PP Chapter 16.2

    After that day, Zhou Lin, who was out of work, became more aggressive in stalking Tang Junhe, and worse, he began to drink more frequently, and was no longer satisfied with mere stalking and masturbation, but tried several times to rush up and have physical contact with Tang Junhe.

    Tang Junhe kept the fruit knife in his pocket every day. Tang Xiaonian was surprised at how the fruit knife had suddenly disappeared from the house, and after searching for it, she said to herself that she had probably thrown it away with the garbage, and then went to the supermarket to buy a new one on her way home.

    How can I get rid of Zhou Lin for good? Tang Junhe was thinking about this question all the time, in class, after class, after school, at home and even in his dreams.

    He had no way to stab Zhou Lin directly, since he would go to jail after being discovered. He had checked the information early on, if a teenager under the age of 18 commits intentional homicide, he may be sentenced to life imprisonment and rot in prison, if not a lifetime, it will be decades.

    Tang Xiaonian would break down, thought Tang Junhe, who was fine with going to jail himself, and would even be willing to die with Zhou Lin if he could get rid of that stare. But Tang Xiaonian sees him as her life, and if she learns that he was sentenced to life in prison for stabbing Zhou Lin to death, then she might actually break down and go crazy.

    On Friday, Yang Xuan went to the basketball court to train as usual, while Tang Junhe did his language paper and thought about how to get rid of Zhou Lin at night.

    The boys in the class are giddy — an MP4 with adult content is being secretly distributed in private.

    The dangerous and tempting MP4 was passed to Feng Bo, who turned his head to make eyes with Chen Hao, who was across the aisle, and looked back in the direction of Tang Junhe for a few moments.

    “Guess what his reaction will be when he gets this?” Feng Bo said in a whisper as he cupped the MP4 wistfully.

    “Probably think it’s all cartoons inside.” Chen Hao also glanced in Tang Junhe’s direction.

    “Try it?” Feng Bo jumped at the chance.

    Chen Hao let out a happy voice: “And what if he knows the goods and holds them for you?”

    “Then grab it back again.” Feng Bo finished, turned the MP4 volume to the maximum, turned around and passed it to the students in the back seat, lowered his voice and said, “Hey, pass it to Tang Junhe, tell him that there is an IMO video inside. Remember this clearly. Don’t ever let it pass to a female, only males are allowed.”

    “Damn! Is this family heirloom, huh?” The boys in the back row laughed out loud, heartily, and turned back to pass it to the other boys.

    The MP4 was passed one by one to the boy in front of Tang Junhe. The boy turned around and knocked on Tang Junhe’s desk, “Here, study materials, everyone has to read them.”

    “What?” Tang Junhe took the red MP4, “How do I see it?”

    The boy held back a laugh: “I do not know, anyway, there are IMO videos or something in there, you figure it out.”

    “Oh, thanks.” Tang Junhe believed it, said thanks, and began to fiddle with the MP4 in his hand.

    For fear of being discovered by the teacher, the owner of the MP4 named the adult videos in it chicly, “English Words 3000”, “Essay Examples Book”, “Yuan Tengfei Speaking History Video “, “Senior two geography essence” etc,…

    Tang Junhe curiously dialed the pointer to the “High School Olympiad Competition Test Questions Ideas Comb…” and clicked on it.

    The two white overlapping pieces of flesh jumped out, and loud moaning and gasping sounds instantly resounded in the Sophomore Science III classroom.

    The boys turned around with laughter to see the fun, while the girls’ reactions were more varied — some turned their faces to snicker, some buried their heads to pretend they didn’t understand, and some whispered profanities.

    Tang Junhe reacted to the fact that he had been tricked, he realized what these videos were all about, and his white face began to rapidly fill with blood from his ears as his hands and feet scrambled to find the stop button.

    “Oh wow! Is this still a class? Do you know that this is the classroom? What are you looking at over there, Classmate Tang Junhe?” Feng Bo said thievingly.

    “How do I turn it off…? I … I don’t know how to use this…” Tang Junhe was at a loss for words and pressed the button repeatedly, sweating sharply on his forehead.

    “Give it here, I’ll do it!” A red-faced Yin Cong grabbed the MP4 that was screaming obscenities, pressed the off button, and threw it towards Feng Bo, hitting him right on the top of the head.

    “Holy …! If I end up as a retard, I will hold you responsible!” Feng Bo shouted at her with a suppressed voice.

    “Even without the knock on your head, you already are!” Yin Cong shouted back, glaring at him.

    After ten minutes, the commotion in the class subsided, and the blood on Tang Junhe’s face slowly faded away.

    What is that? He tried his best to get the two white ‘bodies’ and the urgent moans out of his head and tried to focus on the test paper.

    The last four questions are multiple choice questions, and the reading material is about self-defense. His mind was suddenly calmed down after a second, and he read the reading material intently and then held the pen and circled the words “not criminally responsible” on the test paper.

Translator’s Note:

Tbh, I lose motivation to translate when I see Feng Bo in it.

Anyways, look at this book cover ah! So pretty~

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Translator san please get a grip on yourself I beg you, please don’t let a piece of shi—I mean Feng Bo get in your nerves, it’ll be too low of us to let a fly—I mean Feng Bo affect us. We must persevere (⇀‸↼‶)

Eun Seo

Thank you so much for your hard work.


Thank you for your hard work

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