After checking Oddis’ health in the morning, it was Alexander’s turn in the afternoon.

    Although this little guy’s physical condition has shown very good, but who asked him to have a good temper?

    The staff really enjoys giving the docile Qiao Qixi a checkup.

    In order to spend more time with Qiao Qixi, they even left him in the examination room to play.

    Polar day does not distinguish between day and night, but the time shows that it is already night so Qiao Qixi finally left the examination room and went back to his own place.

    The return of Qiao Qixi soon attracted Oddis, a huge polar bear that appeared to be unapproachable and even a bit cold and indifferent on the surface. He circled around Qiao Qixi’s place and then looked at Qiao Qixi from afar.

    The staff member, who was in the examination room earlier, was informed by his colleague that “Oddis was always hanging out at Alexander’s place this afternoon, perhaps he was worried about the little one.”

    Qiao Qixi figured and ran happily towards Oddis. This was the first time that he displayed his energy and recklessness as a cub in front of Oddis.

    Just like in the morning, he was worried about the other side himself.

    The polar bear cub who didn’t master the braking technique was running too fast for a while. As a result, he ran into the huge polar bear, which was two turns bigger than him, and had a mouthful of snow.

    Oddis’s weight is heavy enough, and even if knocked, will not move an inch, because his limbs are sturdy to stand on the snow steadily like a small mountain.

    Not only did the body not move, Oddis’ expression was blank as well, at best, he just rewarded Qiao Qixi with a glance.

    Perhaps seeing Qiao Qixi alive and kicking, Oddis soon left the other’s place and went back to his own place to sleep.

    Qiao Qixi had already eaten food in the examination room, and he was worried that Oddis hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so he tailed the other side.

    Oddis didn’t have any particular reaction to his tailing.

    Qiao Qixi got an inch, and he felt that throughout the day today, Oddis’s mood must be like a roller coaster of ups and downs, right?

    So in this situation, Qiao Qixi felt that Oddis needed to be comforted.

    Qiao Qixi, the self-appointed little ‘Sun’ of the polar bear world, walked up to Oddis and boldly arched his opponent’s body.

    But then, would Oddis chuck him out?

    No. Oddis just raised his eyelids for a moment.

    That look translates to probably the unmarried young man’s displeasure with the bear child.

    Yet there was no real anger.

    Surprisingly, he was not driven away, and Qiao Qixi courageously plopped down carefully beside Oddis.

    The cold weather wind is blowing. Qiao Qixi always feels that something is missing when he sleeps without a quilt.

    So before sleeping this time, Qiao Qixi, surrounded himself with Oddis’s thick fur and felt the heat coming from Oddis’s body.

    At last, he finally got what he wished for.

    Good night, Oddis.

    He yawned sleepily and then soon fell asleep with his eyelids closed.

    The next morning, Qiao Qixi woke up in a tumble that turned out to be Oddis getting up and flipping him over.

    Maybe not a flip but just don’t want to be his free cushion anymore.

    Qiao Qixi washed his face with his paws, walked outside and squinted at the sky outside to start a new day.

    What he doesn’t know is that pure polar bears don’t fall into deep sleep for very long at a time, and just close their eyes or fall into a shallow sleep much of the time.

    So, it is already incredible that Oddis can maintain a pose and be a cushion for Qiao Qixi for a few hours.

    March to May are the more active months for polar bears, as food resources will be more plentiful during this time and most bears will take the time to forage for food and try to store thick enough fat for the summer.

    The difficulty of finding food for polar bears in the summer is not a little known fact.

    Most of the skinny, bony polar bears photographed on the internet are polar bears in summer.

    So before summer arrives, the polar bears desperately try to consume large amounts of food.

    With the high frequency of predatory action comes some danger.

    In mid-April, the rescue station rescued two injured polar bears at once, which put the release of Oddis and Alexander on the agenda.

    The staff seems to be afraid that the two of them will go out and starve, that’s why they always put in more food these days.

    Qiao Qixi finally felt something’s up. In the past, he ate in a civilized manner and was 80% full but recently, he has been trying hard to eat more than his capacity.

    Compared to him, Oddis’ food intake increased significantly in the later stages, followed by a rise in his weight.

    Qiao Qixi thought that perhaps the reason why the rescue station wants to put them back in the wild is not only to free the place but due to the fact that they eat a lot.

    At his last meal at the rescue station, Oddis, who had no idea he was about to leave the place, behaved as usual.

    But Qiao Qixi knew that he would soon be separated from his polar bear-friend to be released to live in a different area respectively.

    To be honest, I’m a bit sad.

    Qiao Qixi squeezed his way over and arched two of Oddis’ furry, thick arms, while the other side just indifferently rewarded him with a glance without immediately going around on him, which is already the greatest respect given to him by Oddis.

    After staring at each other for a few moments, Oddis sat down in place as he leaned against the rock behind him and prepared to rest.

    This was shortly after they had finished eating.

    Qiao Qixi knew that this was the last time they would stay at the rescue station, and that soon the staff would come over to put Oddis under anesthesia, and then transport him away via helicopter.

    He thought to himself, “Is it possible that this indifferent and cold polar ‘guy’ will forget all about him after two days of not seeing him?

    Aiya! This, scum bear!

Author has something to say:

                This is a light-hearted story with a healing system. This novel’s alternative title is “Transmigrating in the animal world over the years”.

Translator has something to say:

                Qiao Qixi already selling meng to Oddis as a cute baobei~

PS: If I can find the author’s little notes in the end of every chapter, I’ll try to put it too.

Qiao QIxi using Oddis as a blanket

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