AYHI Chapter 20.2

  Li was also carrying a large bag on his back, and there was no telling what was inside it. Vee frowned and walked up behind Li, reaching out and patting the backpack behind him, Vee didn’t control his strength and it made Li stumble forward and nearly fell to the ground, after gaining his footing Li glared at Vee, who also glared back at him, Li took two steps back.

  He put his backpack down in front of him and held it close.

  What? Do you think your eyes have powers or something? Vee saw that Li had stood aside obediently, which was why he turned his gaze to Butler Hang.

  ”Uncle Hang, what’s in his bag?”

  Butler Hang gave Vee a rather embarrassed look when he said, “I made him some lunchboxes!”


  ”I originally thought the Fanged Beast meat was gone, but then this guy just said he was going to catch some, he probably knew he was going out so… so he dragged a chunk of meat out of one of the kitchen cabinets I don’t use very often and asked me to do it.”

  ”… he knows nothing about the trip?”

  No wonder, the pat just now was a bit bumpy, it was loaded with boxes.

  ”Uncle Hang, I’ll leave first then.”

  ”Why isn’t Raymond coming over to pick you up? You’re driving?”


  ”… okay, be careful ah.” Butler Hang took one more look at Li and couldn’t help but shake his head and said to Vee, “It’s not like you don’t have money, yet you’re reluctant to buy clothes for Li, Look straight ahead, did you ever see a person wearing clothes so worn out and small for his size like him? No, there’s none.”

  ”I won’t put it on him if it’s not funny to wear.” Vee smiled, “We’ll talk when we get back.”

  Vee let Li follow himself, preparing to drive the flying car to the spaceport, they already informed the people on Ceres Planet so the ship can directly drive over. Previously at a cursory glance, Vee thought it would be a medium-sized battleship, not a commercial one so he was a bit disappointed.

  After walking a few steps, Vee’s hand was suddenly pulled by someone, looking back, he saw it was Li looking at him, and that little look he had was quite serious. Vee pulled both their hands up, “What are you pulling me for, looking for a beating again?”

  ”Catching Fang beasts are dangerous, gotta protect Vee.”

  ”Oh, did Uncle Hang teach you that.”


  ”Tell me everything Uncle Hang has taught you, and if you speak clearly, you’ll be rewarded.” Vee still remembered what both Raymond and Butler Hang had said about raising pets, which sometimes you have to reward them properly when they did a good job. Gu Xuan said that Li does not hate him, it was just that Li resisted a lot because of his violent actions from the beginning.

  Vee was unclear what Li wanted, but it was all right to look for it first than start a fight again. To Vee, it was much more interesting compared to avoiding him.

  Li said, “Uncle told me to go along with Vee and not get beaten, try to be nice to Vee instead of getting beaten, and if Vee still hit me, remind him to be ‘gentle’. Lastly, protect Vee … because the Fang Beasts are dangerous and vicious!”

  Li spoke very slowly, and only finished the sentence when the dimensional flying car had reached the spaceport. While he was recalling Hang Butler lessons, he repeated it in a not quite fluent manner of speech.

  Vee listened patiently to Li word for word, and couldn’t help but smile as he replied, “Protect me?” Well, yes, this guy was in fact very good, although he was a step or two below him, but at least he was quite agile. He had fought Li once or twice, and although this guy was knocked unconscious by him every time, he thought of himself as a beast back then, whereas now, Li could fight using his human fighting skills.

  Getting out of the flying car, Li followed behind Vee, taking Vee’s hand and squeezing his palm long enough to attract Vee’s attention as he walked ahead.

  When Vee turned to look at him, Li held out his other hand and said.”Reward!”

  ”Reward?” Vee was stunned, and then remembered that he had made a promise to him before, the guy probably had thought that Vee would forget his promise so he asked for it now, but unfortunately there’s nothing he could do. Is a pat on the head, alright?

  He petted Li’s head.

  ”Not enough?”

  ”It’s not a reward!”

  ”… Fine, reward it is.” Vee took off his cape and gathered it around Li from the front, then Vee went behind Li, pulling the two straps over his shoulders and tying them behind him.

  Going back around to Li, Vee reached out to touch the backpack in front of Li that was hanging in front of him, the backpack was huge and the cape completely covered it when it was hung up like that, it looked like his whole belly was bulging, while touching that backpack, Vee commented, “Is that a baby you have for me?”

  ”It’s ‘food’.” Li also touched the backpack hanging from his stomach, “Not a baby, male can’t have babies.”

  ”You can pretend it’s a baby.”

  ”Babies… only sub males can have them, not males!”

  ”…” the corner of Vee’s eye twitched when he heard the word sub male from Li’s mouth.

  Li saw that the situation was getting out of hand and busied himself with saying, “Be gentle…”

  ”Learn it yourself! Do you believe I’m your gentle Uncle!” 

  Before the words were finished, Li held the cape with the backpack back several steps in a row, the speed of that movement was so fast, it felt like an illusion for a moment.

  The cape did have a dark pattern of stamped gold on it, and it was Vee’s military symbol, an eagle totem.

  ”This is not a reward, it’s a beating!”

  ”Say ‘reward’ one more time and I’ll chase you down. Didn’t I already give you my cape as a reward, my one-of-a-kind cape with my unit crest on it. You can wear it and experience the Admiral’s style for a moment.”

  But once worn by Li, Vee’s one-of-a-kind cape had become an apron instead…

  ”Hi, Admiral.”  Sitting on the control room couch, Gu Xuan stood up and waved at Vee, beaming that smile of his.

  ”What are you doing up here on my airship if you’re not working on those things of yours in the research lab?”

  Gu Xuan said, “I came here to follow you, isn’t it obvious?” and added, “Oh hey, Li!”

  Li waved back, “Hi…”

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