PP Chapter 15.2

    Tang Junhe turned his head to look at him coldly and spat out clearly, “I said, stay away from me.”

    His voice was neither high nor low, but because of its cold tone, it appeared steeply in the noisy passenger vehicle so that the people around him could hear it clearly and all turned to look over at him.

    “Right, sorry.” Being exposed to everyone’s gaze made Zhao Lin a little uncomfortable, and his back ricketed even more.

    Tang Junhe said with a cold face to the people in front of him, “Excuse me, I’d like to go to the front.”

    His looks were really eye-catching, and the people in the car were side-stepping to make way for him, while frequently looking back at Zhou Lin, wondering what was going on between these two.

    Through the crowd temporarily shutting out Zhou Lin’s view, Tang Junhe’s mood became a little better as he pulled the bus handle strap over his head and looked out the window as if nothing had happened, oblivious to the gazes cast by others.

    When the bus arrived at the stop, most of the people on the bus had already gotten off, leaving a convenient aisle free for passage. Tang Junhe walked to the back door and got off, passing Zhou Lin, who was sitting in the seat and turned his head to look at him, as if hesitating to follow and get off the bus.

    Tang Junhe got off the bus at the downtown area that was two stops ahead and jumped off and ran towards his home. He couldn’t let Zhou Lin know the exact location of his home – not for fear that Zhou Lin would follow him, but for fear that he would try to hurt Tang Xiaonian out of hatred for her.

    With this guy’s contrasting behavior before and after drinking, no one can say for certain whether he’ll do something outrageous one day.

    The residential area to which Yang Chengchuan later moved can be regarded as a quiet place in the middle of the city, with a shade of green trees isolating the noises not far away.

    But because this place does not belong to the boundaries of public transportation, there is no pedestrian passing by too much, a few hundred meters away into the night, nobody is around, except for random patrolling police officers and casual entry and exit of luxury cars from time to time through.

    Tang Junhe ran all the way into the building, the elevator just happened to land on the first floor, he pressed the open button, walked in and pointed the floor, then leaned against the side wall of the elevator to catch his breath, he was feeling slightly out of breath from all the running he had just done.

    The elevator door was about to close then someone pressed it open again, then a figure half a head taller than him came flashing in.


    As soon as he turned onto the secluded road leading to the entrance of the neighborhood, he saw Tang Junhe running in front of him, all the way into the neighborhood, as if someone was chasing him.

    Yang Xuan couldn’t help but look back as he rode his bike – there wasn’t even a single person to be seen.

    He felt that his half-brother had become a bit strange, and the few times he saw him, he looked like a rabbit that was easily frightened. In class, too, he could often feel eyes cast from his direction, and though he always pretended he didn’t care, it was impossible to ignore those eyes.

    Yang Xuan parked the bike in the back of the building and casually scratched his hair, which was slightly disheveled by the wind, and wondered what exactly Tang Junhe was looking at back then as he locked the bike. Is he curious about me?

    With a few more steps to go, the elevator doors began to close slowly, and Yang Xuan took two quick steps forward, quickly poked the open door button, and then darted inside.

    He saw Tang Junhe leaning against the wall breathing heavily, his lips slightly parted and looking a little dry.

    When he saw him enter, Tang Junhe instantly closed his mouth and straightened up from the elevator wall like he was overreacting and looked away from him somewhat uncomfortably. But because he had just run too fast, even if he deliberately suppressed it, the sound of rapid breathing was clearly audible in the quiet elevator room.

    Waiting for the elevator doors to close for a really long time, Yang Xuan sized up Tang Junhe in boredom and then opened his mouth, “Someone is looking for you at the entrance of the neighborhood.”

    Tang Junhe’s downcast gaze instantly lifted and fell to his face, and he reacted with the same shocked reaction as before, “Who?”

    Yang Xuan didn’t answer directly, but just stared at him in a different way, “It seems like I should be the one asking you this question.”

    Tang Junhe reacted to what he meant and didn’t make a sound, his eyes looked a bit restless, like he didn’t know where he should look.

    The elevator door closed, and no one came in this time. Yang Xuan flexed his fingers and knocked on the metallic elevator wall behind him, “I heard someone say that he is your… “ Yang Xuan deliberately paused, waiting for Tang Junhe’s reaction.

    That gaze did indeed fall back on his face, and Yang Xuan said those four words slowly and contentedly, “He is your boyfriend.”

    Yang Xuan saw that fist clench again – it was so easy for him to get scared and frustrated, and Yang Xuan thought that maybe Feng Bo’s suggestion was good too, and wondered how Tang Junhe would react to having smoke sprayed in his face.

    Not just the spray on his face, but on his eyes, which, when wide open, always reminded him of those black agate eyes from childhood, a connection he didn’t like.

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Spraying smoke on the face, I remember that blog where it says when you blow smoke on someone’s face it connotes inviting them to have sex…lol, anyway I doubt doing that would cause provocation, it might even elicit different reaction from both of them 😏

Eun Seo

I seriously wanna wring Zhou Lin’s neck.

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