AYHI Chapter 19.2

  Behind him, lying on the ground Li stretched out his hand to Vee’s back: “Vee …”

  Gu Xuan’s hologram crouched to Li’s side and reached out to touch Li’s head, the hologram was only a three-dimensional image and naturally didn’t have a sense of touch, Gu Xuan’s optical hand went through Li’s head.

  ”The Admiral is an abomination, isn’t he?”

  Li turned to Gu Xuan, perhaps pondering what ‘abominable’ meant, Gu Xuan’s expression let Li see that ‘abominable’ was definitely not a good adjective, certainly not ‘cute’ either, Li nodded, looked at the slammed door and said, “He’s an abomination…”

  ”Yes. He was awful and not gentle at all, beating people up at every turn.”

  ”No.” Li said.

  Gu Xuan averred, “Who in the entire empire doesn’t know that he’s violent and never learns to be gentle, if he keeps on being this way he definitely can’t get married.”

  Li grunted and repeated, “Can’t get married.”

  Gu Xuan’s hologram leaned against the wall, and in reality, he was carrying a glass of delicious wine, leaning against his own bar at home: “Simply a waste of a body of that quality, a 100% fertility rate ah. Watching the Admiral this way I am sure he is not happy to let others fuck him, not to mention being a sub male, even when he is a male, he wasn’t willing to do it and had resisted for a long time, alas… “

  Li followed suit with a sigh.

  Gu Xuan thought to himself, “I still have to teach the Admiral on how to be gentle, I don’t expect him to fully accept that he is a sub male but I have to at least make him feel less resistant to doing it, no?”

  Li repeated his word earlier after Gu Xuan had finished speaking, “No!”

  ”No? Why not?” Gu Xuan was flabbergasted, and then realized that Li was just simply repeating his words, Li probably thought he was just talking to teach him to learn words.

  The door suddenly opened and behind Vee was Butler Hang. Seeing that Gu Xuan and Li are communicating with each other, Vee directly went forward and turned off the communicator.

  ”Admiral wait!” Gu Xuan’s words didn’t finish … and he turned into a dot vanishing from the wall.

  Vee raised an eyebrow and turned to say, “Uncle Hang, don’t come in here with me, I can clean it myself.”

  ”How are you going to clean it if you can’t even clean yourself properly?”

  ”A spray of … water and it will be absolutely clean.”

  ”How about your pet? Take a look at Li, I’m sure he got tossed by you just now, he can’t even stand up on his feet, does he? You messed up everything in the bathroom.”

  Vee chirped, “It’s him who made it this way.”

  “Vee, you can’t clap with one hand only.”

  “No I don’t but this guy sure can!”


  Butler Hang bent over to pull Li up, his eyes fell on Li’s bare buttocks and hips with a red footprints: “This poor child, you kicked him too many times ah… boy, get up.”

  ”No, just stepped on it twice.”

  ”Only twice?”

  ”It could be three…”


  After cleaning up, Vee took a look and left the bathroom, leaving Butler Hang to clean Li who was now lying on the edge of the bathtub, looking so innocent that he could shed tears. 

  Li sucked his nose and only opened his mouth, when he saw Vee was one step away from the door outside. “Uncle, Vee…”

  “What’s the matter?”

  ”Beat me up, here and here it hurts.” Li patted himself on the buttocks. But the sight of Vee walking away naked earlier was still playing on his mind. There was water left on it, and it was shining under the light, he wondered how it would be if it was the one being slapped instead of his, would it sound nice? It would be different, right?

  ”Don’t mess with him too much, he definitely won’t beat you up if you try it but you still have to try to listen to him, don’t confront him, and go along with him so he won’t beat you up anymore.” Butler Hang let Li stand up and put another bathrobe on him as he said, “Although you probably don’t understand what I’m talking about, and even if you do, it may not work, just make sure you don’t provoke him later, do you understand what it means ‘to provoke’?”

  ”I don’t follow!” Li replied rather plainly.

  ”…That’s fine.”

   By the time Li was taken out of the bathroom by Butler Hang, Vee was already asleep. He slept in a very regular manner, taking up the place of one person on the huge bed while leaving an empty space next to him, as if he was intentionally saving it for someone else. When Vee was a soldier, he slept in bunk beds, and sometimes it was hard to turn over when there were more than twenty people sharing the bed.

  Li walked over to the bed and started to climb on it. Butler Hang’s eyes blinked twice quickly, hastily going over to pull Li down, he said in a low voice, “You come with me to the other room to sleep.”

  Li shook his head.

  Butler Hang said, “You can’t sleep with Vee, you’re a male but I’m not worried about what you can do to Vee, I’m worried about Vee beating you to death.”

  Li pointed at Vee, “Together, sleep.”

  Blocking Butler Hang’s hand, Li climbed up three or two times, and he lay down next to Ve and placed his arm against Vee’s, and deliberately pressed his foot against Vee’s leg. Vee moved, but didn’t wake up. Li finally felt a little sense of pride in his ability to keep Vee down, and smiled at Butler Hang.

  When Butler Hang had no choice but to leave, Li reached out and grabbed Vee’s hand and brought it to his eyes to look at it. They all said that these hands could ‘kill’ a Fang Beast.

  The Fang Beast is something Li has never seen before, but is particularly delicious.

  Fearing that Vee might wake up and beat himself up, Li put Vee’s hand back, smacked his lips twice, and closed his eyes, thinking about the Tasty Fang Beast. Tasty Fang Beasts, here I come…

Translator’s Notes:

Gu Xuan: Fuck the Admiral!

Li: I’m trying…

Gu Xuan:


Butler Hang:

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