PP Chapter 18.1

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CW // Attempted rape

    Perhaps due to too much mental stress, Tang Junhe dreamed frequently and most dreams ended up as a charming and gentle ‘wet’ dream which made him more and more afraid to look directly at Yang Xuan. He was afraid that his eyes would betray his twisted mind that could not be shown.

    Yang Xuan knew that he had downloaded a GV—this fact made Tang Junhe anxious at first but later gave him a hint of perverse expectation, and he inexplicably hoped that Yang Xuan would pay more attention to him because of this matter, whether it was contempt or discrimination. But apart from a slightly teasing smile he gave him that day, Yang Xuan completely ignored him.

    As the month of June approaches, summer has arrived. The cicadas chirp noisily from morning to night, moment to moment.

    The students were put into the intense final revision stage after the textbooks were finished and the teachers were three sentences away from the entrance exams. The chalk dust that permeated the classrooms was the first to ignite the silent smoke.

    The frequency of Zhou Lin’s appearance is becoming more and more frequent. Tang Junhe’s irritation along with the cicadas reached an unprecedented peak and he couldn’t wait to get into college and leave this place for good, wanting to settle this matter immediately.

   Perhaps it is not much use to get into college as Zhou Lin was able to follow him from the suburbs of Runcheng to the outskirts of the city and naturally could go to another city after him. For Zhou Lin, who lost his job, perhaps a change of city would instead allow him to live a more decent life. Tang Junhe closed the notes he had jotted down that day and lay on his bed thinking.

    This thing needs to be done in a desolate and secluded place. Tang Junhe remembered the road that Yang Xuan took him to the river when he was a child — it used to be a concrete-paved path that few people passed, so maybe that would be a good place to go.

    Tuesday night, Zhou Lin followed Tang Junhe on the bus again. Tang Junhe sat in a single row of seats on the right side while Zhou Lin hesitated and sat in a double row of seats on the left side, one aisle away from him and parallel to his seat.

    Tang Junhe turned his head and watched the shadows of the trees flying back outside the window, ignoring the eyes of Zhou Lin clinging to him.

    He remembered the year when he skipped a grade and struggled a bit with his homework. Zhou Lin used to call him to his office for individual tutoring from time to time and during that time; he had a huge appreciation for having this reticent math teacher.

    Two weeks after the start of the school year, Tang Junhe failed to do well on his test paper. He learned the fourth grade knowledge completely on his own, and could cope with the simple questions, but was overwhelmed when it came to the advanced topics.

    It was on that occasion that Zhou Lin proposed to Tang Xiaonian to give Tang Junhe free after-school tutoring and gave a very well thought out reason, saying that he saw a rare mathematical talent in Tang Junhe that would be irretrievably wasted once he missed the time to stimulate it.

    “I live alone in the school dormitory and have nothing to do in addition to preparing lessons at night. Junhe can come to me after school to finish his math homework and I will help him catch up on the fourth grade content first, and then teach him a little bit of Math Olympiad later.” That is what Zhou Lin said at the time.

    He looked honest and harmless, and when he spoke with lowered eyebrows, no one could tell that he was carrying any malicious thoughts about him, especially since Tang Junhe did mention at home that the math teacher in his class had taken extra care of him. Tang Xiaonian was so grateful for Zhou Lin’s kindness that she clasped her two hands together and thanked him with an uncontrollable hug: “Really thank you! How can I thank you for this? Ah! How about this, you can tell me how much I can pay you for each night…”

    “No no no, there’s no need for that,” Zhou Lin was a bit nervous, and his head hung lower, “I usually don’t have anything to do after work.”

    “Thank you so much! Aiya, The world still has many good people in it.” Tang Xiaonian rubbed the hair of Tang Junhe who was standing beside her, “Quickly thank Mr. Zhou.”

    “Thank you, Teacher Zhou.” Tang Junhe said seriously, looking at Zhou Lin.

    Perhaps because he was born prematurely, Tang Junhe has always been smaller than his peers. Before he started high school, he was always the shortest in his class and because he was spoiled by Tang Xiaonian, he who is already 10 years old, is often mistaken for a young child just starting school due to being tender and white when he goes out.

