”Let me ask you something.”

  ”Good Admiral, I’m all ears and I shall minister to you earnestly.”

  ”… ” 

  Gu Xuan can clearly tell what’s already customary, Vee looked over at Li who is playing around in the water, and asked Gu Xuan in a solemn tone: “Li is taking a bath, if I also get in the bathtub, will this guy get something into my body along with the water flow? Is it possible that going inside in the bathtub with him could make me pregnant?”


  Gu Xuan is stunned…

  Gu Xuan’s whole face twitched a bit, and it was a long time before he was able to speak as he gestured with his hands, “Admiral, you mean that you want to bathe with Li, but are worried that Li who is a male will have something coming out of his body to swim and travel down the water into your body and make you pregnant?”





  ”Shut up!” Vee, who had always believed he was thick-skinned, blushed hard. It was already a lot of effort for him to ask this question, and as soon as he heard Gu Xuan’s laughter, Vee immediately realized that the question he was asking was definitely very funny.

  Gu Xuan pursed his lips, had a hard time holding back his laughter and pretended to be serious, and asked, “Admiral, is your score in Biology low?”

  ”I have been awarded with the top score rating for military, airship, individual soldier skills, etc., in addition to combat.”

  ”I can understand that the … Admiral has never done it with a sub male either, nor impregnated one and it’s normal to not know the process of conception, but …”

  ”… but what?”

  ”You’ve never done it with a sub male, but did you not even see a film on that in military school?”

  ”How could you not have seen one of those films ah?!”

  ”You should know how hard a male has to work just to get a sub male pregnant and it also depends on the sub male’s constitution, even though it can also be done artificially but it’s still…pft!

  ”You keep laughing and I will charge you once for every laugh.”

  ”Don’t do that Admiral.”

  ”Hurry up and explain it to me.”

  ”There’s no chance of that happening, even though you’re 100% fertile. First of all, taking a bath in hot water won’t unlock your body, will it? And even if that thing gets released in the water, it has no such ability to still drill down into your body.”

  Vee switched off the communicator hard, and the hologram of Gu Xuan immediately turned into a dot of light and disappeared into the wall.

  Having just been laughed at by Gu Xuan with a feverish heat on his face, Vee realized that Li was looking at him and said angrily, “What are you looking at, can’t you take a bath yourself?”

  He reached for the bottle of soap on the counter and opened it, then squeezed a lot of it into the water. As the mass of soap flowed into the water, Li reached out to catch it and rubbed his hands together, making it slippery and smooth. After pouring half the bottle of soap, Vee reached into the water and started stirring it until the entire tub was covered with foam and covered everything under the surface. Only then did Vee take off his clothes and stepped into the water.

  ”Bend over a bit.” Vee continued to command in a forceful tone.

  What does it mean to bend over? Li didn’t understand a word. And this commanding tone made Li grunt.

  Vee held up his hand, “Bend your head.”


  Li understood it this time, and bent his head down towards Vee quietly, and felt something flow onto his head, rubbing his head with both hands. The hands were very gentle and felt quite comfortable.

  He enjoyed it very much but Vee was unhappy, washing other’s hair wasn’t an action that he’s used to, and Vee had no idea how to control his strength, since it wasn’t him feeling it, he kept reminding himself not to use too much force, so he massaged quite slowly and gently.

  It felt uncomfortable to stretch your neck with your head down, so Li moved forward a little, coiling his knees as he touched Vee’s feet. The contact between them and the water felt completely different, their skin, beneath the surface of the water, was slick and soft yet warm.

  Li looked over parallel to the line of sight, he saw Vee’s chest in front of him and the skin looked shiny after being soaked in water and there were some protrusions on the chest that were a little darker than the skin, Li tilted his head and it took him a long time to find a suitable word from the scarce words in his mind – it looks good.

  Li put his eyes on his own chest and looked at his own body, it was obviously the same place, but he seemed to know that he couldn’t describe his own things as good looking, and Li pondered if it was better to look at something on someone else than on himself.

  ”Why are you moving so much!” Vee rubbed Li’s hair a little harder, and Li immediately raised his hand to cover his scalp, which Vee had rubbed painfully.


  ”Pain my ass, I didn’t even use any force!”

  ”There is!”

  ”…” Vee frowned, “If there is, then so be it, why are you giving me a scowl? Are you looking for a beating?”

  Li shuts up…

  The person in front of him disturbed his interest in observing something nice. Li slapped the surface of the water, stirring up some foam and a few colorful bubbles. His hands dropped into the water, shaking and moving around. …

  ”… Hmm! Eh? Ah! F*ck off, get your hands off me!” The movement of Vee’s hand stopped, looking down at the area in front of him where Li had seized that place in his hand, the one hidden beneath the countless bubbles.

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Ohmygod Vee! How could you not know?… pft! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH!!!

Also, Li on the next chapter:

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