PP Chapter 15.1

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    Yang Xuan put the cigarette in his pocket and walked down the stairwell, lighting one and smoking it. Feng Bo and Wangxin Chun were waiting at the entrance of the district, leaning against the wall, chatting with each other. Seeing Yang Xuan walk over, Feng Bo straightened up and reached out to beg for a cigarette with him: “Brother Xuan, give me one.”

    Yang Xuan slapped both the cigarette case and lighter into his hand and spoke up as he lowered his head to the ground to light the cigarette, “I just walked downstairs and remembered that I forgot my cigarettes.”

    “Went upstairs to get it again?” Feng Bo lit his cigarette, took a puff and said, “No wonder you came out slower than before.”

    Yang Xuan took the cigarette case Feng Bo handed back and put it back in his pocket, then took the lighter and twirled it twice around his fingertips, smiled and said, “When I returned, the good student was trying to learn how to smoke.”

    “Who?” Wangxin Chun then reacted, “Tang Junhe?”

    “Him?” Feng Bo came to his senses, “Then why did he open the window last time with an attitude? I almost freeze to death.”

    Yang Xuan said carelessly, “It’s the rebellious phase, I guess.”

    Feng Bo commented with a strange sense of humor, “Oh, that’s early.” And then with a flourish, he suggested, “Hey Xuan, next time you just spray a puff of smoke in his face and see how he reacts.”

    “React?” Yang Xuan responded in a rare response to his offer, “will he fight me to death?”

    “Don’t say that, I think it’s really possible.” Feng Bo got angry when he remembered the time Tang Junhe had broken his face in public, “Look at his face when he couldn’t take a joke. He shouldn’t have come to our school, I think a bullfight is what he really needs, and he would have fought a bull if there’s a chance.”

    Wangxin Chun laughed on the side: “Where did you get so many strange ideas.”

    Feng Bo went to go over to touch Xuan Yang’s shoulder again, “Xuan, why don’t we get someone to beat him up?  Anyway vent first, you don’t have to show up, I know a few people outside of school…”

    Yang Xuan interrupted him without a second thought, “If beating him up can take out my anger, why do I have to wait until now?”

    “So… how about beating the shit out of him and his mother?” Feng Bo reluctantly continued to make bad ideas for him.

    “Mmm, and then what?” Yang Xuan obviously lacked interest.

    “And then… then lash out.” Feng Bo shrugged his shoulders.

    “How come you’re smart one minute and stupid the next,” Wang Xin Chun interjected, “What’s the use of relieving a moment of anger?”

    “Why you?! You didn’t contribute anything at all and you’re still mocking me?” Feng Bo reached out and pushed him hard on the back.

    Wangxin Chun was pushed by him and stumbled a step backwards, he stood firm and said: “I say, Brother Xuan, if he wants to learn how to smoke, you can teach him, if he wants to learn how to fight, you can bring him to fight, if he doesn’t want to do his homework, we will not only help him borrow from us, but we will also hand over it to him with both hands to copy …… Let him be rebellious as he likes, and when the time comes, let him fight against his mother, the word “snipe” doesn’t seem to be the right word, but that’s what I mean, and you will–“

    Before he finished, Feng Bo hooked his arm around his neck and said, “I never thought that you who looked quite pure, turned out to be so calculating.”

    “F*ck! You release me a little…” Wangxin Chun grabbed his arm and coughed twice, “I’m going to be strangled to death by you.”

    Yang Xuan hadn’t said anything, and then looked back at them.


    For most students, Friday is the day of the week they look forward to the most, because it means the end of confinement and the beginning of freedom, albeit only temporarily.

    For Tang Junhe, however, Friday was the day of the week he didn’t want to face the most. Because on this day, not only did he have to face Zhou Lin’s leering, mangy dog-like stalking of him, he also had to face Tang Xiaonian’s airtight bombardment of concern for the next two days.

    Every Friday after school, Zhou Lin would wait at the entrance of Run City First Middle School, mixed in with a group of parents who were eagerly waiting for their children, and wait until Tang Junhe came out, then stare at him and follow him to the bus stop not far away.

    The first few times, he just watched Tang Junhe get on the bus with reluctant eyes, and then later, he even had the audacity to follow Tang Junhe to the bus.

    Friday after school is the most crowded time in the bus, and all the students who live in the dormitory on weekdays squeeze up and fill the bus to the brim.

    Tang Junhe stood near the back door, his right hand pulling the armrest, turning his head to avoid Zhou Lin’s naked gaze outside the window. Unexpectedly, when the car was about to close, Zhou Lin, as if waking up from a dream, panicked and squeezed in, then made way for the people standing by the door and squeezed in next to Tang Junhe.

    The door slammed shut, the driver stepped on the accelerator, which suddenly started the bus, and the people in the bus fell backwards. In this gap, Zhou Lin leaned towards Tang Junhe’s side again, trying to make physical contact with him.

Translator’s Note:

Don’t befriend someone like Feng Bo and stay away from someone like Wangxin Chun.

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an update after so long!??
but dear uploader, can’t we get the entire chapter?
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…does TJH just not want his mother to worry? Enduring it for 6 years…the guy’s literally sexually harassing him now. Is he waiting to get attacked first before seeking help. Because he’d remained passive over the years that it only encourages ZL’s stalking behavior. He needs to be more aware with regards to his security.


I really want to beat up FengBo and Company

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