”…” The alive sea fish waved its fish tail in Qiao Qixi’s mouth. Then, Qiao Qixi who seemed to have decided something launched his two hind legs upward and suddenly there was a rumble. The crumbling wall beneath him unexpectedly collapsed in response to the sound.  

  Crap …  

  He forgot that no matter how young he was his weight is still several hundred pounds.

  The not-so-subtle commotion here drew Oddis to look up again in a lazy manner, looking quietly at the place of the accident.

  Qiao Qixi shook the rich fur on his body and advanced towards Oddis with the sea fish in his mouth.   

  At this point, he finally appeared in the surveillance video and the staff member who spotted him rubbed his eyes and thought he had seen something wrong.

  “What the…! No! How can this be! Alexander appeared in the Oddis’s den!” He hurriedly informed his colleagues, “Do something, quick! We can’t let them fight!”

  ”What did you say!? How did he get over there?” The colleague who came over to watch the surveillance was surprised as well, “What is our little angel Alexander doing… Oh my God! He’s got a fish in his mouth!”

  That’s right.

  Those around him found it unbelievable: “Could he be making a pass at Oddis?” Such a thing happening to a polar bear is very surprising but it doesn’t seem entirely out of the question.

  ”Wait a second. Let’s observe the reaction of Oddis first. If he doesn’t attack Alexander, maybe it will be good for his emotional stability…” A staff member expressed his thoughts with a serious expression.  

  But they were also aware that this was very dangerous.

  In case Oddis launches an attack on Alexander, the ending would be terrible.

  As Qiao Qixi got closer and closer to Oddis, the staff members guarding the screen were breathing heavily and were nervous.

  ”Wait a little longer, maybe something different will come out of it.”

  Qiao Qixi is also quite nervous about this, but humans with naked eyes cannot see his nervousness. The thick fur enables him to make only a naive expression and people can only see him walk slowly to Oddis to place the sea fish in front of each other in a friendly manner.

  It was incredible that a polar bear cub made such a move. Did Alexander take Oddis as his mother? This seems to be the only explanation.  

  The spiritless Oddis is perhaps as confused as the humans. It is clear that he is being fed for the first time by a cub.

  It’s in their genes that only mothers will pitch in to feed their young and that some male polar bears will give up food to females during mating…

  In normal times, of course, Oddis will be very enthusiastic about food since he needs constant intake of it to ensure his life in the wild.

  But here, his mood hit a low point and he lost his enthusiasm for food to some degree.  

  However, the appearance of a cub awakened his instinctive desire to survive. After all, apart from the snow-filled ground, this is the only familiar image that Oddis remembers, a polar bear like him.

  The staff saw from the surveillance that Oddis lowered his head to pick up the sea fish and put it between his two paws to rest on it with his claws, then tilted his head and bit it.

  The monitoring room resounded with a clap, everyone was relieved.

  Qiao Qixi was pleased that this depressed polar bear finally ate more. Since, adequate intake of food was necessary to make the injury heal properly.

  A single sea fish is not enough for an adult polar bear to stuff his teeth and it only took a minute for Odysseus to consume the sea fish brought by Qiao Qixi.

  He licked the blood on his paws with relish while focusing on Qiao Qixi’s eyes that seemed to have some sparkle in them.

  Noticing that he seemingly wanted to get up, Qiao Qixi took several steps back in a very abashed manner.

  Oi,oi, oi! What does this brother want? He thought to himself. 

  Then he simply ran toward the collapsed gap with dexterity too nimble for a bear.

  Oddis looked at the back of the polar bear cub and did not chase after it. After a while, he turned his head towards the corner where the food was placed and finished all the fish in the trough.

  This transition made the staff happy and they started discussing whether to re-build the collapsed gap.  

  After much discussion, they felt that this gap needs to be left open and that it might be good for Oddis and Alexander to become mutual comforting playmates.

  So the plan ‘Qiao Qixi Bridge’ was declared a failure. 

  He had intended to go over and swing around to get the staff’s attention and then have them close the gap for him.

  Who would know that the result of this operation is not only a bigger gap between the two but also for him to be a tool for the other polar bear!

  Are humans serious about him becoming Oddis’ playmate?

  How can two unrelated male polar bears become playmates when there is no such record in the history of polar bears in the first place?

  However, no matter how much Qiao Qixi storms out, it is an unchangeable fact that his and Oddis’ dwellings will remain connected.

  He nestled in his den for two days and found that the bear next door did not seem to CARE for him and gradually put his mind at ease.

  Worry and curiosity eventually overcame fear, two days later Qiao Qixi once again gripped a fish to the gap to wander around. He then had an unexpected encounter with Oddis, who was staying nearby and skulking in the area.

  The moment the eyes of both sides met, the atmosphere froze for a few moments along with the awkwardness.

  It is not wise to stare at the polar bear directly into his eyes because the other side will think it is a provocation and if they come at you suddenly, it is over.

  Fortunately, Oddis did not suddenly rush over to him; he approached the polar bear cub very slowly and in a friendly manner.

  And yes, through several brief encounters, they were already very familiar with each other’s scent. Like Qiao Qixi’s age and combat power, Oddis may not even put it in his eyes.

  Glancing at the sea fish delivered by the cub, the huge polar bear picked the fish absently with its paws and seemed to have no intention of eating it for a while.

  The morning rations have just been delivered, so perhaps the other party has just had enough to eat, Qiao Qixi thought.

  He finished delivering the fish and intended to leave but when he turned his head, he found that Oddis was following him, while still holding the sea fish he had delivered in his mouth.

  ”…” For a while, Qiao Qixi’s emotions were in turmoil, and various bloody scenes were flashing by in his head.

  But soon he knew he was overthinking it. It seemed that Oddis was only interested in his place.

  Unfortunately, this side is also a cramped space, not comparable to the vast world outside.

  Oddis was probably a little disappointed, but he wasn’t as depressed as he had been before all day and found a place where the sun shone and started eating fish.  

  This state is already much better than before.

  Qiao Qixi couldn’t believe that his own territory had been occupied by the other side in such a big way.

  But then again, that spot is one of his very favorite places to snooze.

  Glancing at the white figure slowly approaching himself and carefully lying down next to him, Oddis just licked his mouth in a careless manner, obviously not having this polar bear cub in his sights.

  The staff saw them through surveillance not far away and just thought it was a miracle.

  It’s pretty incredible!

  Odysseus made a visit to Alexander’s place and he seemed receptive to Alexander’s presence whereas Alexander seemed to treat him like a mother and kept showing affection towards him.

  People felt some excitement because of this scene and couldn’t help but consider whether they should be put together for the release program soon.

  This is a question worth considering.

  If Qiao Qixi knew what they were thinking, he would surely faint to death.  

  Polar bears are solitary animals. What’s more, with two male polar bears, they are unlikely to pair up even if a comet hits the earth!

Translator’s Note:

Polar bear’s eye.

Look at how pretty it is~

An Adult Male Polar Bear

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