With thoughts of what the Fang Beast looked like in his head all night, Li didn’t sleep much at all. He didn’t know how much time he spent thinking about it either, eventually falling asleep in a daze later.

  With his mind constantly thinking about catching the Fang beast, Li hadn’t slept for long, and Vee was still asleep when he woke up.

  Vee slept peacefully, the quality of his sleep had always been excellent, he could sleep when he wanted to, and of course he woke up when he wanted to, and after so many years as a soldier, the habit of waking up early was something that he had already developed.

  Li tugged on the thin blanket on his body, he originally did not have one and he must have been sleep-deprived to pull it on himself.

  He pulled the blanket over his head and then covered both himself and Vee, the whole room was bright even with the thin blanket, and he could see some light outside through it, then he slept without turning off the light.

  Li abruptly showed half of his head from inside the covers, and after taking a look at the entire room with his eyes, he blinked with a sly smile twice, like he was thinking of something.

  Then, Li took his head back inside the blanket, pressed it against Vee’s ear, laughed a little, and then let out a series of monotone words like ah, oh, and ‘ao’. The tune grew higher one by one, but probably still worried that Vee would wake up and beat him up, the pitch didn’t get higher anymore. After all, he was still afraid that Vee would wake up, and these monotones leaped up like humming a song but in complete dissonance.

  Vee felt uncomfortable and tried to reach for his ears, raising his hand to hit Li on the head which made a loud ‘pop’ sound.

  Vee’s mind woke up before his body did. He suddenly opened his eyes, and almost instantly, after a figure was taken in by the sight, he kicked Li straight away before his mind went clear.

  Li covered the head that was just slapped a moment ago, with a loud ‘ao’ while leaning backwards on the bed to avoid being kicked by Vee.

  After kicking to the air Vee got his body tugging all over as a result from it, and this time he was really starting to come to his senses, rubbing his head and struggling to hold up, he took a glance at the bed clock, which was seven minutes earlier than his daily scheduled wake up time.

  ”Hiss…” There was a pain in his arm and Vee reached out to cover it, then consciously looked to the side.

  He blinked, a little unable to react to the present situation, not quite fully awake yet and his brain’s ability to take in information had dropped too much.

  If he hadn’t paid attention to Li’s eyelashes, he wouldn’t notice the eyeballs under the eyelids are rolling and that this guy is pretending to be asleep.

  Vee rubbed his arm and got out of bed, feeling the pain after the fall yesterday when he hit the side of the tub overnight.

  He thought to himself, “Quit pretending to be asleep when you can die early in the morning!”

  ”Get up!” Vee ordered Li, who was sleeping quite ‘comfortably’ on his flatbed.

  Li’s eyes twitched twice, not at all intending to ‘wake up’, he himself didn’t understand why he wanted to mess with Vee for nothing. Now he had found Vee had no signs of being angry, so naturally he had to do something against him to be happy.

  Vee leaned over, and with both hands he pulled at the sheets…

  He yanked the sheet up hard. Li’s body spun in two magnificent circles in the air, rolled to the floor, and then began to grunt in pain.

  Throwing the sheet away, Vee clapped his hands together and got ready to wash up.


  The sky is cloudless, and it’s early in the morning, so there aren’t too many flying cars on the flight path. There are constant street lights on the empty road, which are still glowing like rainbows.

  Vee sat on the grass in his yard, enjoying Butler Hang’s cooking and using one of the few literary words that came to his mind to describe what he was seeing. He was thinking about it when an airship jumped into his view and then crossed the highway before disappearing behind the Sky Casino.

  Within minutes of the ship’s disappearance, Vee received notification from Raymond’s comms that the ship had sailed to the spaceport and everything was ready, just waiting for the Admiral to arrive…

  While he was thinking over here, Butler Hang had already brought Li over to his side. Li is still wearing Vee’s clothes, and at present Vee is wearing a military uniform, to be precise his Admiral’s uniform.

  On the other hand, Li was wearing Vee’s military uniform when he was a colonel, and this uniform had already been outdated, so Butler Hang wasn’t worried about what would happen to Li who wore a military uniform casually, especially since it looked just like a normal person’s clothes, only more stylish.

  It was a uniform that Vee wore when he was about 22, and it felt small on him now. His trouser pants were up to his calves so to make it look a little less strange, Butler Hang deliberately found him a pair of boots that reached the height of his trouser legs.

  Li was also carrying a large bag on his back, and there was no telling what was inside it. Vee frowned and walked up behind Li, reaching out and patting the backpack behind him, Vee didn’t control his strength and it made Li stumble forward and nearly fell to the ground, after gaining his footing Li glared at Vee, who also glared back at him, Li took two steps back.

Translator’s Notes:

I checked the reviews on the NU today and I feel some people misunderstood this novel. For me, the story is more on slice of life but in interstellar era. There’s no heavy plot or whatsoever, just the Admiral and his M husbando which is coincidentally a crown prince.

If you want to read casually, I recommend this but if you want politics, conspiracies and so on, this novel is not for you.

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Thank you for reading!

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