Since the day Oddis visited Qiao Qixi’s residence to take a nap, a relationship that is neither familiar nor unfamiliar has been established between them.

    But in the opinion of the staff, the two of them are already very close, and this kind of friendship that accepts each other’s existence can only happen under extremely harsh circumstances.

    The staff strongly believed that Alexander could alleviate Oddis’ passive resistance to the rescue station and that they should be allowed to spend more time together.

    Qiao Qixi: “?”

    Are you guys serious?

    Apparently yes, with the intentional collusion of the staff, not only did they not put up the wall, but also fed the two from the same trough!

    When it came to mealtime, the staff found Alexander lingering in Oddis’s quarters. They couldn’t bear to keep the two polar bears apart, so they just poured both bears’ food into a single trough.


    The first to notice the staff’s tumultuous operation was Qiao Qixi, who watched as food that belonged to him being poured into Oddis’s food trough.

    In order to confirm this, Qiao Qixi specifically ran back to his residence to check, and it turned out that his guess was right — the staff had only put food on Oddis’ side.

    Ah, this…

    Thanks to these days together, Qiao Qixi’s fear of Oddis has been reduced a lot so he can try to get food from the other side of the trough.

    Qiao Qixi returned the way he came, yet he didn’t dare to walk over when he saw the hill-like Oddis feeding in front of the trough.

    As we all know, fierce animals are more alert to everything around them when they are feeding.

   In fact, Qiao Qixi is okay not going over there to ask for it because the staff will always bring him food as long as he returns to his own place.

    It was only due to his intense curiosity to know if Odysseus would resist him coming closer while he was eating.

    With Oddis’s acumen, he should have sensed Qiao Qixi’s return by now, yet he did not have any reaction, which is a very reassuring signal for Qiao Qixi.

    It seems that these days together were not in vain. Despite being a solitary animal, polar bears are not so cold-blooded and heartless after all.

    Eventually, Qiao Qixi slowly moved to the edge of the other side of the trough to try!

    Oddis’s eyes only lingered on Qiao Qixi for a moment before continuing to eat.

    Maybe… It’s a sort of tacit approval?

Through the monitors, the staff saw that the little polar bear was probing, then took a sea fish out of the trough and was not subjected to any difficulties.

    Adult polar bears are big eaters, and when hunting in the wild is difficult, they generally eat as much as they can, never wasting a single morsel of food.

    Oddis can eat all the food in this trough in one sitting, and compared to Qiao Qixi’s civilized way of eating, Oddis eats very quickly, and if he really wanted to, he could finish it all by himself.

    But when Oddis has eaten most of it, he stopped, and under the surprised eyes of the staff, he retreated to the side to stay and clean his paws and mouth.

    Qiao Qixi also noticed the other party’s thoughtfulness, and it was from this moment on that he felt that he and Oddis had truly become friends.

    After becoming a polar bear, he established a relationship of mutual trust with another polar bear, this is the first time he was sincerely happy after not being a human being, so to speak.

    Qiao Qixi happily finished eating all the fish.

    Every other day, they would eat together, and after about ten days of this, it was time for Oddis checkup.

    Given that Oddis is not as nice to humans as Qiao Qixi, the rescue station can only give anesthesia if they want to give Oddis a physical examination.

    Oddis, who was taken out in the morning, returned at noon and was still under anesthesia.

    The two staff members waited for him to wake up while gossiping about their work.

    Qiao Qixi guarded beside Oddis and eavesdropped with his ears open.

    He learned from the staff chat about the cause of Oddis’s injury and was enraged to learn that it was the poachers who did it, which meant that Oddis had suffered a gunshot wound. No wonder he was admitted to the ICU at that time.

    The good thing is that Oddis is strong and pulled through and is now recovering in a promising way.

    The rescue station intends to send him to an area where poachers can’t get in when the time comes.

    Then Qiao Qixi also heard his own silly name, and they said they would send Alexander nearby as well.

    It seems that the forthcoming return to nature is still necessary. Compared to resisting at the beginning, Qiao Qixi now thinks that the living in the wilderness in the future is not so difficult to accept.

    There is even a hint of longing.

    The anesthetic effect on Oddis gradually disappeared, he slowly opened his eyes, and the first image he saw was Qiao Qixi with worried eyes.

    Qiao Qixi, who usually doesn’t dare to get close to Oddis, took advantage of the fact that Oddis was still confused and arched his face with a kiss.

    Does the general anesthesia feel uncomfortable?

    Yes, the feeling of weakness overwhelmed Oddis, and he shook his head off, trying to stay awake.

    But his limp limbs still prevented him from getting up, and he could only lie on the ground on his back, like a bulging blanket. Thankfully, he no longer looked so thin.

    In the food trough, the food has been replaced with fresh ones.

    Qiao Qixi bounced to the food trough, gripping a fish for Oddis… with that said, there is nothing that expresses more affection between animals than feeding.

    After slowly regaining his strength, Oddis got up and had lunch with Qiao Qixi.

    In April in Greenland, the temperature is around -30°C (-22°F). This temperature is just a little cold for polar bears.

    An ordinary polar bear can bear it, and Qiao Qixi, as a healthy cub has started to chase the sun wherever there is sunlight shining on him.

    If it was in the natural environment in the wild, Qiao Qixi would of course be a little more vigilant, but isn’t he now in human captivity?

    The likelihood of there being a danger is small to none.

Translator’s Note:

Here’s an update for you all! Look at how silly these two look below ah~

“Qiao Qixi and Oddis on anesthesia”

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