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CW // depiction of pornography, rape, thought of violence/murder and self-harm

    As soon as the school bell ring, Feng Bo picked up his schoolbag and went downstairs, standing on the side of the field while leaning on a tree to wait for Yang Xuan. From head to toe, you could tell he was a person who lacks enthusiasm and as long as long as he can find something to lean against in a radius of ten meters, he will definitely not stand upright.

    After finishing a basketball game, Yang Xuan walked to the basketball hoop, bent over and picked up a bottle of mineral water from the ground, unscrewed the bottle cap, raised his neck and poured a few sips of water into his throat.

    “Brother Xuan!” Feng Bo called him loudly, raised an arm and waved hastily twice before walking up to him.

    Yang Xuan squeezed the mineral water bottle and walked in his direction for a few steps. “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing serious” Feng Bo leaned against the barbed wire leisurely behind him, “It’s just that something funny happened in the classroom. Let me tell you…”

    Yang Xuan lifted his T-shirt to wipe the sweat from his forehead and only said ‘Mm’ signaling Feng Bo to go on, but his mind was obviously not on him.

    Feng Bo told Yang Xuan vividly about the ‘scene’ in the classroom, “It’s a shame you didn’t see his reaction at that time. Oh God, he was so red ah! Are all people from Third Middle School ignorant of the world?”

    Yang Xuan’s eyes looked away and a soft snort escaped his throat, which sounded like he was laughing.

    “Brother Xuan, don’t tell me…” Feng Bo leaned towards Yang Xuan, “…he’s one of them?”

    Yang Xuan frowned slightly then turned his head and looked at him straight on, “Which one?”

    “You know… just like those two in the music class. Seriously! I feel they are all quite similar ah! How old are they anyway? How could they act like they haven’t even seen a porno before?”

    Yang Xuan squeezed the emptied water bottle with one hand and threw it into the trash can and casually said: “You curious?”

    “Not curious… but if he really is why don’t we let it spread it a little bit? Isn’t that great?” Feng Bo saw Yang Xuan picking up his clothes and walking outside the field, and hurried to follow him, “What do you think? Then, his mother will… Oh! I forgot to tell you last time but there was someone waiting for him at the school gate the other day. He was an adult man, and he just went up to him and pulled his hand. He was squirming at that time, probably afraid of being seen by others he—”

    “What does that man look like?” Yang Xuan narrowed his eyes involuntarily.

    “I can’t remember exactly but his face was very plain, uh… he looks so wimpy too, only a glance at him and people would probably want to beat him up.”

    Yang Xuan walked to the side of his bike, bent down and unlocked it, hung his jacket on the handlebars and said, “The next time you see that man, you can try it out.”

    Feng Bo didn’t understand, while touching his head, he confirmed to Yang Xuan. “What do you mean? Beat him just to see Tang Junhe’s reaction?”

    Yang Xuan straddled the bike with his two long legs: “Well, aren’t you curious?” After looking ahead, Yang Xuan pedaled out of the school.

    “Brother Xuan, are you going to my house this week?!” Feng Bo hadn’t finished speaking when Yang Xuan who had been riding his bike had disappeared. He curled his lips and was a little depressed walking towards the school gate.

    As he passed by the entrance to the school, he saw the man again. The man’s gaze was fixed on the direction of the school building, as if he was not interested in everything around him. That gaze reminded him of the eyes of a vulture, and he then felt a bad chill rise up his back.

    Originally, he wanted to go over and ask what the man had to do with Tang Junhe, but that gaze of his completely dispelled his idea. He glanced at the man in disgust, and then turned away.

    Feng Bo sat in the private car that picked him up, and as soon as he got in, he sent a text message to Yang Xuan: “Brother Xuan, I saw that man again. The look in his eyes was almost as if he was going to swallow Thirdy’s son alive.”


    At 1 a.m., Tang Junhe was awakened by the alarm clock he had set in advance. He did not stay in bed for long and got up as soon as the alarm went off. He reached out in the dark and pressed the alarm clock to turn it off, then lifted up the covers and got out of bed and tiptoed to open the door. Tang Xiaonian and Yang Chengchuan had already gone to bed, and the door to their room was closed at the moment, and no movement was heard.

    Because he was afraid that the slippers would make a sound when touching the ground, Tang Junhe walked out barefoot. He cautiously opened the door of the study, walked in and closed it tightly, and then locked it inside. Out of fear that the light from the room would wake up Tang Xiaonian, he did not dare to turn it on, so he sat in front of the laptop in the dark, and pressed the boot button.

    In the dead of night, in the dark study room, only a small piece of blue light from the computer screen was cast on Tang Junhe’s face.

    He tightly pursed his lips, eyes focused on the computer screen, his long fingers holding the mouse then clicked on the desktop browser. He lowered his head in the search bar and entered the words “self-defense”, and then clicked on the web pages in turn to browse carefully.

    Whenever he opens a web page, he slides the scroll wheel and reads it carefully before holding a pen and transcribing the useful information in his notebook in the faint light of the screen.

