PP Chapter 19.2

CW // Rape, mention of Pedophilia

     “Let’s talk.”

    Walking to the cluttered demolition area, Tang Junhe stopped in his tracks and stood next to the short, gray, four-story building before turning to look at Zhou Lin.

    In that moment when he stopped, Zhou Lin violently flung him against the wall behind him, the arm that was trembling a bit due to the effect of alcohol firmly clamped his left wrist, Zhou Lin eagerly groped, trying to hold Tang Junhe’s other hand, but he refused to show his hand by shrinking into the sleeve of his wide school uniform.

    “It’s been six years since I was 10 years old,” Tang Junhe slightly turned his head sideways, trying to avoid the smell of alcohol brought out from Zhou Lin’s breath, “Teacher Zhou, what exactly do you want to do when you keep following me?”

    “I, I want you…” Zhou Lin saw that Tang Junhe did not resist, and brought his face closer to sniff his body, “Stay with me, okay? I will be good to you, better than anyone else, you just need to be with me…”

    “You’re lying,” Tang Junhe sneered, “you’ve been complained about by other parents before me, you’re not just trying to be nice to me, are you? Those elementary school students, they are just the right age for your appetite. Tell me, can you hold back your desire?”

    “I didn’t, I didn’t,” Zhou Lin argued sharply, the hand that was holding Tang Junhe’s wrist squeezed tighter, “that was before, and then never again after I met you, only you, really, I swear, believe me…”

    “What you said about being together,” Tang Junhe resisted the desire to tell Zhou Lin to ‘get off me’ and let the nasal breath mixed with the sour smell of alcohol spray on his neck as he tilted his head to look at the dim dark sky, “How can we be together?”

    To be so close to Tang Junhe, this greatly stimulated the alcohol factor in Zhou Lin’s body and he was almost too excited that his brain was incapable of thinking properly, unable to say a single coherent word.

    “Is it to sleep with you?” Tang Junhe suppressed his nervousness and followed the steps he had planned beforehand, stimulating Zhou Lin with his words and guiding him to focus all his attention on his own lust.

    Zhou Lin’s breathing was really heavy, his lips were pressed to the side of Tang Junhe’s face, and the thing underneath him that was thoroughly excited was hard against the side of Tang Junhe’s leg, and rubbed against him twice as if he couldn’t stand it any longer.

    Tang Junhe’s right hand that was inserted in the top pocket of his school uniform quietly squeezed the hilt of his knife, all his energy was focused on his right hand, preparing for the next stab into Zhou Lin’s heart.

    He was used to using his left hand, but in order to lift that knife and stab it into the Zhou Lin’s heart directly across from him, he had to use his not-so-nimble right hand – which was so tense and stiff that he began to wonder if he would get it out of his hand later.

    “What if I say no?” This sentence was not in the previously prepared plan, and Tang Junhe’s brain was so tense that it went blank, and he had all but forgotten how he was supposed to methodically control Zhou Lin next.

    —Will the knife be blocked by the rib cage? If so, would it be better to stab first into the softer stomach or abdomen? But would that still be fatal?

    —Then, a little more force is necessary to stab the knife in…

    Tang Junhe is aware that he is about to kill the man in front of him in a few minutes, but he suddenly realized that his previous preparations were so sloppy, and now that he has really come to this point, all sorts of questions are suddenly popping up in his head, each of which seems to be preventing him from killing Zhou Lin.

    “I thought it over,” perhaps because he felt Tang Junhe’s resistance, Zhou Lin’s voice suddenly became vicious, his lips pressed against Tang Junhe’s ear, “If you don’t agree, I’ll go block your mother. I’ve seen her before, and you really look like her now… Her name is Tang Xiaonian, isn’t it? Last time I saw her walk out in front of your neighborhood, although she has become older, she still has some resemblance to you, if you do not agree…”

    The hand of Tang Junhe holding the hilt of the knife began to tremble, he heard Zhou Lin’s nasty and shameless tone, listening to him masturbate about himself and his mother, Tang Xiaonian. The last remaining hesitation in his heart completely disappeared.

    He felt the two wet lips of Zhou Lin against his cheek, held his breath, adjusted the angle of that fruit knife, and then tried his best to calmly pull out the hand that was stuck in the pocket of his school uniform —


    Faking a self-defense scene!     

    As soon as this idea came up, Yang Xuan could not think about anything else, and he rode through the red light, leaving the blaring sirens far behind him.

    The dreary, yellow sky with the fading headlights weighed heavily on him, pressing him to arch his back and ride his bike as fast as he could.

    He gripped the handlebars tightly and turned into the path that led to the demolition area. He rode all the way to the top and reached the demolition area, the concrete road was broken and messy as he bumped his way through, bypassing the piles of construction materials and turning his head in search of the two men.

    The road was too bumpy so he got off the bike impatiently and tossed it aside. The bike fell onto the broken concrete road with two heavy thuds.

    Yang Xuan brow furrowed, striding forward — is there anyone in this hellhole? Are those two people here or not? Or have they left already?

    Fuck, if they’re gone, then the first thing he’s going to do tonight is to pull his half-brother out of the room and give him a good beating. Yang Xuan clenched his fists and thought.

    His anger was steaming inside him, almost burning his eyes red – even he couldn’t say where this raging anger came from.

    He kicked away the half of the wall that was blocking his feet and was about to continue towards the front when he swept up ten meters away and saw two interlocking black shadows on the ground.

    —at the base of the wall of that short building!

    Yang Xuan walked toward the two ambiguous shadows with a sullen face, the gray sky was chaotic, but it did not prevent him from seeing the movements of the two people.

    He saw the man pressed his brother against the wall, with his head as if he were crouched on his shoulder, and it was not difficult to guess what he was doing from the slight sway.

    He couldn’t see Tang Junhe’s expression; he could only see him stiffen up and not move a muscle, allowing the man to make these disgusting moves on him.

    Why the fuck are you running to this graveyard in the middle of nowhere to get laid?!

 Yang Xuan’s body burned with anger, and he intended to approach the two men, first swinging Zhou Lin on the ground, beating him hard, and then beating his half-brother, and then dragging him to his mistress mother to see what kind of son he had given birth to!

    There are still five or six meters away, Yang Xuan came closer to the two black shadows.

    —No, not getting laid.

    Yang Xuan saw the shaking arm below, slowly sticking out a sharp object and in the distant dim site lights, the elongated shadow looked alarming.

    Fuck! Fuck! Fucking faked self-defense scene!

Translator’s Note:

5 profanities were given by Yang Xuan on this day.

On a side note, I like how YX went from a ‘bystander’ to ‘Fuck it! I’m gonna go and save him even if police are coming after me’ guy, that despite of all the hate, he still cares for TJ.

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