AYHI Chapter 21.1

    The ship departed automatically after Raymond set the journey, and all the related formalities had been done before, so no one had to worry about it at all.

    This is a commercial aircraft; Vee in the control room screen will be in-charge throughout with the aircraft built-in systems to check out the whole ship, inside and out, a little disappointment flashed in his eyes.

    Nowadays, commercial ships are equipped with weapons systems, it is after all an era where interstellar pirates are rampant, and it is normal to have defense and weapons systems for ships that travel and transport resources, even if they understand that if they really encounter interstellar pirates, there is no way one commercial ship can defeat them.

    This ship is obviously not a commercial vessel that will go through the public star field to transport resources, and its weapon system is much worse equipped than those commercial ships that will go back and forth to various places.

    “It’s a bit of a shame that it’s not a medium-sized warship.” Vee walked to the sofa and sat down and said to Raymond who just walked into the control room. The Talis Star Force is very clear about what the rules are for warships. Although they are admirals, they actually have to make a requisition for a medium-sized warship in the army first, before they can go ‘hunting’ for beasts. It is possible, but if the Emperor learns about it, he will definitely be lectured, and there is no guarantee that this matter will not reach his family, and the two elders at home will not let go of this excellent opportunity to comment as well.

    Raymond put his hand on his chest and made a military salute, the resounding ‘loyalty’ was cut off by Vee as he raised his hand to say, “I’m not wearing a uniform.”

    Raymond put down his hand and sat on the sofa, he had not spoken up yet when Gu Xuan sat down next to him, leaning with his hands to the back of the sofa, looking like a grandfather. Raymond on the other hand, sat in a very standard posture, with his hands on his lap and his back straight. From Vee’s perspective, the two were in an interesting pose no matter which way you looked at it.

    Raymond looked back at Gu Xuan, and he always had the feeling that this guy was the same as Li, not only stubborn but also thick-skinned. The good thing is, he was different from the admiral or else that smiling face of his would already be beaten until he could not laugh anymore.

    “Admiral, do you remember the maintenance soldier who came with us to Planet K before?”

    Vee nodded, “Remember, why?”

    “This ship belongs to that guy.”


    “His family works in this business, aircraft trading to be exact.”

    Vee stroked his chin, “He doesn’t look like a child of a wealthy family.” That kid is young, but the first time Vee saw him check the battleship, Vee has noticed that the kid is quite skilled. He can sense where there is a problem, as if he can feel it with his hand.

    “He would have liked to come along, but the army didn’t approve his leave request because the boy wrote that he was going with you to catch Fang Beast.”


    It’s a stupid reason, naturally it won’t be approved. That kid worked for nothing.

    “He wanted me to ask you a question on his behalf.”

    “What’s that?”

    “If you still want to, would you like to marry him?”

    Vee frowned and said to Raymond: “This marriage matter, it’d be best if you forget it. When I asked the kid if he wanted to marry me, it was obviously a joke. Back then, he was scared silly and didn’t give his answer. I haven’t quite figured it out yet but I can’t harm him either.”

    “Yes, it’s good that you actually know that it’ll harm him. But Admiral, your temper is also one of the problems. If you get angry, you don’t care about anything. If you really get married, you two husband and wife will not live a harmonious life, you can’t be sure that one day you’ll really shoot him to death in bed. The force and strength of your hand is something those who are not particularly trained will not be able to withstand, and I guess only Li can withstand it.” Gu Xuan said and looked at Li who stood aside for a long time: “Am I right, Li?”

    “And barring that, I don’t think that guy Rui is capable of daring to do to you what a so-called husband would do, can he? You see, if I were to meet such a sub male as you, my legs would go weak from your strength and violence as well as your impulsiveness and bloodlust, let alone your passion for raising huge beasts. If you raise a large thing inside Rui’s house, you will not only scare him to death but his family as well. Not to mention *ahem, can that kid even get hard on you, after all that? I guess only a beast like Li, can.”

    Gu Xuan deliberately looked at Li, but that guy didn’t utter a word and was still wearing a cape in front of him, under which was a backpack of lunch boxes that were still hot. He was holding his backpack under his cape, and it really looked like a pregnant sub male with a big belly that you usually see on the street. Except that, there are not many sub males of such a tall stature as Li in Talis.

    This caused Gu Xuan and Raymond to immediately put their eyes from Li’s face to Vee sitting on the sofa. The height of the two did not differ much, and compared to Li, Vee is still a bit slender.

    “pfft… hahaha!” Gu Xuan did not hold back a spray of laughter out, Raymond thought the same and knew immediately the reason why Gu Xuan laughed out, once he saw the face of his own Admiral on the opposite side, he turned around and covered the mouth of Gu Xuan: “Are you looking for a beating?”

    Gu Xuan finally held back his laughter with the ‘help’ of Raymond. He coughed twice to organize his emotions and said to Li: “Li, why don’t you sit down, don’t you get tired of standing? The baby in your stomach will be tired too.”

    “It’s not a baby.”

    “What is it then?”

    “My lunchboxes…”

    “Yo, I thought you were pregnant for a moment.”

Translator’s Notes:

Gu Xuan: getting in trouble a little early, Li?

Li: you are only in trouble if you get caught

Vee: [standing behind him]

Li: I’m in trouble, aren’t I?

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