    At the beginning of those days, Zhou Lin was simply helping him with his homework and then later on, Zhou Lin began to intentionally or unintentionally touch his exposed skin. Sometimes when talking about a problem, he would hold his delicate arm, and at times when praising him, he would stroke his fair face.

    Tang Junhe feels vaguely uncomfortable, he just looks small, but his heart does not fall behind his peers. He began to avoid Zhou Lin’s physical contact, and had some heartfelt resistance to the after-school tutoring. He tried to escape from having alone time with Zhou Lin, excusing himself sometimes by saying that he was not feeling well and wanted to go home early or by lying that he didn’t need tutoring because he had finished his homework for the day. Zhou Lin persuaded him nicely as a teacher, telling him to be considerate of his mother and not to be a capricious child. Tang Junhe remembered the way Tang Xiaonian nodded towards Zhou Lin that day and felt sad, so he followed Zhou Lin again.

    One night, after Zhou Lin finished giving Tang Junhe the quiz for the day, he asked him to take a break before doing his homework after class. Tang Junhe was lying on the table holding a geometry ruler to draw circles on his book, drawing one after another, then Zhou Lin came over and suddenly lowered his head toward him, deliberately imitating a child’s tone to say, “What are you playing?”

    Tang Junhe’s pen kept moving, “Drawing a circle.”

    “Is it fun?” Zhou Lin asked again.

    “Fun.” Tang Junhe felt that Zhou Lin was too close to him and he hated the smell of Zhou Lin’s body. But he couldn’t tell if the uncomfortable feeling in his heart was because he hated Zhou Lin and misinterpreted his approach to himself, or because Zhou Lin’s behavior was indeed somewhat out of line.

    Zhou Lin who was 24 years old at that time has not shown his flinching temperament yet and appears to have a bound hand and foot every time as if it cannot be stretched out. He looked at Tang Junhe for a moment and then asked softly, “Teacher will teach you something more fun, okay?”

    “What?” Tang Junhe looked up at him as he asked. In the end he is a child and his playfulness is still intact.

    Zhou Lin reached for his waist: “Come over here to teacher.”

    Tang Junhe hung his head low, noticing the obvious bulge between Zhou Lin’s crotch and shook his head alertly, his voice rising, “I don’t want it.”

    Whether it was because he was in a teacher’s dormitory, Zhou Lin’s behavior was still a bit scrupulous. He was afraid that Tang Junhe would suddenly scream and alarm the teachers next door, so he let go of his hand and said, “Okay, okay, keep your voice down, don’t disturb the other teachers.”

    Tang Junhe closed his test paper and said, “Teacher, I want to go home.”

    “Wait, wait a little longer…”Zhou Lin suppressed his desire, and took Tang Junhe’s arm then stroked his smooth skin twice with his thumb. When Tang Junhe retracted his arm, Zhou Lin withdrew his hand. He hesitated for a moment and finally reached out tentatively to Tang Junhe’s lower body and coaxed him, “It’s fun, you’ll know it when you try so… be good, okay?”

     In the moment he reached his hand over, Tang Junhe felt a sudden burst of fear; he did not know what Zhou Lin was going to do to him but instinctively wanted to avoid it.

    He grabbed the geometry ruler in his hand with the tip pointing downward and viciously stabbed it towards the back of Zhou Lin’s hand before jumping off the chair and running out of the teachers’ dormitory in a panic while Zhou Lin sucked back the cool air and retracted his hand.

    His legs turned to jelly and when it was the last few stairs, he stumbled and slid down, his palms scraping against the concrete floor, beads of blood seeping out from under the scuffed skin.

    He looked upstairs in panic for fear that Zhou Lin would come after him. The sound of the door closing came from upstairs. He wasn’t sure which house it was so he couldn’t care less about the pain in his legs and hands. He propped himself up on the ground quickly and ran back home in the dark, not even bothering to carry his school bag back.


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Thanks for the new chapter! I prefer you keep the ‘CW’, so i can prepare my heart before reading, lol.

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