PP Chapter 14.2

After a startled moment against the darkness, he got out of bed, bent down to pick up the blanket and put it on the bed, then turned on the light in his ‘room’, went to the closet and found a clean pair of underwear in his hand, and sat back down on the bed.

He took off his soiled underwear and looked down at it – it was mostly wet, the bodily fluids on it glowing faintly in the light. He unconsciously recalled the sensation he had just felt, a wonderfully pleasurable mix of fear and desire, and then an uncontrolled rush of spurts.

Is this what sexual ‘desire’ feels like? ……

Once he changed into clean underwear, he couldn’t sleep anymore.

Calming his mind, he thought to the dimming sky that his dream must have been an accident, that Zhou Lin’s naked desire for him and the fear that Yang Xuan had brought him had both happened the night before, and that they had mixed into a chaotic dream in which he had experienced that filthy, unsightly desire.

‘It’s just an accident.’ He thought as he grabbed at the blanket. He can’t feel lust for Yang Xuan, otherwise he’d be just like Zhou Lin, wouldn’t he?

He then began to fear that Yang Xuan would send that photo to Tang Xiaonian. He had returned his phone in such a hurry that he had forgotten to delete the text message from his phone, and if Yang Xuan wanted to do that, it would be easy.

He remembered when he was 10 years old, Tang Xiaonian dragged him, mad as hell, into the principal’s office and questioned Zhou Lin about what that beast of a teacher had done to his son.

If no one else had come to hold her back, she might have actually pulled out the fruit knife she’d packed in her bag before she left and stabbed Zhou Lin to death – the thought of that scene made him chill.

He realized that Tang Xiaonian would really fight Zhou Lin to the death over this matter. No one could persuade Tang Xiaonian when she was stubborn.

But just as Tang Xiaonian couldn’t live without him, he couldn’t lose Tang Xiaonian – which didn’t contradict to his idea of trying to get away from her at all.

After that, Tang Junhe never spoke to Tang Xiaonian about Zhou Lin again and kept it a secret for six years of his life.

The good news was that as long as Zhou Lin didn’t drink, he wouldn’t try to come up close to him, and most of the time, he would just follow him, looking like he wanted to get close but didn’t dare to – his caution doesn’t make Tang Junhe feel the slightest bit better, and that seemingly honest and harmless face made Tang Junhe abhor it whenever he remembered it.

In the morning, Tang Xiaonian did not overreact. With the help of a housekeeper, Tang Xiaonian is always around Tang Junhe, knocking on his door every hour to bring in fruit and to check on his son’s study habits, not forgetting to advise him to balance work and rest.

Tang Junhe was so wrapped up in her concern that he literally wanted to close the door to his room and refuse Tang Xiaonian’s unwanted visit.

He hated Tang Xiaonian’s new job, which had completely overlapped with their vacations, leaving him no time to breathe at all.

For lunch, Yang Xuan made a rare appearance at the table. This was the first time since Tang Xiaonian and Tang Junhe had moved here.

Tang Xiaonian was extremely enthusiastic – she had told Tang Junhe more than once that she had been spotted on the street by a talent scout when she was younger, and had been asked to cast her in a movie or as an actress, only she was pregnant at the time and had turned down that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

She would probably be a good actress if she actually went into a movie. Tang Junhe couldn’t help but come up with this thought as he listened to Tang Xiaonian’s fake concern.

“Does Xiao Xuan want some soup?” Tang Xiaonian put the small bowl of soup in front of Tang Junhe and looked at Yang Xuan and asked – she knew that Yang Xuan wouldn’t pay attention to her, and she didn’t really want to serve him a bowl of soup.

“No need to serve him,” Yang Chengchuan was never happy with Yang Xuan and said without a good face, “There is no courtesy at all.”

Tang Xiaonian reached out and pinned the hair that fell at her cheek behind her ear, seemingly chatting casually with Yang Chengchuan, “I was looking at Junhe’s test paper the other day, and the questions in the first middle school did seem to be a bit harder than the third.”

“I didn’t notice by looking at Junhe’s marks,” Yang Chengchuan’s face softened when he mentioned Tang Junhe’s grades, “Junhe got a perfect score in his last math test, the only one in his class, and the class teacher even sent me a text message to tell me about it.”

“Really? I had no idea he was the only one with a perfect score,” Tang Xiaonian lied without changing her face, in fact she had already asked all these things in the first place, she turned her conversation around and expressed concern about Yang Xuan, “Xiao Xuan did well too, right?”

Yang Chengchuan snorted, “He handed in a blank paper and can’t do a single question, how capable he is.”

Tang Junhe ate his meal sullenly, deaf to all conversations, and since moving here, he rarely spoke at the table unless he was directly asked and had to.

He kept his eyes downcast, afraid of meeting Yang Xuan’s eyes unexpectedly. Because of last night’s dream, when facing Yang Xuan in person again, he felt more guilty than afraid.

Yang Xuan didn’t react, just tapped two fingers on the screen of his phone and held it in his hand.

Will he show that photo to Tang Xiaonian? Because of his action, Tang Junhe’s heart was lifted again.

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