AYHI Chapter 19.1

  Don’t think that that thing will only ‘fly’ once, Vee only turned his head around for a moment when he saw that it came from the thing under Li’s body, which he was fiddling around by himself, moving his hand in a ‘skillful’ way. 

  The thing that made him feel hot at the side of his waist and stomach earlier, once again spurted out. It was a process like playing in slow motion, the milky white liquid made an arc in the air, and then, except for a few bits and pieces that fell into the bathtub, mostly all of it got onto Vee.

  It was something that had only come out of the body, and still carried its original heat. Vee, whose body senses were a little more special than normal people, had felt some heat.

  If Vee was a normal person, wouldn’t he be scalded to death? 

The words suddenly flashed through Vee’s mind, but when he thought about it again, it wasn’t right, if it could burn someone, Li would be dead already. This guy is having hyperthermia from the inside out, has his head already been fried from the heat?

  ”Pfft… Hahaha! Hahaha! Haha, Admiral… you! Hahaha!”

  Thoughts only flashed inside Vee’s mind before half of it was washed away by the burst of laughter coming from Gu Xuan. The ability to think better than his own body immediately followed his reflexes, and the laughter made Vee feel ashamed and angry.

  Li did not continue to do any unforgivable things to Vee after that. However, after a little annoyance, Vee’s body immediately made a response to this irritating emotional action and that was – kick.

  A rather flashy move was done with a flip side kick in the bathtub, which was done splendidly so it had less force, but…

  The bathtub was very slippery, his body just made the starting motion but the leg under the pressure point rubbed against the bathtub and made a ‘grimacing’ sound.

  With a loud ‘clang’ Vee fell unsteadily and crashed onto the bathtub.

  ‘Crash!’ Vee hit the bathtub and slid into the water and immediately stirred up numerous water splashes. The full pool of water had already disappeared after a few pounces, Vee fell and the whole bathtub water was poured out.

  Even though that kick of Vee was unsteady because of the point of impact and the strength of the kick was not much, directly resulting in this fall and the attack power is negligible, Li also did not fare much better. 

  He who was in the midst of releasing wonderful sensations was surprised by Vee’s action, so he took a step backwards, tripped over the edge of the tub in a small retreat, and fell straight out of the tub.

  Watching Li also fall, Vee instantly felt much better. He touched his arm and found that it was hurting from the previous slip, and he knew that he had fallen quite badly.

  He stood up with a ‘swish’ and stepped out of the tub.

  Li is on the floor flopping, he fell on his back and was trying to get up on his hands and knees, but the floor was slippery all over the place.

  Vee walked very carefully this time, afraid of falling again, pain was one thing but humiliation was another.

  He walked over to Li, and watched the guy in front of him as he tried to get up, but he just kept acting like he was barely able to get up. 

  In the next moment, with a thud, Li’s entire body was flung to the dry floor. In a split second, his expression turned ugly.

  With his teeth bared and his hands in frenzy…

  Gu Xuan shouted, “Admiral, gentle, be gentle ah!”

  Vee replied faintly, “I’m fairly gentle.”

  Vee stepped on Li’s ass with two more firm blows and pressed down on him, then when he saw Li getting up again, he stepped on him again and repeated it again and again.

  Li kept moving his limbs like a turtle, pitiful as it was. It was painful for him to have his buttocks and body stepped on.

  If it wasn’t for the fact that he immediately went soft from the shock before, with this kind of treatment from Vee, it would be broken already.

  Finally, Li grew tired of constantly swinging his limbs but not being able to escape from the violent man’s feet, and he suddenly backhanded himself behind his back, grabbing Vee’s ankle with precision and then yanking it hard.

  The tug made Vee’s body lose focus.


  Being sat down by Vee’s butt, Li let out an almost ‘painful’ scream.

  Vee smiled and patted Li on the head, the pat was done quite gently, Vee now still knew not to pat the guy on the head hard.

  ”Don’t kill yourself ah!” Vee said, then stood up and went outside.

  What’s wrong with this guy? You think I’m going to fall to the ground if you pull me like that? Heh, what a joke…

  Vee did a perfect flip at that moment, easily avoiding the tragic fall to the ground and instead went straight down on Li. This guy’s body was strong and he felt pretty good sitting on top of him.

  Sitting on Li, Vee tried bouncing his body.

  It’s comfortable, very firm and fleshy to sit on.

  Like a spring…

  Li’s screams gradually turned into weak grunts of pain, the sound was so pitiful that it was too much for Vee’s ears to bear, so he let him go.

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