In recent years, as the global temperature rises year by year, the issue of the living environment of the animals in the North and South Poles has become a hot topic.

  And as a soon-to-be graduate in Geology, Qiao Qixi was fortunate enough to follow his seniors to the Arctic to do scientific work.

  Just when Qiao Qixi was trying to adapt to his scientific life in the Arctic, a sudden accident brought his scientific career to a halt.

  When he woke up again, Qiao Qixi found himself staying in a wildlife rescue station, surrounded by staff with European faces, speaking English. As for himself, he had become a polar bear, the one being cared for and observed by the others.


  Maybe this is a dream, after waking up he will go back to the original world, this is what Qiao Qixi thought at first, however after two days he was still in the same bear-like state, so he accepted the fact that he could not become human again.

  Fine, even a polar bear does have a life to pursue and cannot lose the positive spirit and energy to live just because of becoming an animal.

  After Qiao Qixi figured it out, he began to focus on himself and his surroundings.

  Through his careful observation, he could learn that this was some wildlife rescue station on Greenland in the Arctic, and that he was a polar bear rescued due to injury and was less than two years old this year, and technically still a cub that could not leave his mother to live alone.

  But there was no sign of other polar bears around when the humans found ‘him’, so we can tell that this polar bear cub had left his mother.

  Polar bears that leave their mothers too early have limited ability to survive in the wild, especially in an increasingly hostile and harsh environment in the Polar Regions where the survival rate of young polar bears is low.

  The good news is that in recent years, the institutions for the protection of polar animals have become well established and are working every year to protect the newborn polar bears as much as possible.

  Although it is not sensible for humans to interfere with the natural ecological cycle of wildlife, there are fewer and fewer polar bears in existence, with statistics showing that there are only 20,000 polar bears left in the world, it is impossible to stand by and watch them go extinct.

  As the world’s largest land predator, this young, tall polar bear with a snow-white coat was so surprisingly popular with the conservation agency that people even gave him the name Alexander.

  Qiao Qixi: “…”

  “…I have to say this name really sucks.”

  The fact that he was able to come to the Polar Regions to participate in scientific research shows that Qiao Qixi’s English is good; therefore he can get a lot of information from the staff’s small talk.

  For example, in the past two days, the rescue station has saved another injured polar bear, which is in ICU resuscitation and seems to be in critical condition.

  It makes people wonder if polar bears have such a high rate of decline.

  In fact, there is no need to ask, Qiao Qixi himself could not be clearer, the survival environment of polar bears is indeed not optimistic.

  When he gets well, he will have to return to the snow-capped land to start living and think about the cold.

  For a moment, the unproductive Qiao Qixi felt that it was good to stay in this rescue station for the rest of his life.

  But that’s not going to happen.

  When he gets well, the rescue station will definitely release him, or at most, put a GPS locator on him to facilitate his next life under observation.

  Polar bears are not afraid of the cold, but rather afraid of the heat, so the staff gave Alexander aka Qiao Qixi his residence in a semi-open-air setting.

  It’s pretty big.

  For a bear (currently Qiao Qixi) living alone.

  If it is a pure wild polar bear , it will certainly walk in the snow twice a day to cool off, but Qiao Qixi is different, he likes to stay indoors, eat and snooze then wake up lying on the rocks to look at the snow outside, in short, he just don’t want to go out for a walk.

  The snow is so thick and cold.

  Who wants to go out for a walk will go out for a walk, but he won’t do it.

  Because of his lazy look, the staff always thought he was not yet cured and were happy to keep him.

  After all, in the minds of others, mental illness is also a serious disease that needs to be taken seriously!

  So the question is, what kind of psychological trauma did Alexander suffer?

  The staff speculated and some guessed that Alexander was moping because he was missing his mother’s care at such a young age, in short, he missed his mother.

  Some speculate that this polar bear cub simply likes to be around people and craves the company of others!

  Qiao Qixi: “?”

  No, I’m just trying to muddle through here, that’s all. 

  Won’t this monotonous life be boring, they say? 

  Qiao Qixi smiled and remained silent; he felt that people who think this way must not have experienced the joy of being a pig.

  There is no academic or job pressure, no mortgage or car payment and no passing on values to the next generation either.

  In a flash, half a month of carefree days have passed.

  Today was the day of Qiao Qixi’s medical examination.

  In view of his docile personality and very friendly approach to the staff members, everyone has completely trusted this good-tempered polar bear cub.

  When the staff came over to arrange for his medical examination, they opened the door directly and let him walk freely outside.

  Qiao Qixi meekly followed behind a staff member to the other end of the rescue station for a body check.  

  Along the way, he occasionally sees other animals in cages that are very wary of his presence.

  This is the instinctive reaction of the weak to the strong, after all, in the Polar Regions polar bears are the dominant ones.

  In order not to scare the other animals, Qiao Qixi had to withdraw his curious gaze, a move that made the staff breathe a sigh of relief. 

  Polar bear cubs are curious creatures and can be fascinated about new things.

  Fortunately, this one is very obedient.

