After the meal is the most relaxed and comfortable moment for animals, and it is not at all surprising that the staff would choose this time to make their move.

  Oddis was given a shot while resting with his eyes closed, but the effects of the drug did not work for a while and he crouched on the ground looking at Qiao Qixi with reddened eyes.

  Maybe he wanted to do something, but his body gradually lost strength and he could only try to half open his eyes.

  Qiao Qixi arched his face to kiss him and made a low sound in his mouth which was somewhat like the cry of a cub, with no other meaning than to express his parting feelings.

  Oddis, who has always been quite cold to Qiao Qixi may have realized something at this time and perhaps, due to this, he uncharacteristically tried to lift his neck to touch Qiao Qixi.  

  But it didn’t work out.

  When the staff came in with the intention of taking away Oddis, they found Alexander curled up next to Oddis. It was a sight that made them feel very uncomfortable.

  It’s possible that the time spent in each other’s company has led to a deep friendship between these two polar bears.

  It’s pretty cruel to think about placing them separately.

  Still, there are considerations for the rescue station, and they won’t put the two polar bears too far away, so it’s not that tough if they’re intent on finding each other.

  Qiao Qixi followed the cage containing Oddis all the way to the door, saying goodbye to each other in his mind.

  But he knew that the whole Arctic was so big that the chances of meeting each other again were very slim.

  Releasing polar bears is a huge undertaking.

  The rescue station wants to track the life of this rescued polar bear after its release, so the staff will implant a GPS locator in the bear beforehand and then airlift the bear far enough away that the process alone can take two or three hours.

  Oddis had moments of lucidity during transport, mostly because the anesthesia was short-lived. Otherwise, it might have been life-threatening.

  The unfamiliar environment will certainly make it very restless, and even a berserk state is possible.  

  So the cage had to be strong enough to withstand the tossing and turning of an 800 kg polar bear. 

  The good thing is that Oddis was quiet on the road and did not add to the workload of the staff.

  The area selected by the rescue station for Oddis’ release is an ice-covered island around the Arctic Ocean, and although the island has a name, there are simply too many islands around it for people to remember them all.

  At any rate, there are not too many polar bears in this area, and if they don’t go too far, they basically won’t meet any.

  And the release was a long way away, so Oddis stayed in the cabin until he arrived at the release site more than eight hundred km away.

  People parked the helicopter on the level shore and the staff went to work and gave Odysseus an extra shot.

  ”This big guy is so heavy. We couldn’t move him without a helicopter.”

  Cages with wheels were pushed down to the ground and opened from above. Sturdy nets were tied to helicopters, which were then used to lift the polar bears up and out of their cages and into the ground.

  ”Hurry up and open the net, it may be about to wake up!”

  Staff were busy running on the shore.

  They need to get out of here before Oddis regains his aggressiveness.

  The helicopter was still hovering overhead, watching the polar bear on the ground.

  ”Is it awake?” The staff radioed in.

  ”It looks pretty good.” The man on the ground said.  

  ”Haa, what a big, strong and healthy guy!” Everyone was happy to see that Odysseus had woken up and was staggering along: “Haha! I wish him luck!”

  ”Goodbye Odysseus, I hope you won’t meet any more poachers!”

  After determining that the polar bear was in good condition, the helicopter, which had been observing it for some time, left the skies over the island.

  After more than a month, Oddis returned to its familiar wilderness, but it was also a strange place for him.

  The new environment was free of the scent of other polar bears, which Oddis had carefully confirmed.

  At least within a 60 km radius, it did not smell a strange polar bear scent, indicating that this place is unoccupied.

  If there is enough food in the range, it will generally not leave the area and go back to find new areas.

  Of course, this is only in general terms.

  From March to April is the breeding season for polar bears. Polar bears over 5 years old without cubs go into rut. They go out in search of suitable candidates for □□□, and therefore travel long distances, moving every day, from a few kilometers short to more than 20 kilometers long.

  It’s still in the second half of the breeding season, and Oddis, who is less than five years old this year, won’t come into heat for another year, until next spring.  

  Polar bears that are physically strong enough will find a suitable partner for their first rut.

  And if it doesn’t go well, the search may be delayed for a year or two, with or without ever being found.

  Besides, most male polar bears don’t successfully mate in the animal kingdom. This phenomenon is fairly common among animals.

  A polar bear, at 5 to 6 years old, is the human equivalent of 17 or 18 years old, so technically, Oddis is also a pre-pubescent bear.

  Returning to the wild in the latter part of spring, all he has to do is make sure he has enough food and that’s it.

  At this time, Qiao Qixi, who was staying at the rescue station, was enjoying his solitary life alone. Then he knew that it wouldn’t be too long before he was released.

  ”With summer coming up, will Alexander really be able to survive in the wild?”

  Obviously, the 1-year-old polar bear has no experience of surviving summer alone, and this summer will be extra difficult for him.

  If it’s released…

  ”I think we should be sensible and think about the fact that it isn’t very good for him to be kept in captivity at a rescue station at an age when he should be learning survival skills.”

  Because a long time in captivity may cause Alexander to forget all the memories of survival in the wild, which would be even worse.

  If you can’t keep it for life, then it’s best to release it early.

  ”I really can’t let go of this cute little guy, he’s so simple and friendly…”


Translator’s Note:

Oddis: [hates people, very reserved, cold as ice, will bite when approached]

Oddis, two days after meeting Qiao Qixi:

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