AYHI Chapter 18.1


  Once he heard Vee’s commanding tone, Li ‘swished’ and reflexively withdrew his hand. Vee felt relief immediately as he felt Li’s grip on his vital part was released.

  Motherf*cker! For a second there, Vee got goosebumps and felt really bad about being grabbed by someone else, even though Li had only pinched it.

  Li huffed his nose and kept his head down, his hand honestly resting on his knee. Out of sight under the foam, his fingers tapping his knee back and forth, as if he was thinking about something. When Vee was still doing his hair, Li’s eyes fell to Vee’s chest and he let out a low ‘ao’ sound, watching carefully as the goose bumps from Vee’s body slowly disappear.

  Vee then adjusted the shower head so that the spray of hot water immediately went down on Li’s head.

  ”Ah? … Wah! Gah!?” A series of monotones completely expressed Li’s shock, horror and panic, water flowed down into his brown hair to his eyes, and his eyes were immediately irritated by the soap liquid followed by water, he frantically raised his hand to brush off the water from his eyes but ended up with a lot of foam on his hands instead, resulting in foam all over his face.


  The guy got half his face covered in soap foam, flailing his head and splashing water everywhere, making a full bubble bath that rose to the surface for the both of them.

  ”Bwa … bah! yuck! Ptui!” After tossing and turning, Li finally managed to open his eyes and what Li saw is a very happy Vee with a big smile sitting in front of him.

  Li was not happy about it.

  Li slapped his hands hard on the water, and then he suddenly reached underneath Vee’s lower body. Li’s hand grazed the skin of Vee’s knee, Vee immediately moved and was ready to withdraw back some distance, but the wide bathtub was too slippery.

  Vee could hear the sound of him sliding and sat back down in the tub with a clatter, holding up half his body. The bubbles were floating all over the bathroom.

  Li saw the opportunity to take advantage of the confusion and grabbed the exact place where Vee’s member was. Before Vee could say anything, Li gripped him in his hands and started to knead it.


  At that moment, it’s like his anger and strength were gone all at once.

  Vee clenched his hands into fists in the air, his movements stiffed at first on instinct, his eyes blinking and he himself was filled with strange emotions that he couldn’t find a good word to describe right now. Li kneaded that place two more times, and this time it was a little heavier, slightly more painful, but then a different sensation followed.

  ”I’ll … beat …”

  The word ‘you’ hadn’t been said yet, when Li’s kneading changed to fondling, shifting back and forth between them, with just the right amount of force. Since no one is teaching him how to do it, Li did whatever he wanted and it directly crumbled away all Vee words all over the place.

  Li felt that thing in his hand was hot and he remembered that it was vital that it be hot, he played with Vee’s balls one at a time, teasing it then rubbing it together. After a while, Li’s movements of both hands began to become rhythmic. Li felt so good that he thought back to that morning when he woke up.

  Vee on the other hand was silent for a long moment, but he can almost hear the gears in his head turning. It’s not like Vee hasn’t done this kind of rubbing himself before. When he was in the military, it’s true that he didn’t have much time to go out with sub males but he did watch those films with a few of his good friends back then and honestly saw quite a lot of them. However, when it comes to actually being rubbed by someone else, it is simply a different matter.

  Seeing Vee’s hand gripping his hands tightly as his pace quickens, with a raised voice, Li gave a sharp grunt. Li who’s in a trance at this time looked a bit naïve, he felt really good just now and he was sure that it was a pleasant feeling for Vee as well, so why is the violent person in front of him angry at him again. After observing Vee for a moment, Li affirmed that Vee would never punch him down with that raised fist of his and was a little relieved. Pissing him off was one thing, but not wanting to get hit was another. Assuming that he wouldn’t get punched, Li had found it amusing to piss off the violent person in front of him from time to time.

  If he did it again he would really get beaten up, so Li withdrew his hand and shook his hair off the water, a few strands of dark brown curls were plastered on his forehead and cheeks after being wet with water, so he looked like a 22 year old now which is his true age, his formerly mature handsomeness was turned into a slightly more youthful version now.

  Hairstyles do matter.

  Li stretched out his hand and pointed to the place in front of Vee, “That, small…” and said with the other hand pointing to his place, “This, big.”

  ”… “

  Vee originally wanted to kick this guy out, however just now after that series of kneading and fondling, he completely lost the initiative and at present has no strength to make a kicking action, nevertheless, the feeling of wanting to kick Li has never gone down.

  Hearing Li’s comparison, Vee scolded him and said out loud, “I used to be big!”

Translator’s Notes:

Oh god Vee… hahaha!!!

Anyways, this is my first time to translate a nsfw chapter so if you have corrections or suggestions to make it more… uhm readable? You can comment it here and I will make corrections *coughs coughs*

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