    He looked up the legal interpretation of the Criminal Law on self-defense, some cases of self-defense and a few cases of improper self-defense, and finally the legal definition of “rape”.

    The criminal law states that “the crime of forcible ‘rape’ is the act of forcibly having sexual ‘relations’ with a woman against her will by violence, coercion or other means.”

    Tang Junhe squeezed his lower lip and thought, that is to say, even if Zhou Lin raped himself, it would not be considered ‘rape’ in the law… what a good law it was. In that case, Zhou Lin must stab him first. As for the signs of forcing, it doesn’t need to be so obvious. If there is no stab wounds, then he will stab himself with the knife.

    But, if Zhou Lin really snatched the knife away, then could he still snatch it back? Tang Junhe recalled that night, Zhou Lin’s body exploded with amazing strength, which made it impossible for him to break free.

    Although the person looked weak and cowardly, it is undeniable that there is still a power gap between the 16-year-old Tang Junhe and the 30-year-old Zhou Lin that cannot be ignored.

    Perhaps there is a cut that can be fatal…

    Tang Junhe thought this way, and searched for a clear picture of the human body. Facing that picture, he looked down at the part of his chest, which was the position of the heart. If he stabbed that man’s area, perhaps Zhou Lin would not have the power to fight back. After killing Zhou Lin, he could stab his body wherever he wants as long as it’s far from his heart…

    Tang Junhe closed his laptop and let out a long breath, then held the mouse and closed the web pages one by one. When closing the penultimate webpage, he accidentally clicked on the hovering advertisement at the top right of the webpage, and a naked erotic ‘picture’ popped up on the screen, which was a moving picture of a woman kneeling down and giving a man in front of her a ****, with his erect genitals wrapped tightly in her mouth.

    The hand holding the mouse stopped. Tang Junhe looked at the animated picture on the screen, his eyes widened slightly, and his heart beat uncontrollably. His eyes changed from shock to curiosity, and he stared at the visually striking picture without blinking.

    Because she was afraid of delaying Tang Junhe’s studies, Tang Xiaonian never considered buying a computer for him. She herself is a computer illiterate and her knowledge of computers is limited to the constant reports on TV about Internet Addiction. Tang Junhe, on the other hand, has rarely asked for anything from Tang Xiaonian since he was a child. He knows that it is not easy for Tang Xiaonian to bring up his own life and that computers are a luxury for him, so he has never thought of asking Tang Xiaonian to buy one for him.

    He also rarely goes to Internet cafes except when he has to look up information, so his exposure to computers comes almost entirely from the weekly computer class at school.

    This motion picture seemed to open the door to a new world for Tang Junhe, and he remembered the MP4 with the two bodies laying on top of each other and all the teasing eyes that turned towards him previously — ah… so they’ve all seen those things?

    Tang Junhe closed this ad page, and entered the words “AV download” in the search bar, his expression was no different from when he just searched for “self-defense”, looking indifferent and calm.

    He managed to find a few resources and downloaded them to his computer through the download software, and then on a whim, he went back to his room and took out the cell phone Yang Chengchuan gave him, connected the data cable to the computer again and imported the video files to his phone.

    The process of importing was a little slow as he watched the progress bar move forward little by little and opened the search page once again and typed in the words “How do male and male have sex”. The top search results had a related question and he clicked on it and a response from a person below was, “Just watch a GV and see for yourself.”

    Tang Junhe looked at the answer for a few seconds, and then followed the same method as before, by searching for the words “GV download” and then downloaded a video file.

    After all this was done, he did not forget to delete all the video files on the desktop, then turned off the computer and returned to the room lightly.

    It’s already 3:00 a.m., and Tang Junhe yawned as he stared at the pistoning motion of a man and a woman on his phone. Then he reached up and rubbed his eyes, wiping the overflowing tears from the corners of his eyes.

    He rolled over on his side in a different direction, turned off a third of the video and turned on the GV.

    There was nothing beautiful about the image on the screen of two men with exuberant muscles and fierce faces, entwined together. He watched as they kissed and stroked each other’s genitals, watched as the man poured some kind of liquid into his hand, then inserted a finger into a narrow entrance and replaced it with something else, and his impassive expression finally changed — some dullness, followed by sleepiness.

    So, this is what Zhou Lin wants to do to me? Tang Junhe suppressed the feeling of vomiting.

    He turned off the video, put the phone back in the drawer, closed his eyes and forced himself to fall asleep.

    But as soon as he closed his eyes, the image of the two men’s bodies colliding fiercely appeared in his mind, along with the lustful sound of their organs slapping against each other, replaying in a loop in his brain.

    Wouldn’t it hurt to enter from that place…? This was his last thought before he entered the dream.

    He dreamed of Yang Xuan again. He was experiencing a clear sense of pain, but he did not want to hide from it and instead was curious and looking forward to it. He dreamed that Yang Xuan entered his body silently and slowly, and then hit him so fiercely that the sound of flesh slapping against each other seemed to ring in his eardrums as if he had been there.

    Then he felt his lower body gushing with bodily fluids – this time the dreaming came more suddenly and furiously than before, and he felt those fluids spurting out in a torrent, an indescribably wonderful pleasure, as if falling into the clouds, so soft and serene.

