PP Chapter 19.1

    Red light.

    Yang Xuan squeezed the brakes and stopped at the side of the road. In his head, he could not help but see the area where that road led.

    That is a deserted demolition area; the east is closed, going west leads to a wide road, going south leads to a river while heading north could get him back home. However, various construction materials such as rubble and cement are piled up in heaps, and no one wants to go down that path on a regular basis.

    How could you turn up there, with that man?

    Yang Xuan remembered the strange position of the two men leaning together under the side wall of the bar a few months ago — could they be in love? The title of that explicit video on the download software flashed in his head, and he subconsciously squeezed the brake tighter in his hand.

    …Maybe that’s what it’s like when two men fall for each other?

    Green light.

    Yang Xuan released the brakes and rode across the road with a tight frown on his face.

    Yet if it is love, why did he react so much when the word “boyfriend” was mentioned in the elevator? Yang Xuan remembered how his fist clenched and no doubt, if he had said something more, it would have swung hard at him.

    —It can’t be a boyfriend. The eyes that the man just showed were more like a man’s deranged obsession for another.

    Yang Xuan’s brain cells were thoroughly active, and one after another, speculation after speculation came up, but he denied them one by one.

    And the records on the search box, listed under the ‘AV download’ and ‘GV download’ was ‘self-defense’. At that time, the other two keywords stole the limelight so he didn’t care too much, but now that he thinks about it, it seems to have a deeper meaning.

    Did that man tried to hurt you? Did you try to resist? But why should you search for such keywords before resisting? …Is it because you are afraid of over-defending yourself?

    Yang Xuan felt a vague idea is taking shape in his head, but his understanding of Tang Junhe’s past is too little for him to grasp a clue, he can only feel the feeling of unease in his head growing stronger and stronger.

    Maybe it’s time to check it out, as he pedals along at an unconsciously slower pace.

    “If it’s nothing then just treat it as a wasted trip” — He made his mind up.

    Yang Xuan turned left and scanned the road, quickly crossed a street, then turned around and rode in the direction diametrically opposed to the direction he had just ridden.

    Although he was already heading in that direction, the feeling of unease in his heart did not abate in the least, but instead boiled over with increasing intensity, bringing a slight twitch to his right eyelid.

    What is self-defense? If you know that the person will hurt you, why do you have to go towards a deserted place? What is considered self-defense? Do you have to search for the keyword “self-defense” first before beating the person up?

    Was it intentional? A deliberate attempt to create self-defense?

    —Purposely staging a self-defense scene?

     The confusing thoughts in his brain suddenly seemed to be arranged on a string, Yang Xuan finally understood where the feeling of unease in his heart came from, picked up the speed of the pedal, riding faster and faster against the wind.


Translator’s Note:

I know it’s short but this chapter is too long ah! Don’t worry, Part 2 and 3 will be loooooong— lol

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I’m glad he’s decided to go check! Thanks for your translation.

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