AYHI Chapter 17.1

  Li’s one ‘listen’ word came out strong, as if he was afraid Vee hadn’t heard his resolve. But when he put his eyes on the hot steam rising from the bathtub’s surface, his whole body withered. Taking two steps backward against the wall, he refused to go over by any means.

  When Vee said that he had lowered the temperature, Li couldn’t fully understand it, and compared to what Vee had said, the feeling was even more real when he put his foot inside.

  He found Li’s tangled look particularly interesting, as if the guy was worried he wouldn’t take him to catch the Fanged Beast tomorrow but felt the water was too hot earlier, and was in a dilemma. Watching Li take a step forward and then backward, backward and then forward again, this back and forth can be a simple dance with some music.

  Anyways, the bathtub can keep the water at a constant temperature and Vee was bored, so he should just let it run its course. In the end, Vee was not a patient person and felt restless after three minutes of watching Li. Vee felt that if this continues, Li can dance for the whole night.

  ”Looking for a beating? Get in there!” Vee said as he simply stood up, looking quite serious.

  Li was taken out of the constant back and forth moving motion by the sound, he looked up at Vee and they stared at each other for a good while before Li finally really made up his mind and took one step in front of the tub.

  He lifted his foot, looking at the half of his foot that had been a little reddened from his earlier plunge into the overly hot water, and pitifully stretched it out again, a little bit more carefully in preparation for placing it in the water. His toes touched the surface of the water and shook fiercely.

  It’s not hot, then he sticks it in a little bit and wiggles it a couple more times and it’s still not hot.

  This time Li directly stepped inside, the temperature really wasn’t high and was no longer as hot as before plus it was very comfortable, Li took a deep breath and looked at Vee, then gave a rather brilliant smile at Vee. That smile caused the corners of Vee’s eyes to cramp.

  Li’s smiling face suddenly collapsed and he looked like he was having a great time with someone, only to find that he and the other party had just argued and ignored each other before.

  ”Sit down.” Vee pointed to the tub and asked Li to sit down.

  This guy was a little bit taller than himself, but after standing inside the bathtub he got taller than him by a little bit more, and Vee had never liked looking up to others. As a result, he was able to see the lower part of Li’s body. He also had the same thing, although it didn’t seem as big as this guy. But by all accounts, it’s not that uncommon to see it, he just can’t control his gaze.

  Li obediently sat down, the bathtub is big enough, so he chose to make himself feel comfortable and sat down cross-legged.

  Spreading his legs wide!

  It was so clearly reflected in front of Vee’s eyes through the water that it looked as if it was shaking along with the waves. Vee looked at it like it was some kind of a beast with trunks hanging out.

  ”Goddamn it!” Vee cursed again quietly.

  Li put his hand in the water and played with it, he decided not to smile at Vee and went to play on his own. The warm water made the guy feel very comfortable and added to his mood, he cupped some water and got it clattering off his head, swinging his head to shake off all the water. After a while, he pointed to Vee, who was standing next to the bathtub wondering what to do, he said, “You, take them off too.”

  Vee looked at Li and kept thinking about his own matter. He said that he was going to bathe his ‘pet’, but how do you even begin to do that? Normally, it is very simple to take a bath, you can just pour the soap liquid on your body and then rub it, rinse it with water and that’s it.

  Seeing that Vee was ignoring him, Li buried his hand in the water, he looked at Vee’s face, then his eyes slowly traveled down from Vee’s face and stopped at the area on Vee’s stomach. With a sudden movement, Li pulled his hand out of the water, along with the water he had prepared, he splashed it at Vee.

  Vee’s reaction speed is extremely fast, and when he sensed something coming up in his vision on the bathroom screen, he was already looking at Li, this kind of premonition is hard to describe, it’s like some kind of precognition, only that this kind of precognition is limited by what he felt around his body. Vee moved his body at the same time as the water was splashed at him, retreating two steps. Unfortunately, it was impossible to dodge something like water that had no form.

  As his pants were instantly soaked, Vee clenched his fist and looked at Li.

  Oh wow, this guy is really…

  Looking for a beating!

  Wearing some expression of pity on his face, Li pointed to the water, “Take it off and get in!”

  Vee felt that the guy mimicked his previous tone of voice and actions…

  Vee took a deep breath and loosened his fist … can’t beat this guy anymore, if I beat him again, he’ll really die, and I can’t let it become a habit, I must endure! After watching the shaking water and looking at Li, Vee decided to contact Gu Xuan first. The bathroom had a communication device and the holographic image of Gu Xuan was very much in front of him, the latter was holding up a glass and looked to be enjoying himself quite a bit, “Hi, Admiral.”

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