AYHI Chapter 18.2


  Hearing Li’s comparison, Vee scolded him and said out loud, “I used to be big!”

  In the past, only Vee himself knew if it was big or not but it was very unlikely that that place would have changed much if a male had mutated into a sub male.

  Li let out a very surprised ‘oh’ as if he heard something funny, he lifted his hand and looked at Vee, making a really, big circle gesture with his hands, before saying, “This big?”

  Vee argued, “That’s too big even for you.”

  Li had made another slightly smaller circle with just a hand, “This big?”

  ”Are you joking with me?”

  Li gestured again, this time using one hand to make a one-centimeter radius circle: “This!”

  ”… “

   Vee was silent.

  Li pondered and aimed his sight at Vee, but that place he wanted to reach was still in the water and he couldn’t see it clearly. He had only gotten a good look at it before when Vee was undressing.

    Vee moved back a little, looking down at his body that was hidden on the surface of the water, especially that that was rubbed by Li previously. There were still some things that could not be controlled, especially the part down there.  

  Looking at the silent Vee, Li instead felt a little strange, his body also had a reaction and this type of feeling is like an instinctive thing, just like that morning when he woke up and found his body is in need of something, but he did not dare to touch Vee and had to take care of it himself instead. Besides, he knew that he is a human being now and even a beast is capable of finding a way to resolve it by itself at times, so there’s no way that Li would be that ignorant of his needs.

  Li put his hand on his manhood and began to make himself feel comfortable by rubbing and playing with it, gasping in his throat from time to time. The sound caught Vee’s attention so he looked over and saw that Li was, without shame, enjoying himself.


  The guy who was just playing with him moments ago is now jerking off in front of him…

  Li looked up at Vee and found the other man’s eyes staring at him intently, except there was no anger like he was going to punch him like before. Li couldn’t quite understand the emotion he was feeling but his conscious mind felt that the other man must be upset because he was not feeling good the same way as he was. Li is a little cautious this time in reaching out his hand, since Vee had a real tendency to want to hit him before and some of Li’s perceptions are relatively good.

  Vee didn’t make much of a move, just watched Li reach over to him, unable to tell what kind of feelings he was having now, as he watched the guy move over to his body, not wanting to admit to having that, little, tiny bit of anticipation and excitement from it.

  Vee exclaimed, “You … f*ck! Ah… AHH!”

  Li’s entire body scooted up to the front and his legs pressed Vee’s legs down. His mind wasn’t clear and he couldn’t explain or understand why he was acting the way he was but once he saw this violent guy in front of him who was always beating him up, he knew exactly what Vee wanted just by the look in his eyes. Li could not find the words for his own situation, but he seemed to understand that whenever he saw Vee in front of him, he would feel strange and would always want to do something to attract Vee’s attention, without getting beaten up of course.

  Li’s body has a very strong passion, which he probably can’t explain himself.

  Vee wasn’t much better, basically doing this sort of thing on his own was rare and being kneaded and caressed like this is a first. However, aside from the hand movements and the constant leaning of his body, Li didn’t do much, he was probably still worried about being beaten up by him. Vee swore to God, he really didn’t want to hit anyone now and didn’t even have time to enjoy the feeling.

  Li’s extra careful movements were a very exciting and stimulating thing for Vee who was having a hard time holding himself back from feeling released.

  Li blinked his eyes, his mouth deflated, and subconsciously uttered one word, “Ao!”

  The word was said in a low voice with an incredulous expression, but before opening his eyes Vee didn’t notice Li’s face. The after-effects of the incident made Vee take a deep breath and suddenly, as if he remembered something, he stood up from the bathtub with a clatter as he pulled his body into the wall and touched something with the palm of his hand.

  The very same, Gu Xuan hologram image appeared in the bathroom again and naturally, Gu Xuan could see the situation on their side, Gu Xuan covered his mouth with his hand and did a surprised action quite exaggeratedly, saying, “Oh, did the Admiral give Li a bath?”

  ”…Let me ask you, if it was my stuff that got in the water, would I be pregnant with my own child? Although you said Li probably wouldn’t, but I am closer.” Vee also told him that he had never done this before in the shower and that he hadn’t had to worry about it before when he was a male: “Don’t you dare laugh, I’ll kill you if you do!”

  ”Cough … Admiral, I’ve already told you, no, that thing isn’t that capable of ‘drilling’ into you.” Gu Xuan increased the emphasis on the word ‘drill’ and continued, “Besides, after the mutation the sub male’s seed is not capable of getting a sub male pregnant anymore, otherwise why would they still need a male?”


  The two of them are talking about simple ‘biology’ over there, while Li who was sitting in the bathtub stood up.

  As soon as he finished speaking, Vee felt as if his side waist was suddenly burned by something, and withdrew his sight from the Gu Xuan hologram image.

  Around the side of his waist and belly, some whitish and ”creamy” liquid … was ‘flying’ from Li’s manhood, which was standing up.

Translator’s Notes:


Honestly, I was laughing the whole time I’m translating this part.

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