  Qiao Qixi wiggled his big furry butt and slowly walked into the examination room reserved for him, and then obediently underwent the examination and as expected the wounds had healed and he even gained a weight.

  In fact, with his condition he can already be released back into the wild.

  Hearing the staff seriously exchange information about its release plan, Qiao Qixi could only imagine how clear the sky would be! Heavens! Why? Out of the blue?!

  This means that his retirement plan is going to go down the drain!


  Qiao Qixi shouted wildly in his heart.  

  Seriously, what’s wrong with having one more bear in such a big rescue station?

  In short, Qiao Qixi does not want to go, he has no experience in wilderness survival and going out is just plain dying.

  From the examination room, Qiao Qixi has been sullen to the point that he even ate very little of his lunch, looking sick.

  He overheard the staff say that the reason he had to be released so soon was because the polar bear that was in the ICU had pulled through and needed the shelter to be vacated for the other side.

  Qiao Qixi: “???”

  It was quite excessive.

  Does this not clearly say that he occupies ‘the latrine but does not shit?’

  Moreover, the residence is so spacious that it is not impossible for two bears to live there. 

  Fine… Qiao Qixi knows that polar bears have high territorial awareness and the people at the rescue station would be crazy to put them together.

  But Alexander is mentally ill and rushing to send him back to the wilderness would not be a very wise choice either.  

  After careful consideration, the rescue station decided to divide Alexander’s residence into two and give them a wall.

  The success of pretending to be sick made him happy and bubbly yet he still didn’t dare to open up his belly to eat at that night for fear that he would appear too good and the rescue station would plan to send him away again.

  In short, rubbing a meal really test one’s acting skills.  

  The bear that came out of the ICU, was brought over the next morning and made quite a commotion.

  Qiao Qixi smelled a powerful scent of an invader next door and quickly brainstormed a strong male polar bear in his mind.

  The polar bear’s sense of smell is very well developed and could be considered the most advanced among other animals, as this allows it to find food on the ice.

  If polar bears have a natural enemy, it will be the polar bears that are more powerful than themselves.

  The polar bear’s instinct is to avoid strange polar bears that are stronger than itself, so Qiao Qixi is quite afraid of the polar bear next door, it was an instinct that comes with him after he becomes a polar bear.

  But he nevertheless had a human soul and the more powerful smell could not stop his curiosity.

  So he moved closer to the stone wall that had been built only yesterday and leaned over the gap to spy on his new ‘Neighbor’ over there.  

  The staff did not dare to be careless when dealing with adult male polar bears, even if the other was injured.

  They brought the cage in and opened it remotely before pulling it out and closing the door.

  The injured adult male polar bear about four years old was enormous and only appeared to be a little thin because of his injuries.

  Despite this, his aura and eyes still exude a fierce and wild appearance that is to be feared.

  Qiao Qixi bets that when this male polar bear hit its prime, it would weigh at least 800 kilograms or so. Damn, he’s huge!

  What is the concept of weighing 800 kg, you ask?

  Added with its weight, normally when a polar bear comes to four feet on the ground, the height can reach about 1.6 meters; upright can be as high as about 2.8 meters. Can you imagine?!

  Qiao Qixi looked at itself, suddenly full of expectations for its own bear life.

  The dwelling is relatively small and the huge polar bear is soon making his way around his territory. It is easy to see from his slow pace that he is still very weak.

  The giant passed by that wall and stopped to sniff, Qiao Qixi fearfully backed up and slunk away, retreating to sleep indoors.  

  The new polar bear has already sniffed out the presence of another polar bear on the other side of the wall.

  It can even tell the age and strength of the other just from the smell.

  If they are much weaker than they are, they usually don’t care.

  In the wild, there are two situations in which adult polar bears will kill a stranger’s polar bear cub.

  One condition is a state of hunger where they will hunt their own kind, and polar bear cubs are the easiest targets to kill.

  The other is for reproduction.

  During the period when female polar bears are bringing up their cubs, they won’t come into heat, and male polar bears can only kill said polar bear cubs to induce females to come into heat again.

  That’s why polar bear cubs hide from male polar bears they don’t know, it’s an instinct ingrained in their genes.

  Because he is not a pure polar bear, Qiao Qixi still has the courage to spy on the wall. If he was a true polar bear cub, he would be scared and hiding itself by now.  

  The adult polar bear lingered by the wall for a moment before returning to rest indoors lying down. Qiao Qixi, who has a keen sense of hearing and smell, could hear the other party’s abnormal breathing sounds and the smell of injuries on his body.

  By noon, the staff came to observe the condition of the injured polar bear as well as to deliver food, and they found that, despite their great care and caution, the other side had gone into hiding early.

  A staff member said, “Odysseus, even though injured, still has a very acute sense of smell and hearing.”


  Qiao Qixi heard their conversation and suddenly there was some imbalance in his heart.

  What’s wrong, you ask? The name next door is the diao heavenly Oddis! While he is the rotten Alexander! What double standard is this ah!

  On the acuity of the five senses, he is not subpar compared to him.

  So why does he get that name known by the epithet ‘Odysseus the Cunning’ who is also valiant and handsome?

