PP Chapter 19.3

CW // Violence

    Fuck! Fuck! Fucking faked self-defense scene!

    Yang Xuan had never run so fast before, and when he appeared at the corner of that wall, the sharp object was only sticking down less than a centimeter away.

    Zhou Lin was completely immersed in the excitement of the imminent success, and was oblivious to Yang Xuan, who was leaning over them.

    Just as he showed his yellowing teeth and tried to bite down on Tang Junhe’s neck, his throat was suddenly strangled by a strong arm.

    Zhou Lin let out a muffled grunt and looked back in panic. But the arm was firmly strangled around his neck, making him completely immobile.

    “What are you doing?” He heard a voice from overhead, a voice deliberately pressed with anger, set off by the silence of the surroundings.

    Zhou Lin’s throat knot moved, as if to say something, but the arm strangling his neck tightened some more, his face grimaced in pain with blue veins at the corners of his forehead, his face reddened, and his limbs struggled feebly.

    Nearly a breath to faint, Yang Xuan loosened his arms, grabbed his collar, forcefully lifted his two feet off the ground, and then viciously threw him backward, sending Zhou Lin to the ground two or three meters away.

    Zhou Lin woefully fell to the ground and landed on his back, breathing heavily and coughing while struggling to get up.

    Yang Xuan walked toward him and lifted his foot toward his waist and kicked him, causing Zhou Lin, who was about to get up, to roll twice on the ground again.

    Zhou Lin was lying on his side on the ground and saw the look of Yang Xuan – it was that young man! He saw Yang Xuan’s sunken face, looking ruthless and determined, his beady eyes set off by the dim darkness of the sky was very gruesome.

    His eyes widened and he looked at Yang Xuan in horror, “You’re not …”

    Yang Xuan raised his foot and stepped on his shoulder, looking at him condescendingly: “Not what?”

    ‘…not his brother’ Zhou Lin had not yet uttered the words and cried out in pain — Yang Xuan stepped on his shoulders, half crouched down and looked at him: “Why come here?”

    Zhou Lin stretched out a trembling finger and pointed to Tang Junhe who was standing against the wall not far away: “Follow, follow him…”

    “Why follow him?” Yang Xuan continued to ask.

    “I, I…” Zhou Lin stammered, a timid and cowardly nature revealed in front of the power gap, “he, he asked me to follow him…”

    He put the blame on Tang Junhe, reached out and wrenched his shoulders in an attempt to break free from Yang Xuan’s feet.

    Tang Junhe looked sideways at the scene, his expression was almost a little numb, hearing Zhou Lin say this, he did not want to argue a word, his entire body was still immersed in the tension of a few minutes ago.

    Yang Xuan did not even look back, he grabbed Zhou Lin’s collar, pressed him to the wall, then choked his throat with one hand and lifted his leg viciously against his stomach a few times.

    Zhou Lin covered his stomach and curled up, and at the moment Yang Xuan released him, he squatted in pain in the corner.

    Yang Xuan raised his foot again and kicked him in the side: “Scram!”

    Zhou Lin was kicked down by him, supporting himself on the ground with one hand, as if pardoned, rolled and crawled to escape from this demolition area.

    Not waiting for Zhou Lin to walk away, Yang Xuan turned around again and walked toward Tang Junhe step by step.

    Tang Junhe felt that he had never really known Yang Xuan. He had seen him playing his guitar with deep emotion, he had seen him inhaling clouds of smoke, he had seen him smiling playfully, and he had seen him threatening himself with a cold face. But he had never seen such a Yang Xuan. His face was sullen and expressionless as he looked at himself and his furrowed brows that looked quite close together showed signs of ruthlessness.

    Tang Junhe felt that he was finished. He completely ruined the Tang Junhe of his childhood. He is completely different from before and Yang Xuan will not admit that he is his brother anymore.

    But he had no way to argue – the one who downloaded the GV was himself, the one who thought about Yang Xuan while dreaming was himself, and the one who tried to kill Zhou Lin was also himself. He had no way back.

    He did not know which of the two things was more honorable to say, the former two was disgusting while the latter was frightening, but he had no other choice.

    He held the knife that had retracted back into his sleeve, slightly tilted his jaw and looked at Yang Xuan with the same blank expression.

    Yang Xuan put him against the wall, looked him in the eyes and asked, “Why did you bring him here?”

    Tang Junhe avoided Yang Xuan’s eyes, he admitted defeat and couldn’t restrain his feelings towards Yang Xuan — he didn’t kill Zhou Lin, and he failed to put down his desire for Yang Xuan, and he felt so dirty that he turned his head away from Yang Xuan in a self-loathing manner and said softly, “Bring him here, what else can I do?”

    Yang Xuan looked at him and saw the cold sweat shining at the corners of his forehead, then asked in a deep voice: “Who is that person?”

    Tang Junhe lowered his eyes, “What do you think?”

    A burst of anger jumped up in the bottom of Yang Xuan’s heart, and he felt that all the anger in his body turned into raging factors that jumped up and down in his chest and made him unable to use all the means to force the truth out of Tang Junhe in front of him.

    He pinched Tang Junhe’s chin and forced him to look at himself. Tang Junhe turned his face, but did not look at him and stubbornly closed his eyes.

    His eyelashes fluttered lightly and tilted slightly upward, exactly as they did when he was a child.

    Yang Xuan’s heart went soft, and his grumpiness was instantly smoothed out by the two fluttering eyelashes.

    He inclined his face and let out a long breath, looking down at their shadows stacked on the ground, pondering something. Then he saw Tang Junhe’s arm, the tip of the knife that was exposed at the cuff had been retracted, but the arm was still trembling slightly.

    He reached out and held Tang Junhe’s right wrist, then slowly moved down, his hand reaching in through that wide, large cuff.

    Avoiding the sharp tip of the knife, his warm palm met Tang Junhe’s clenched fist that was clutching the hilt of the knife.

    In the sweltering June heat, that fist was stiff and cold, like a solid mass of ice. He then felt the body in front of him tense up, as though he didn’t know how to relax.

    He reached out and took that fist in his hand, wrapping it in his warm palm as his voice softened, “Let go.”

    That fist clenched doggedly, trembling uncontrollably in his hand, the same as those two dark lashes.

    After an unknown period of time, the night fell completely, and the warm palm of his hand warmed the ice-like fist and melted it, Yang Xuan opened his mouth again and said, almost tenderly, “It’s fine now, give it to me.”

    In the distance came the sound of sharp brakes, Tang Junhe’s fist, which had been clenched a second before, suddenly loosened in dismay, and the knife fell abruptly, the handle of which fell into Yang Xuan’s hand.

    The tensed body instantly fell out of strength, and his whole body slid down against the wall. He was then caught by Yang Xuan’s arm and supported him.

Translator’s Note:

Ugh! My eyes hurt from crying too much… I hate Zhou Lin! I hate that people like him exists!

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Can you two talk normally now? I just want them to start over again, is it that too much to ask ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽


ahhhh I want him to kill him


im just glad YX arrived in time. even if its self-defense, killing someone would surely cast a shadow in anyone’s heart.

Eun Seo

My heart aches for TJH…

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