    He closed his eyes and felt the high ‘tide’ slowly fade away in his body, and thought clearly that he had fallen into the darkness and couldn’t get out anymore. Maybe it was not so awful, after all, he was used to the darkness.

    The next day at noon, while Tang Xiaonian was napping in her room, Tang Junhe once again grabbed his underwear and tried to sneak into the bathroom to wash it. He was walking really fast and when he passed by the study, Yang Xuan was walking out of it. He nearly bumped into Yang Xuan but stopped in his tracks and looked up.

    Yang Xuan showed him a somewhat playful smile and his ears were a little hot for a moment, unconsciously clutching the underwear in his hands to his back to hide it, dodging around Yang Xuan to walk to the bathroom.

    He unfolded his underwear and rinsed it under the water, pondering the smile Yang Xuan had just given him — it seemed to be different from all his previous smiles, as if it carried a sense of playfulness, reminding him of the expressions of the boys in his class who looked back at him.

    That smile made him a bit puzzled and he felt less sure of himself.

    There is no doubt that Yang Xuan just used the computer in the study. However, last night he clearly deleted all the files on the desktop. It should not be found, right…?

    Tang Junhe was absentmindedly washing his underwear, while thinking back on whether he had overlooked anything last night. But his knowledge of the computer is really lacking, with his step-by-step use of the technology, he would always be unaware of the flaw he had done.

    After hurriedly drying the clean underwear, Tang Junhe went into the study once again and turned on the laptop. If he didn’t check it again, he would feel a faint uneasiness in his heart.

    The computer is still running the boot process when he suddenly realized — the download record on the download software is not deleted!

    Did Yang Xuan see it? Tang Junhe clasped his hands tightly together and waited for the computer to turn on. He prayed in his heart that Yang Xuan hadn’t used the download software just now.

    The computer desktop showed up, he held the mouse apprehensively, opened the download software and unconsciously stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, then clicked on the completion list.

    The last glimmer of hope was also cut off here. The adult videos with unpleasant titles were tamely staying in the list, and the movie that Yang Xuan had downloaded a few minutes earlier was displayed right on top of that GV.

    Oh My God!…Tang Junhe’s heart let out a wail, his beautiful face that has always been indifferent, now display a look that can only be described as “complicated”.

Translator’s Note:

Well that went from 99 to 0 real quick. 

In all honesty, I’ve searched the law against rape on men in China and like Junhe, I found out how f*cked up it was.

“Article 139 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China states the following:

Whoever by violence, coercion or other means rapes a woman is to be sentenced to not less than three years and not more than ten years of fixed-term imprisonment (1984, 48).”

There was also this news in 2011, where a man who raped another man was convicted of “intentional injury” rather than rape, as non-consensual same-sex sexual conduct was not defined as a sexual offense. I was like the heck you talking about? The poor guy was raped! HE WAS RAPED! OMG! How could they do that to the poor victim?!

Also, In November 2015 China Daily reported another same-sex case which happened in Luzhou city, Sichuan province. In this case, a man robbed and raped another man, but did not face sanction for the crime of sexual assault.  c(QAQc) why?

I read somewhere that there’s a so-called “social stigma cast on victims of rape” in China. Because being raped is shameful and should be kept private, victims remained silent and don’t go out their way to report it to the police.And when the victims with their parents decided to report it, police officials usually suggests that the victim should “protect her reputation and just forget about the whole thing.” <- this is for girls, imagine how hard would it be for a boy?

TLDR: Unless you’re a woman, it’s not rape.

LIKE WTF! What is wrong with you all! Ugh, my head hurts from all this news that I immediately went to look for cute puppies photos to ease my anger… *sighs

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OHMYGOD WHEN HE DIDN’T MENTION TO DELETE THE HISTORY, I WAS LIKE. ??? I had to pause and clutch my head while reading through this chapter lmao I can’t stand the secondhand embarassment hahahahahhaa TJH it shows you’re really too green on this ah.


I’m not really familiar with China’s law as well, but I think this has something to do with their stance to homosexuality. Until now, it’s apparent that lgbtq doesn’t have much freedom there, writing gay erotic fictions can get you imprisoned for years, gay films couldn’t make it past the screening without censoring and actors involved could even get banned from meeting in public together. Emphasizing on their law that rape can only be imposed on women, it’s clear they do not recognized or acknowledge any matter related to homosexuality. To delude yourself that men cannot be subjected to rape, it is indeed ridiculous.

As for that ‘social stigma casts on rape victims’, I believe it’s not just in China, but victims throughout the world experience it. A lot of rape victims could not bear to speak up for fear of what it entails on their reputation. Not to mention upon investigation your private organs will be thoroughly examined, and you’ll be asked over and over again to recall the event in details, for the public to know, without guarantee that the people would believe you, it’s really a challenge on one’s mental fortitude and dignity, especially in places where excessive conservatism has taken reign.


reading that kind of law made me sad. a male friend of mine experienced the same thing and decided not to report, too.

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