  Soon after, Qiao Qixi’s side was also given a share of the food. The menu can only be described as a very polar bear-ish dish, which is mainly some sea fish that were alive and kicking.

  When Qiao Qixi was a human, he never killed any fish and never ate food that was not cooked, including raw fish, etc.

  However, for most of the month, in order to survive, he also gradually adapted to this kind of food. He is not so resistant to eating raw fish, after all, the polar bear’s taste buds are there and the fresh live fish is so tempting to him.

  Qiao Qixi’s only complaint is that the variety of fish was little, eating the same kind every day, anyone would get tired of it.

  Through monitors in the polar bear’s dwelling, staff at the rescue observes their every move.

  Alexander’s appetite was fine today and didn’t seem to be affected by the new neighbor moving in next door, which reassured the staff.

  They had planned to send Alexander away, but now it seems that there is no need to rush.

  It is too difficult for polar bear cubs with little life experience to survive in the wild and accidents can happen even to strong polar bears like Odysseus.

  ”Oddis seems to have no appetite.” A staff member looked at the monitor and said with a somewhat worried tone.

  ”He’s not like polar bear cubs, he’s more alert.” His colleagues chatted with him. As a professional rescue agency, they rescued countless polar bears a year and are quite knowledgeable about polar bear habits.

  ”Well, I’m sure life in captivity is hard for him to take.” But it can’t be helped.

  The staff sighed: “It looks like we need to release it back into the wild as soon as possible.”

  ”Even if it is seriously injured, it can only stay in the rescue station for a short time.” Everyone said worriedly.

  Oddis was indeed very resistant to this strange and cramped environment, which was full of complex smells. This place does not appeal to him and it was only due to his frail health he was able to stay here.

  Holding a wary mood until it was time to eat the next meal, Oddis slowly got up, walked to the place where the food was put and began to eat.

  It’s April and the Arctic Circle has just passed a long polar night, ushering in a five-month long polar daylight.

  As it snows in the Arctic Circle for most of the year, it is not surprising to see heavy snowfall in this month.

  Qiao Qixi has long been nestled indoors whirring and sleeping as there is now only day and no night for him and when it snows, it is the best time to sleep.

  The wall that stood between them collapsed at the very back corner during the worst of the blizzard.

  Qiao Qixi woke up in a dream, but he was confused and didn’t know what was going on, so he changed his position and curled up and went back to sleep.

  Oddis, who wasn’t asleep, looked up at the corner where the commotion was made.

  However, the blizzard outside is too heavy and the polar bears, who do not have good eyesight can’t see what is happening.

  After the blizzard, seemingly already the next morning, the sun shines down tenderly through the clouds, and the snow-capped snow emits a faint glow.

  Qiao Qixi, who was too lazy to get up, decided to go out after breakfast in order to increase the amount of exercise he, had.

  As a polar bear cub just under two years old, his fur is very white and looks 90% new.  

  When he walked on the thick snow surface, the picture was very beautiful, but unfortunately he could not witness it himself. Even if he is now a polar bear, he could not satisfy his wish to rub his hand (paw) to another polar bear.

  However, when Qiao Qixi saw the collapsed gap, his whole bear-body froze. Ah… this…

  Although Qiao Qixi is a polar bear himself, he has never been up close and personal with a polar bear before. So the first reaction to seeing this gap is not fear but excitement, he poked his bear head over and watched his new neighbor.

  Oddis was napping and smelled the scent of a polar bear cub. He opened his eyes and lifted his head up, then saw a bear’s head stuck in the wall, 20 meters away.

  The injured Oddis was very alert; he saw Qiao Qixi as an intruder, so he showed his teeth and made a thick, low warning sound from his throat.  

  The polar bear’s vocal range is very thick, and the low-frequency sound he makes is very intimidating. 

  Qiao Qixi was a little scared and immediately shrunk his head back, revealing only half of his face to observe the other side.  

  And the consequences of him doing this seemed to have caused this adult male polar bear to be extremely displeased and the giant, who didn’t look very good-tempered, came his way. 

  Oh shit…

  Qiao Qixi can’t help but fear death and hurriedly retract his two bear paws resting on the wall and turned his head to bounce back to his den.

  Oddis went in front of the collapsed gap and stood quietly for a moment, then looked down and sniffed the scent that Qiao Qixi had left on the wall.

Translator’s Note:

This chapter was too long and there are words that took me too long to decipher. Anyways, this is only a bait chapter so someone can translate it.

SPOILER... kinda

I read the raws and was amazed at how different this novel was compared to the other ‘fast wear’ stories. Protag is so cute in his every animal form! In the 1st (Polar Bear form) and 2nd arc (Lion form), ML can’t communicate with MC with words yet but upon reaching the 3rd arc (Orca form), hahaha MC will finally know how direct and perverted ML is. There will be some nsfw scenes too if I remember correctly, and mostly cute scenes from our lovable MC. I think this would reach 300+ chapters based on author’s pace. 4th arc (Wolf form) is already at ch 115 and I still haven’t seen the tiger, leopard or the peacock forms, LOL.

But, if no one picked up this novel 1 month from now, I will probably continue it.

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