It was the scent of a male polar bear cub which is not much of a threat to an adult polar bear.

  If Oddis had not been injured but rather encountered this polar bear while hungry, it is highly likely that he would have killed the other.

  But now that he was wounded and had plenty of food, he had no interest in killing the polar bear cub.

  Hiding back indoors, Qiao Qixi became very worried that Oddis would crawl over along the gap and look for him.

  Fortunately, however, the other side just stood quietly for a while and went away, leaving without much interest.

  That gap in the wall may be the CCTV blind spot and surprisingly the staff did not find it for a while. This left Qiao Qixi with the hidden danger that he would be attacked by someone next door. 

  Shit! I can’t sleep!  

  In order for him to be able to get a good night’s sleep, Qiao Qixi felt that it was necessary for him to alert the staff that the gap was there.

  Thus, when he was full and had nothing to do, he went around there and tried to get the attention of the staff.

    However, by doing so, Qiao Qixi is just looking for trouble. Every time he jumps over the wall would be like stepping on the edge of death, since every time he appears around the gap, he would draw in Oddis. 

  In other words, he only managed to attract Oddis while the staff remained unaware of it.

  Isn’t that too negligent?

  Must Oddis crawl over to his side and wander around, biting him to death under his sharp fangs first, before the staff can notice the wall has collapsed?

  After brainstorming his own death, Qiao Qixi’s fur stood up in fear.

  He believed with all his heart that Oddis would not come over for the time being simply because the injuries on his body had not yet healed and he was not fit to go over ~ the wall.

  Who knows, maybe when the other party is a little more fit in a couple of days, he would definitely come over to finish him off.

  As the saying goes, strike first and gain the upper hand. Qiao Qixi, who ate too much food, felt that he should take advantage of the fact that Oddis had not yet recovered his vitality to go over and wander around first to draw the attention of the staff…

  This plan feels like a suicide mission no matter how you think about it.

  It was warm and sunny this morning, and Qiao Qixi was again on the wall spying on Oddis.

  The big guy exposed half of his body outdoors while snoozing and sunbathing, seems to be sleeping quite heavily.

  Compared to the snow-white fur of Qiao Qixi, Odiss’s fur is not so white and has a little beige color.  

  Qiao Qixi pondered for a moment and still did not dare to act rashly.

  The first thing he did was to wait and see what happens.

  Thankfully, after a few days, Oddis still had little interest in doing over Qiao Qixi. Even when Qiao Qixi was peeping over the wall, he no longer came over to chase him away.

  This isn’t scientific?

  Over time, even a layman like Qiao Qixi can see that Oddis’s state is not optimistic and that it seems to be more than just a physical problem.

  And sure enough, he overheard the staff say that Oddis seemed to be uncomfortable with life at the rescue station and was a bit in a passive state.

  Animal mental illness is something that is not beyond belief, not to mention wild polar bears, even domestic cats and dogs sometimes fall into a passive and resistant state.

  If this continues, there is a chance that Oddis may actually be sent back to the wild early which is very dangerous.

  Qiao Qixi with a sea fish in his mouth is leaning on the wall to spy on his neighbor, who has little spirit. And when the adult polar bear spotted him, it simply lay on its back in the snow and lifted its eyes.

  Oh God! Is this a trap?

  To lure himself to take the initiative to go over and be bitten to death?  

  Such a possibility cannot be ruled out.

  However, Qiao Qixi felt that the polar bear should not have this IQ?

  Just when he was considering whether to drop the fish and leave, the distant Oddis moved and surprisingly got up and then approached slowly towards his side.

  Oddis’s figure is like a small iceberg. Although he is now somewhat thin, it does not affect his aura at all.

  Even if Qiao Qixi was a little scared, he could see that Oddis was looking at himself with a wary look, but without the glint of seeing a prey.

  It shows that Oddis did not see him as food.

  Although the surface is calm, the heart of Qiao Qixi is actually flustered inside. Leaning against the wall and looking at the huge polar bear standing in front of him, he did not flinch.

  The polar bear with keen senses can tell the mood and true intentions of his opponent, so he tried to collect his aura even though he had little aura to speak of in the first place…

  Odysseus, who was about as tall as the polar bear cub slumped against the wall, stretched its neck and sniffed at the polar bear that appeared in its daily view. 

  Perhaps he was confused.

  After all, the polar bear cubs that he encountered in the past would never dare to hang around under his nose, which is an act of seeking death.


   Qiao Qixi held the fish in his mouth and remained still, allowing the pair of round and deep eyes to gaze at his own (bear) body. Yet in his mind, he couldn’t help but find the polar bear’s eyes pretty.

  It’s big and round.

  After sniffing at the cub for a moment, Oddis withdrew his curiosity and licked his mouth.

  His slow movements and eyes, which did not have much shine, allowed Qiao Qixi to plainly feel his unhappiness.

  Qiao Qixi felt some heartache. Anyhow, this is not the kind of look that an adult 4 year-old polar bear should show.

  He hopes this polar bear recovers well at the rescue station so he can return to the wild and continue his life.

  The wounded Oddis rarely come out to walk outdoors and after being drawn out by Qiao Qixi, he returns to his original place to get down and continue to take a nap in the sun.

  The resistance to his current situation is written all over his body.

Translator’s Note:

I know that this novel has already been picked up by another group but I decided to continue working on this. No schedule on the updates but I will post it immediately after I finish one chapter.

Btw, I found a cute photo of a rescued polar bear cub.

So cute~

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