AYHI Chapter 16.2

    Vee felt that his own physical mutation had caused his early retirement, and while His Majesty had no plans to take back the title in his hands, and was indeed worried about his health, those in power who held this matter were already pressuring His Majesty to take back the rights he held as the highest rank of the Star Force.

    The Emperor also knew that if he didn’t let Vee do something, that right would sooner or later fall back out, yet he was worried that Vee’s mutated sub male body wouldn’t be able to go to war like before, so he just held on to it while still being able to withstand those pressures. Vee had stressed that he hadn’t changed in the slightest, just had an additional system, but the Emperor was still very worried.

    To say why the Emperor was so concerned about Vee, it would have to start with the last generation’s stupid events, too long ago to mention.

    In two days without seeing him, Li seemed to have been taught to be more obedient again, just not to Vee.  Vee was not involved in it again, and the unhappiness started to rise again. When he walked into the bathroom, the water was already full and the surface of the water was still bubbling with heat, he took a look at the temperature screen on the wall, 43°C. He put his hand into the water and felt the heat.

    He shook his head. ……

    It was lukewarm, not particularly hot, and after raising the temperature by several degrees, it felt much warmer than before, and only then did Vee nodded his head in satisfaction.

    The butler was only in contact with Li for a few days yet he was so concerned about that guy, this temperature, not to mention the heat, he would only feel cold instead besides he didn’t really want to scald that guy’s skin just to scare him.

    Butler Hang knocked on the door and Vee quickly peeked out from inside and saw Li and Butler Hang at the door. Vee reached out and pulled Li in, then quickly closed the door and exposed only his head outside, fearing that the steam inside would puff out and cause Butler Hang to see too much heat: “Uncle Hang, you go rest. Right, tell Raymond to go back to rest too.”

    “I can tell the heat level is so high.”

    “It’ s not much, I think the water is a bit cold so I turned it up a bit.”

    “It’ s not even cold, 43°C, it’ s most suitable for you. Vee, the way your body works is somewhat different from normal people, normally 43°C is just right for you, but for normal people it’s probably a little bit hotter, any higher than that would be super hot for others while you would only feel a little hot.”

    “Okay, I’ll turn it down a bit for him, you go rest.”

    “Also, the fact that you bathed him can’t go unnoticed, you’re a sub male, it’s not good to bathe a male other than your own husband, and although Li is considered a ‘pet’ now, he’s still a male no matter what, it’ll be harder for others to marry you if they find out about this. “

    “No one will marry me anyway even if this leaks out.”


    Having managed to talk away Butler Hang, Vee closed the door and turned to Li and said, “Take off your clothes.”

    Li looked at Vee with wide eyes as if he didn’t understand Vee’s words, and when Vee repeated it, Li reached up and pulled off his clothes and said, “Take them off?”

    “Take it off!”

    Li oh-so-slightly began to undress. It was a couple of days before that Li thought of himself as a beast for a month or two in fear, getting dressed and taking off his clothes was not something he was skilled in, and he was unable to get that shirt off halfway around his neck for a while. Vee sat down on the edge of the tub, happily watching Lie’s hands and feet fumble.

    The clothes were not easy to take off, and soon Li’s temper came up, and after clawing and dancing for half a day he simply tore them all off. After brushing and pulling a few times, the clothes and pants were turned into shredded fabric.

    “Get in.” Vee ordered pointing to the tub.

    Lie was already naked and had a lot to look at all over, whether it was his broad shoulders or his solid chest, his flat stomach with toned abs, and that area down there, though it was calm now, it still made Vee want to curse.

    Li looked at the steaming bathtub, full of hot water and walked over to the edge and cranked up his foot to reach into the water.

    “Aw!” Li screamed and took a few steps backwards, leaning against the wall and touched his half toe that was extended into the water, perhaps because he didn’t know how to say the word ‘hot’, Li looked at Vee, his mouth opening and closing for a hard time not knowing what words to say to describe the feeling of his foot. A few days of neither Nai Lin nor Butler Hang could teach Li all of the vocabulary he needed.

    “Hot?” Vee asked.

    “Hot! Yes, hot!”

    Vee put his hand in the water and felt it.

    “It’s not hot …… Forget it, I’ll turn it down a bit for you, isn’t this temperature just right?” Said Vi after adjusting the temperature back to its original temperature and then felt it again, it was warm, not too hot, a bath should have been warm to begin with. After adjusting the temperature Vee looked to Li, “You can go in now.”

    “No! Hot, hot, hot!” The guy who learned the ‘hot’ word said three in a row, expressing his determination to not go in the bathtub.

    Vee couldn’t help but twitch his eyes, secretly wondering if he should just go ahead and grab this guy and throw him in, but a phrase suddenly drifted through his mind saying ‘Admiral, you have to be gentle.’

    Be gentle…

    Vee put his hand in the water, his smile somewhat stiff as he said to Li, “It’s not hot anymore, the temperature has been turned down, if you behave and wash, I’ll take you to catch the Fanged Beast tomorrow.”

    “Fang Beast?”

    “Will you listen to me? If you listen, I’ll take you.”

    Li’s eyes lit up, “Mn, Listen!”

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