs all look the same.

  It’s also useless to be able to barely distinguish the southeast from the northwest.

  Qiao Qixi lay on the ice for a while and felt that there was one thing that could not be delayed, and that was hunting.

  He’s a novice, and this kind of stuff has to be practiced or he’ll risk starving to death.  

  It is said that the average polar bear hunts 20 times before it succeeds once, a probability that sounds oddly tiring.

  Qiao Qixi looked down at the fat he had raised in the rescue station and wondered if this fat could support him for a few days without food?

  20 times?

  Qiao Qixi felt that doing it 40 times would be standard for him and that it probably wasn’t enough.

  The wilderness is colder than the rescue station, and walking on the ice is quite physically demanding.

  In view of the helicopter visit just now, the animals around should be hiding, so there is a very quiet feeling.

  But this is only a mental feeling and in reality the ice surface has a strong wind. In the distance, there is also the sound of the sea which is something perhaps the animals are used to.

  However, as a human being, Qiao Qixi can’t help but feel lonely and helpless about this environment. In addition to ice and snow, it’s too lonely. 

  I can’t imagine how other polar bears live.  

  Bad news for him, the other polar bears don’t have so many random thoughts, only humans think about so many things.  

  It can’t be helped.

  Qiao Qixi walked slowly towards the shore, a lone bear, praying that he could meet a small seal sunbathing on the way.

  But obviously, it takes extraordinary European luck to do so.

  Qiao Qixi didn’t bump into the sunbathing seals along the way and perhaps because he didn’t know how to hide himself, the seals had long since sniffed the polar bear’s scent and had hidden away.

  Even if you run into a seal, so what?

  The seal is so cute, as a fake polar bear with a human mind, Qiao Qixi feels that he has no way to pounce and bite his opponent in the first place.

  That would be too cruel…

  After fully analyzing the pros and cons, Qiao Qixi felt that it was not a wise choice to be close to the shore, and even if there were seals lying on the shore, it was impossible to chase them.

  A “Vegetable Dog” has to be brave enough to admit that he is a vegetable dog. It is only by facing up to the dismal bear life that we can build our own breakthrough.

  Qiao Qixi used his keen sense of smell to search the ice for the breathing mouths of other polar animals.

  On the inland ice, not far off, is a breathing hole, which is used by marine animals under the ice to breathe, where they will swim up from time to time, while avoiding the freezing of the water.

  If Qiao Qixi has enough patience to wait for the prey here, there will not be a lack of hunting opportunities.

  However, marine animals are very alert; they will choose a relatively safe hole to float up to breathe.

  Qiao Qixi, lying on the edge of the hole waited for ten minutes or so, when finally an animal floated up, it was a beluga whale.

  Upon seeing the round-headed ‘Beluga Whale’, Qiao Qixi was dumbfounded, completely forgetting that he was hunting.

  The appearance of the beluga whale is very cute, sugoku kawaii! Although everyone is no stranger to almost every oceanarium, most of the marine animals performing are also beluga whales.

  This is something like a seal; Qiao Qixi simply cannot get up to kill it. He can’t bite it either. 

  He watched as the beluga whale came up and swam around, and went down again, its tail rippling on the water, and then disappeared without a trace.

  What Qiao Qixi does not know is that the beluga whale is also one of the prey of the polar bears.  Polar bears do not care if the other party is a whale; as long as you are hungry, food is food.

  Qiao Qixi is not sure how long he has been squatting at the entrance of this hole and before he drifted off to sleep, a group of sea fish finally came up to breathe. 

  And the variety is pretty much the same as what he usually eats.  

  Qiao Qixi hesitated before he was ready to jump down. What if I couldn’t climb up? Will I drown in the sea?

  Although it is said that the polar bears are strong swimmers, able to swim 90 kilometers away in one breath, he wasn’t a real polar bear.

  Opportunity does not wait for people, although there are many concerns in the heart of Qiao Qixi, he still pounced and opened his mouth to bite the prey the instant his eyes were open, relying entirely on his keen intuition and speed.

  Feeling that he had bitten his prey, Qiao Qixi was relieved. The first time he went into the water, he floated upwards on all fours, and he struggled to climb onto the ice before he could enjoy the sea fish he had hunted.  

  However, a single sea fish is at most three or four pounds, which is a drop in the bucket for a polar bear’s appetite.

  And this breathing hole has the smell of blood now, there will be no more animals floating up in a short time.  

  Qiao Qixi licked his mouth and paws and was a bit lost as he headed inland to find another breathing hole to squat in.

  Summer is approaching, the ice on the shore begins to melt, soon most of the marine animals no longer need to rely on the breathing hole to get oxygen and they will go to the shore.

  But the shore is so dangerous that many animals still like to stay under the ice. There is no chance that Qiao Qixi will fill his stomach just by relying on breathing holes.

  But as long as he could not overcome his human mind to hunt seals, beluga whales, and so on, it is actually impractical to live entirely on sea fish only.

  After rolling around a few breathing holes, his stomach was half full. Qiao Qixi was starting to get sleepy, and he began to appreciate the hardships of wilderness life.

  Finding a suitable place to sleep and get down, he thought of Oddis and wondered how Oddis was doing now.

  Did he adapt to a life back in nature?

  He should be, right? Because he was originally a wild polar bear born and raised in the wild.

  I envy him.

The author has something to say:

It seems that everyone likes to read cute stories, but yes, this is the kind of story that fierce men should read too.

Mei has something to say:

Tbh, without Oddis, I feel that MC would never pass the 1st arc.

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Qiao Qixi: Who said life as a polar bear would be easy?

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